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BP, or Better Petroleum, has not been doing so hot for the past couple of weeks.  Ever since the recent oil spill, BP has taken a majorly devastating hit to their company.  To make matters worse, their CEO Tony Hayward is not doing a good job at his public press conferences that he makes to update the status of the situation.  When asked if he was sleeping at night, he answered, “Of course I am!”  This makes it look like the situation is not even bothering him and that he isn’t treating it with the concern that he should.  Hayward has also said, “The Gulf of Mexico is a very big ocean.  The amount of volume of oil and dispersant we are putting into it is tiny in relation to the total water volume.”  This is just terrible in my opinion.  The world knows that Tony is under a lot of pressure and must be stressed out by the situation, but he could at least do a better job while speaking publically.


In an effort to stop the crude oil that has been spilling out up from the Gulf of Mexico for the past two weeks, BP, Better Petroleum, has created a device that should stop the oil or at least slow it down for a little.  Two weeks ago, at one of BP’s oil rigs, disaster struck.  There was some sort of explosion that occurred in a pipeline because gas was leaking.  At least five people were killed and others were injured.  The “top hat” is five feet tall, and four feet in diameter, while weighing less than two tons.  The “top hat” has reached the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, but has not been applied yet for reasons that BP will not disclose to the public.  Hopefully, this device will stop the 210,000 gallons of crude oil being leaked into the Gulf of Mexico before the damage cannot be undone.

Major flood

Thousands of people were badly affected from the major flood in Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi this weekend because of the weekend storms and record rainfall. Rivers and streams overflowed their banks and blocked major highways. More than 300 roads were reported to have been flooded just in Kentucky alone. 26 people have already been found dead and it is believed that the death toll will rise as the flood recedes. Rescue teams and Coast Guard crews are doing their best to rescue people from flooded homes and hotels. Helicopters are flying around to save residents who have climbed up to their rooftops because of the high flood levels. Also, people are working together as volunteers, using canoes, motorboats and jet skies to save stranded people. The forecast is predicting that there will be no rain until at least Thursday but it will take at least until the end of the week for the flood to completely recede and the water to be out of the system.

Between the movies and the news we all have been in the conspiracy of 2012. There are many theories any where from the world is going to end to the world is going to change greatly and will never be the same. The big question is do you believe in it? My personal thought on it is that the world is changing daily. With  the three major disasters in last two months, it is hard to miss that Earth isn’t happy. Other then Mother Nature, I know the Indian Calendar runs out on the first day of 2012. People look at this as they stopped counting or we are really in for it. But this all unknown, what I do know is that December of 2011 the crime rate and selling of liquor is going to rise. Believing in it or not, the people who do are going to hog wild. So do you believe in it or not ?


Last week China experienced a 6.9-magnitude earthquake and the death tolls have been recorded at 2,039 people. Another 195 people are still missing and nearly 12,135 people were injured. Rescuers have been working night and day non-stop trying to find survivors and save as many lives as they can. Nearly 15,000 homes toppled and roughly 100,000 people fled the area. The place that experienced the most damage, Qinghai, is home to about 5 million people and is home to nearly 40 ethnic groups. The death toll continues to rise everyday and the number is increasing rapidly. Chinese soldiers are doing all they can to clear the rubble from the area, but no one can help the damage that is done. Our hearts go out to those in China and wish them the best of luck in the recovery. The buildings can be replaced but all of those who have lost their lives cannot and it is truly a shame. I am sure the U.S. will offer help and financial aid soon if they have not already.

A altas horas de la madrugada (las 3:34 para ser exactos), el sueno de los chilenos fue interrumpido por uno de los temblores mas fuertes que se recuerdan (el tercero mas fuerte de la historia de Chile). El seismo, de 8.8 grados en la escala de Richter, afecto principalmente a la ciudad de Concepcion, la segunda mas grande del pais, y dejo sin suministro electrico a la capital, Santiago. El numero de muertes ronda ya los 300, segun cifras oficiales, y hay decenas de heridos y 15 desaparecidos. El terremoto tambien ha afectado la red vial del pais, y ha dejado escenas de derrumbes de carreteras y edificios. Fuentes oficiales hablan de mas de 500.000 viviendas destruidas por el temblor. El terremoto puso en estado de alerta a toda la costa Oeste de los Estados Unidos, asi como Hawaii, la Isla de Pascua e incluso Japon y Filipinas por un posible tsunami causado por el seismo, pero por suerte solo se reportaron unas pocas subidas de marea en un archipielago cercano a Chile y que no llegaron a mayores.

La Policia aun sigue buscando victimas entre los escombros

An ice mass the size of the country of Luxembourg (25,000 squared kilometers) has come off the tongue of the Mertz glacier on the East of Antarctica when a giant iceberg known as B-9B collided against it three weeks ago. The total weight of the two pieces of ice that are now aimlessly sailing the Indian Ocean rounds the 700 million tons and it could supply water for one-third of the World’s population in one year. Scientists are afraid that this massive displacement of ice may affect the currents of the World’s oceans and the marine life of the region. This would happen because, when the sweet water from the icebergs melts, it will alter the composition of the salty water, something that can really hurt some of the animal and plant species that live in the bottom of the ocean.
One of the scientists responsible for the Australian Oceanic Division has explained that this incident has no relation at all with climate change, but with the natural movement of ice fragments. 

Moment of the collision