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Drink Without Gaining Weight

Posted on: November 19, 2009

It’s hard to keep track of how many drinks you’re consuming when there are so many festivities involving people offering to fill your cup. We already know that drinking too much alcohol is detrimental to your health and your waistline. Not to mention, many dietitians and personal trainers would suggest cutting it out of your diet completely while doing any weight-loss program. This doesn’t mean you have to start condemning your social life to knitting at home with your pets just yet. Drinking is so commonplace in our society that it is the one thing many dieters struggle with the most. They can cut out junk food and sodas, but when it comes to saying no to the party juice, it becomes a bit of a struggle. What exactly is drinking in moderation? According to Moderation Management and numerous healthy drinking resources, this means having no more then two drinks a day for a male.For a lot of social drinkers, this is almost impossible to maintain for every occasion. That being said, there is a way to keep alcohol in your life while at the same time maintaining a healthy weight.



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  • Aully Bukan: Thanks for share...
  • riskstar: Good information
  • Rob Dresser: Many people have a poor grasp of what this is about. At its core this is about advanced stage terminal illness and relieving those in that condition


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