The Pendleton Panther

My Parents

Posted on: October 13, 2009

My mom and dad mean so much to me, even though sometimes they get on my nerves.  I feel like they protect me too much but it’s all out of love.  My parents do anything for me and have my back to the fullest.  I love my parents because they take care of me and they know whats best for me sometimes. My dad is the type that keeps me on track, keeps me in line and tells me when I am off track and is kind of the discipline guy. My mom takes the laid back approach.  She tells me and teaches me how to cook, clean and take care of women the right way.  She sometimes takes the bad cop only when something serious.  Most of the time, the bad cop is my dad. I love my parents, they have my back and I trust them to the up most.  Family is all I have.  Thanks for reading.


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