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Last week a Georgian luger named Nomar Kumaritashvili died in a Whistler luge track. This young man was afraid of this track since he first saw it. He even told his father that “what will be will be”. The young luger in my opinion already knew that he was going to die. When we sometimes put bad stuff in our head we will face the consequences of those thoughts. But in this case the luger was correct because the height of the track was not an appropriate one. The track was too small vertically and the wooden protectors were not big enough. Now thanks to the mistakes of the people who made the track one person had to die. They treated them like test run dummies, because how can you just throw some one like that in there to test the track. I think that it was a big irresponsibility of the staff. Now the luge community of the olympics are going to be scared of going in there and doing there best in a dangerous track. Supposedly the staff are working on making the track safer. That I hope their doing. R.I.P. Nomar Kumaritashvili.

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Ukraine vs England

In the first half the Ukrainian national team took the initiative. After a disturbance on 15 minutes, Slovenian referee Damir Skomina removed from the field of English player, Robert Green, for a foul against Artem Milevsky.  Andriy Shevchenko has been able to penetrate the penalty kick, but that’s only to realize it, unfortunately, could not.  Tactical picture of team play “yellow-blue” was to  unfold in the field of players from Albion. Wards Mikhailichenko constantly pressing ovali and has a 29-minute Ukrainian team pulled a British defense and Serhiy Nazarenko opened the scoring in the match 1:0.  Until the end of the meeting, the British were unable to score a goal.  Account and remained  1:0 in favor of the team Alexei Mikhailichenko.  After the victory over the English national team of    Ukraine took the second place in the qualifying group and could well to participate in the playoffs, but still needs a complete confidence.

Olympic Rings

Olympic Rings

It is official. After over eighteen months of heavy lobbying, the International Olympic Committee ruled in favor of golf to become an official sport of the Olympics and will start with the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games. Golf has been missing from the Olympics for almost a hundred years. This absence has certainly created a void. This new opportunity presents a chance for the world to see golf as a sport for Olympians and the exposure would be second to none. Throughout the world, there is a view that golf is only for the elite. The International Golf Federation is trying to eradicate that notion and create the ideal that it is a sport for everyone. The world’s best players expressed tremendous support and have set goals of winning the Olympic Gold for their respective nations. The proposed format for the Olympic Games would be a 72-hole format for both men and women. After clearing the first hurdle, the world golf leaders are now working on finding a suitable venue to host the Games. Brazil only has 100 golf courses and none are close to championship caliber. The PGA Tour is working on creating a TPC (Tournament Players Club) Resort Course near Rio that would be a tour level course. I expect good things to come of this historical day for golf.

London 2012 Olympics

The London Olympics 2012

In July of 2005, London were awarded the 2012 Olympic Games.  There were five main candidates: London, Moscow, New York, Madrid, and Paris.  After 3 rounds of voting, just two candidates were left; London and Paris.  Paris were the favorite to host the Olympics but the International Olympic Comity President, Jacques Rogge announced to the world that London had won with 54 votes to Paris’s 50.  The Olympic Games will be held from the 27th July-12th August 2012.  Currently, the athletics stadium is being built in London.  It is called the Olympic Stadium and will seat up to 80,000 people.  After the Olympics, the stadium will still be used, but will be reduced to just 25,000 people because it will be easier to maintain.  The Olympic Village is estimated to cost £1 billion.  It will include 2,800 flats that will accommodate all of the athletes participating in the games.  I hope everyone enjoys the 2012 Olympic Games in London!

All kids want to be the best at what they do, and all parents want to see their kids succeed to the fullest. Some parents will even go to outrageous means to be certain their child is successful. In the world of sports, size and strength are so crucial that “growth” hormone use is on the rise among athletes. Growth hormones were originally distributed to patients with “growth” disorders, some of which could be life threatening. However, doctors are now prescribing them to “regular” kids without any disorders. For example, last week a father paid more than $45,000 to have his 14 year old son prescribed growth hormones to add to his already 5’6” frame. Many worry about side effects, especially down the road. One should weigh the risks and benefits and ask, “is it worth risking everything just to become taller?” story


Seattle Mariner’s outfielder Ichiro Suzuki has broken yet another record. On Sunday, Suzuki became the first MLB player ever to record nine consecutive seasons of 200 hits or more. After going 1 for 4 in game 1 of a doubleheader vs. the Rangers, Suzuki legged out an infield single to the shortstop in the second inning of game 2. After reaching first base, Ichiro tipped his hat to the crowd and the baseball was replaced, being sent to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. This is the fourth fastest of the nine seasons in which Suzuki has reached 200 hits. It took him only 144 games. Suzuki has received a ton of attention in his homeland of Japan. The Japanese media has followed Suzuki on the road trip to Texas to chronicle his pursuit to break an 108 year-old record held by Willie Keeler. He has received much more attention in Japan than in America. Suzuki played his first nine seasons in Japan for the Orix Blue Wave in the Pacific League. As a final celebration, Suzuki received a beer bath from his teammates in the locker room shower.

If anyone dared to doubt that Usain Bolt is the fastest man that has ever put a foot in this planet, he made it clear at the World Championships in Berlin. Although he was already holding the 100 m. world record before the meeting at Berlin, Tyson Gay had the best time of the season, with 9.72, only .03 worse than Bolt’s 9.69, so the odds were pretty even between the American and the tall sprinter from Trelawny Parish, Jamaica. After “walking” through the series and semis, and getting into the final with a time of 9.92, it was showtime for Usain. While all his rivals were totally focused and getting mentally ready a couple of minutes before the start of the race, Bolt kept laughing and joking with the spectators and the camera. How it ended, you probably all know already. World Champion and a new World Record, despite running against the wind, with a time from a different planet: 9.58! If that wasn’t enough, he also beat the 200 m. World Record, with a time .11 better that the previous one, which was also held by him. Nobody knows how fast this man can run, but I don’t think there’s going to be anyone able to beat him in a very long time.

(You can watch video of Bolt’s record run here.)