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Writing in the Pendleton Panther this year was certainly a blast. I was able to share news, sports recaps, and opinions that I thought would make a good read. It is also great to see what my fellow writers are writing about, because I am able to learn


more about them as person through writing. It’s a great way to keep with the news and events happening in the world, and I hoped to give a different and unique view on the topic I was discussing. This was challenging at times, because the topics can be very one-sided and pretty straight forward. I truly enjoyed taking on this task however. It also prepared me for someday deciding what I would like to do after college. This is must like being a reporter, and it gave me a great taste of what that would be like. I hope you all enjoyed reading what I and others wrote, as much as I enjoyed writing!


In a recent study in 2007, 22% of women now make more money then their husbands. This is a huge difference from a study done in 1970, where only 4% of wives made more than their husbands. This is not as big of a shock to me as I think most people would see it. If you look at it in the perspective of in college there are many more girls than there are men, it would seem to make sense. This

Bringing Home the Bacon

however, goes against what the common person thinks of when they look at a marriage. Tradition holds that the man “brings home the bacon,” when really it can go both ways. It depends on what areas each person has their talents in as well. If the women has a talent in something that is higher paying, she will simply make more because of that. So, remember everyone, the man is not always the only one “bringing home the bacon.”

I was reading an article about some facts of the 1500’s and I thought it would be nice to share.  Most people in the 1500’s got married in June because most people took their yearly bath’s in May, and they still smelled pretty good by June. There was nothing to stop things from falling into the house, such as bugs and droppings, which was a real problem in the bedroom, and you never

Life in the 1500's

had a clean bed. Most people back then did not have meat to eat at night and mostly had vegetables.  However, when the man could bring home meat, which was a big deal back then, he would hang it up outside his house as a sign of prosperity, and then would only rip it off piece by piece so it lasted a while.  The amount of bread you received was chosen by the your economic status in society. Next time I’m feeling under privileged I will try and think about if I lived in the 1500’s.

After beating the Miami Heat in 5 games, only losing one game on the road, the Celtics are pretty confident. They are, however going against a tough opponent.  The Cleveland Cavaliers are a stacked team lead by NBA superstar Lebron James, and are provided some inside game by none other than Shaquille O’Neal. However, Lebron is suffering from an elbow injury which should slow down his outside game and allow the Celtics defenders to back off.  The Celtics are still considered the “underdog.” But, for this


Celtics team they are extremely excited about having that title, and thrive off of that to help them compete and win games.  This year’s team if full of league veterans who know how to take outside energy, and use it to help them be motivated, which in turn, helps them win games. The first game is this Saturday at Cleveland, game 1 is a very important game to set the tone and mood for this series. With, the Celtics being on the road, they are looking to take at least 1 of these two games so that if they take care of business at home, they should be able to take the series.

Last Tuesday night the Pendleton Varsity baseball team traveled to Seminole high school to play them at a 7:00 start.  We had very high hopes of winning this game as the our varsity team has never lost at Seminole.  In the first inning of the game we scored an early two runs.  Casey Mulholland took the mound and dominated.  The players on Seminole were lost at the plate.  We


manufactured another run, as Joe Daru scored, after he reached base on a laser single up the middle.  It seemed as though we were coasting to a win with a three run lead and our Ace pitcher dominating on the mound.  But, in the sixth inning after two hits and a walk, the bases were loaded.  A high fastball was thrown to the next batter who connected and hit a grand slam.  This was obviously very devastating, but we were able to get out of the inning only down one run.  We had one last chance to score a run to at least tie it.  After Dillon Moyer walked and reached first the next three batters struck out and we lost.  We were very disappointed in our loss, but we knew we gave it 100% and left it all out on the field

Since I was in middle school I have always seen kids in my classes walking around with organizational planners. In these planners they write down their homework along with all other stuff they have to get done for that day, week, month etc. While I can see why


people like to be organized, and I understand that everyone has their own way of doing that, I think planners are pointless and a waste of time. I can very easily write down on a sheet of paper what I need to get done for the day. Even still, half the time I don’t need a piece of paper I just remember it all in my head. I think that everyone has the ability to do this, and people just use planners as a security, which ends up actually being a huge waste of time.

Each year, Florida hosts the “Florida Strawberry Festival” for the month of March. This festival consists of a lot of people, rides, food and much more entertainment. The festival opens at the very beginning of the day and goes through out the night. At around 7:00


each night there is a different performance from a relatively popular name. Two weekends ago, I attended the Florida Strawberry Festival. I spent the day eating the food, and riding the rides and ended the night with a concert by Darius Rucker. It was a really fun time, and there were an insane amount of people there which made it all the more fun. I think that it is a really cool and fun tradition that Florida keeps up each year, and this year being my first, I definitely got a great impression. I would love to go back sometime this March, but if I don’t get the chance I will absolutely find time to attend the festival again next March.