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Afriqiyah Airways suffered a major setback on Wednesday as one of their Airbus A330-200 aircraft crashed in Libya.  The 253 seater airplane succeeded in saving only one passenger; a ten year old Dutch boy.  Now, with the black boxes recovered, begins the process of determining just what caused this disaster.  Libyan authorities have already ruled out terrorist activity but are still unsure as to a specific cause.  The plane crashed just short of the landing runway–the front end of the aircraft disintegrating as it scraped against the bare ground.  The tail and rudder assembly appears to be mostly intact,  and the fire damage is very limited, which suggests that the plane was not crippled by some mechanical failure, although the possibility still exists.  A thick fog or even a sandstorm could be to blame, however, as the Libyan airport is lacking considerably in low visibility landing aids.  It may be that the entire catastrophe was caused by a substandard runway.


Hussein Hashi Farah was in Kenyan custody on allegations of involvement in a terror attempt on Australia; the operative word being “was”.  The prisoner was released from his incarceration in what at first appears to be a simple–but costly–mistake.  Eric Kiraithehe, a spokesman for the Kenyan police force had this to say: “I think there was an oversight – he was handed over to the ordinary duty policemen and they were not given the full information.”  The policeman that released Farah claims that he honestly believed that he was another illegal immigrant who would be dealt with by another department the next day  However, the release of this dangerous suspect may not be just a simple case of mistaken identity.  Three Kenyan policeman and two businessmen have been placed under arrest on suspicion of bribery.  The Australian Broadcaster ABC has apparently heard rumors that would suggest such.  Whether accidentally or deliberately, Hussein Hashi Farah has been freed, and so commenced the hunt to recapture him.

The Nameitsi region of Uganda is currently recovering from a devastating mud slide that occurred Monday evening.  Over a mile of earth became dislodged and fell on the town in the torrential rains that rainy season brings.  Nameitsi is miles away from any roads, meaning that no modern digging equipment can be brought to the town and used by the aid volunteers.  In the midst of this tragedy, overpopulation and over cultivation is thought to be the cause of this loose earth.  As many as 80 bodies have been found by the Red Cross which is helping to excavate the buried town.  Unlike the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, no survivors are expected to be found under the mud as suffocation claimed at least as many lives as the crushing weight of the soil.  Regardless of the chances of survival, however, the Ugandan Army and the Red Cross are hard at work to bring Nameitsi back to life.

Striking again, the Somali Pirates seized an Oil Tanker on Monday.  According to naval authorities the ship was loaded with about $20 million worth in gallons of oil that was headed from Saudi Arabia to the United States.  European naval reports said that there were nine pirates that did the hijacking and there was a crew of 30 on the tanker.  It was taken over about 800 miles away from shore while heading back to the coast of central Somalia.  The pirate season is back in full swing now that the waters are calm.  Cyrus Mody, the manager of the International Maritime Bureau in London, said “They have definitely increased their capacity and their ability to stay out at sea longer.”  The pirates seem to be positioning themselves in the middle of the ocean on their mother ships, and then sending out motorized dinghies for attacks.  According to the International Maritime Bureau, in the past two months 38 have been attacked and 10 have been hijacked.

Next year there is a huge event happening in South Africa. I think it’s the biggest event in the World. This tournament its set by the FIFA Play, a group of people who make all the organization. It is there decision to decided where the World Cup will take place and they decide the groups in which each team will be.

At the beginning of  the year the FIFA thought that South Africa wouldn´t even make it. They need to start building a lot of new stadiums and a lot of buildings where the people could stay. But now a days, South Africa its ready to host all that people and having that great event.

Its been a year since the qualifying for the teams started. Right now we just know about some teams that are already qualify, the qualification its about to end. The teams we already know are: Ghana, Mexico, USA, Japan, Australia, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, England, Italy, Brazil, Paraguay, South AFrica and Chile.

This World Cup its gonna be so competitive, its gonna be so good. Don´t miss it.










 pirates surrendering

pirates surrendering

About 250 nautical miles off Somalia’s coast, Somalian pirates in two small skiffs mistakenly opened fire on a 360,000 ton French war ship. The French ship gave chase and captured five suspected pirates. After one skiff fled, and the French ship pursued the second one in an hour-long chase. After catching the alleged pirates they found 5 of them on the skiff with neither food nor water nor arms. France is playing a key role in the fight against the pirates and the protection of merchant ships in the Gulf of Aden. The UN has set up Operation Atalanta. It has aggressively tracked and caught suspected pirates and sent 22 of them back to Kenya to face consequences from the local authorities. An additional 15 suspects were brought to France for prosecution after allegedly seizing and attacking boats belonging to French nationals. French president Nicolas Sarkozy called for the French navy to show pirates surrendering action against piracy last year after dozens of attacks occurred counting numerous times on French ships and the widely publicized take-over of an American vessel that required interference from the US navy to reclaim the oil tanker.

Idelphonse Nizeyimana

The person responsible for most of the genocide that occured in Rwanda in 1994 and that caused the death of 800,000 people was finally arrested last Monday in Uganda. He had been one of the  most wanted people for this massacre, as the head of the secret services of the Habyarimana regime, but nobody had been able to find him in 15 years. He was sent to trial to be processed for crimes against humanity. Apart from organizing the slaughter of 800,000 people, he is accused in particular of the murder of the previous queen of Rwanda, Rosalie Gichanda. The Police found him in the Executive Inn in the neighborhood of Rubaga, where he had been hiding since October 1st. He is supposed to have gotten in the country from the Democratic Republic of Congo (RDC) with fake documentation with the name of Kawogo.
Many of those responsible for the genocide decided to hide in the RDC and regroup in guerrillas, like the Democratic Force for the Liberation of Rwanda. At the moment, the RDC and Rwanda collaborate to put an end to this group, which has been causing trouble for years at both sides of the border.