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How far ?

How far?

Here at IMG, we all learn fast and early that campus is smaller than it looks – not only physically but also socially.  We all develop relations with certain people. These people become close to you, but really how far would you go for them?  Recently it seems that it has been tested how much you would do for them and how much in return would be offered.  So to lead me back to my question, where is the line between going to far and just enough?  Here at IMG I think that the line in the sand gets passed beyond other normal situations.  Is this due to the tight quarters? Or is it due to how badly you want to get out of the tight quarters of the land of Bradenton?


Flood damage in the Phillipines

The Philippines just cannot catch a break from mother nature.  In recent weeks, over 2.2 million people were displaced by the intense flooding that the region has been experiencing.  Just as it seems that the worst of the disaster has passed, however, and the people began to consider rebuilding, a typhoon gaining strength in the western Pacific threatens to give the island nation even more trouble.  At least 246 deaths occurred as a result of the recent flooding, and now with thousands of people packed into schools and gymnasiums, a typhoon strike could be deadly.  Although the country is receiving international aid, there are too many people in need of relief and too few supplies to help many people.  An unfortunate effect of this supply shortage is the blocking and even attacking of food bearing aid convoys by refugees stealing out of need.  With the typhoon on the horizon, however, Filipinos would be wise to heed chief government forecaster Prisco Nilo’s warning to stay “prepared and alert”



Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow Suffers Concussion

As thousands and thousands people watched, one of the most well known college football players fell to his feet. Tim Tebow got hit hard in the head by Kentucky defensive player named Taylor Wyndham. Slowly trainers helped Tebow to the side line. Results of his condition were not announced. But shortly after an ambulance showed up, many gator fans walked to parking lot to see Tebow leave.  Some were crying. Tebow had many tests done, they said he should be fine. The Gator schedule looks good for his recovery because the following weekend they have off, then the Big LSU-Gator game. Wish Tebow a fast recovery, and hope to see the Gators come out big these next coming up weekends.

It’s official, water has been found on our moon existing in ice crystals.  Although the Earth’s driest deserts are still less arid than the Moon, it is estimated that 32 ounces of water exist in one ton of lunar surface.  Proof of this fantastic scientific discovery, however, may have been brought back to earth over 30 years ago.  Moon rocks from the Apollo missions contained trace amounts of water, but the astronomers passed it off as accidental contamination as many of the containers had leaked upon returning to Earth.  The confusion is not too surprising as, interestingly enough, the isotopes of oxygen that exist in water on Earth are identical to those found on the moon, making the respective molecules indistinguishable.  Scientists now believe that pockets of ice may exist in the sheltered pits of craters.  Insufficient data prevents confirmation of this theory, but if it is true, it could mean entirely feasible human settlements on the moon.

The IMG basketball program, is a really good program even though I only been here about one week. I do believe that we have something special here at this school. We work very hard every day we are in the gym putting in alot hours, nearly five to six hrs everyday, of basketball. We get alot better and thats why I love the basketball program. The coaching staff is unbelievable. They are hard workers and they take care of business. They try to instill their personality  into us and so we can be more of a man and learn how to get things done. The coaching staff really takes care of us and helps us with relationships, girls and things like that. They are not just all about basketball and that is what makes them so great!!! I am very excited and ready for the season to start. We are going to be a very good team! I believe that I’v got alot better and I only been here for a week but I think the basketball program is good and better than any other program at this school.

Atlanta is a big city with nice sites and so many things to do!! Atlanta is a party city and the dance capital, it is where alot of rap rnb and hip pop is produced. In Atlanta we love football, baseball and basketball. Atlanta can be described as urban city. I am form Marietta where it is very mix 50% white and 50% black and thats pretty cool how it is equal like that! ATl is very big and we have alot of things for people to do from young to old. Those who live in Atlanta have a different “swag” we dress a little different, we love sports, party and dance. But at the same time we are hard workers and we take care or business when we need to! I miss Atlanta and cant wait to got back!

Power plant accidentIn New Delhi on Wednesday September 23rd, 2009, a chimney that was under construction at a power plant in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh collapsed.  The chimney was 250 meters tall and was located at a 1,200 mega watt thermal power plant that is owned by Bharat Aluminum Co.  At least 36 people were killed from the falling chimney and 7 were injured.  Officials say that the chimney collapsed because of a combination of heavy storms, lightning, and poor construction.  The senior-most government officer in Korba said that 36 dead bodies were found at the site on Thursday evening.  36 were found dead but over 100 workers are still missing in the huge masses of rubble left behind from the chimney.  The seven workers that were rescued, are currently receiving help and treatment at a local hospital.  The state government recently announced that they will be paying 10,000 rupees, ($2,090) to the families of every worker who died in the accident.


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