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Monday, November 16, Linda Mayberry (Social Studies department) and I drove over to Kennedy Space Center for the launching of the space shuttle Atlantis.  The entire Visitor’s Center was open, so we explored the exhibits and looked for a good place where Linda could watch the launch.  I had received a special invitation, so I would be going to a different location to view the launch.  I had no idea how good that location would be.

I boarded a bus and found myself at the viewing site for family members and friends of the shuttle astronauts.  This is the closest location from which spectators can view a launch, 4 miles.  People there were talking about their friends / roommates / flight buddies who were going on the mission, and I could feel the excitement and anticipation as the countdown wore on.  Every time an announcement said that another system checked out the crowd would break out in applause.

Finally the countdown got close to zero.  At T minus 3 minutes NASA played the National Anthem.  Just before the launch I photographed a Bald Eagle flying by.  The crowd counted down the final ten seconds with the announcer.  When the first plumes came from the launch pad a cheer went up.  Then the shuttle rose on a pillar of fire, cleared the tower, and the crowd roared.

As the shuttle neared the clouds, the sound from the launch finally reached us.  While it was not as loud as I expected, I could feel the concussions  from the roar and crackle of the engines.  The shuttle continued to climb, and we watched it until the solid rocket boosters separated.  Then we made our way back to the buses and returned to the visitor’s center.

It was cool to overhear people talking.  Many were moved to tears knowing that their best friends or family were fulfilling lifelong dreams of traveling into space.  I realized as I listened that I was a spectator; these people were participants.  Even though I found the launch exhilarating, the launch meant more to them than I will ever understand.

STS-129 was my first attended shuttle launch.  Everything worked perfectly, and there were no delays or postponements.  I was a recipient of a marvelous opportunity, and I experienced something I will never forget.  — Eric Van Zytveld


This photo was taken by Mr. VanZytveld in Cape Canaveral, FL. The purpose of the space flight was to bring new astronauts and equipment to the ISS (International Space Station).


Mrs. Reedy is a very energetic, high energy type of person. She is very friendly and rarely gets mad. Sometimes she can be a little too nice. She is very slow to anger or get mad. Mrs. Reedy is funny and loves to joke around, she is always smiling. She is very smart and very intelligent. When it comes to all class subjects, she knows about math, english, and art. It doesn’t matter what subject it is,  she knows it all. She helps people out so much, she is such a good helper. She will come in early, stay late at night, and even come in on weekends to help students. Even though we all know she could be doing different things. She is kind of on the nerdy side to me. Mrs. Reedy likes solving problems and she loves to read. She helps me out a lot, she bends her back for me and makes sure I am always doing the right thing. Mrs. Reedy is my favorite teacher and I really appreciate the things that she does for us students.

The learning resource center is my favorite class aside from current events. This class is very helpful. the teachers tutor you, help you with homework, they also help you with writing assessments or papers and they help you with every subject. Mrs. Reedy and Mrs. Brook are very smart and helpful ,probably the two smartest teachers here. They are very hands on and very caring to us and our homework. They take care of business and get things done. One of my other reason why I like this class so much is because, it is relaxing quiet and you can get a lot of work done in little time, (even though the class room is very cold).  They make sure our grades are good and make sure we go to every class. They just make sure we as students are getting things done and are handling business. But that is why I like this class so much.

Last week all of the seniors of the Pendleton school went to the senior beach trip, where we elected the favorite teacher of Pendleton seniors. And this is the teacher that I was fortunate to have this year for Current Events – Mr. Kennedy. Although not many people have him this year, all of the lucky ones that do agree on the fact that he is by far the coolest teacher in Pendleton. This year Mr. Kennedy was the teacher for American History and Current Events, and I have to say the Current Events class was amazing. In the 4th quarter of this school year we gained a different perspective on life through exploring the lives of people that are not as fortunate as we are. We also had some discussions that led us to the topics that we would never had explored otherwise. I think that Mr. Kennedy truly deserves to be the “Graduates’ Choice” award winner this year.  I am sure that after the speech he is going to give on graduation, all of the seniors and the rest of the students will show their appreciation to Mr. Kennedy.

Senior year is always stressful for seniors who are unsure about their future plans- a large majority of us. There are few things that can ease the pressure on seniors more than helpful college counselors. Here at Pendleton, we are lucky to have Mr. Blaweiss and Ms. Gretchen who have been incredibly involved with each senior in helping him/her figure out his/her future plans. Out of personal experience I can say with certainty that Mark has gone out of his way, time and time again to help me out in every way possible in getting into a respectable institution. Ms. Gretchen has hosted SAT information classes at Pendleton simply to help improve our scores and enhance our chances at admission in that regard. It is a very difficult job to coordinate with the academic and athletic departments of the various colleges but the two counselors met all the requirements meticulously and always with warm, assuring smiles. I take this opportunity to express my gratitude towards them, guys, we couldn’t have made it without you.


As some of you have noticed, Mr. Townsend is now gone.  Some of you never got to know Mr. Townsend or, as some know him, Mr. T.  He was one of the best headmasters Pendleton has seen. Even if he, in his most recent time here, only served as a short term fill in as headmaster.  Mr. Townsend was different than all other headmasters ever at Pendleton. He was always reasonable and understanding.  He was able to relate to students and what they go through at Pendleton.  Though his greatness was short lived here at Pendleton, he was greatly appreciated.  From a students perspective – I just wanted to say thank you.  As the second semester begins, a new headmaster will be stepping in.  Don’t be quick to judge him.  His name is Mr. O’Dell. I have met him twice and find him to be a very nice guy.  Mr O’Dell is one of the founding members of The Pendleton School.  And now that he’s returning to step in as headmaster, let’s give him a warm welcome back.  As much as we will miss Mr. Townsend, let’s welcome Mr. O’Dell and have a great second half of the year.

You know the really good-looking guy in the computer lab who makes the snide comments and encourages students to get out of his way when he’s busy?  No? The one who calls you knucklehead and has the big muscles?  Oh yeah…that guy.  Well let’s get to know a little bit more about him.  His name is Nathan Dorman, and he’s originally from right here in Bradenton, Florida.  He attended Jefferson Community College in New York, and was an aspiring professional volleyball player when he was a young boy.  He has two children, both boys, Dakota who is 13 and Damien who is seven.  His favorite cafeteria food is pickles, and when I asked him, he said that it, in fact, did not hurt when he fell from heaven.