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Carlos Helu, Newest Title Holder of World's Richest Man

Forbes released its annual list today on the wealthiest people in the world and the new number one wasn’t the usual face of Bill Gates that we are used to. Carlos Slim Helu, the telecom giant of Mexico has overtaken the title of World’s Richest Man. This is only the second time in the last fifteen years that Bill Gates hasn’t been first on the list. Helu has a current net worth of 53.5 Billion dollars and just slightly edged out Gates’ $53 Billion. Most of Helu’s assets are held in his company, America Movil, which is the largest South American Telecom network. On a side note, officials at Forbes noted that if Microsoft shares rose even $1, Gates would soar past Helu in net worth. The list has been very volatile in the last few years ever since the economic meltdown in September 2008. The number of billionaires in 2008 was a record 1,125. 2009 had only 793 and with the steady recovery of the economy, 2010 has risen back to 1,011 billionaires. The United States has the most billionaires at 403 which represents 40% of all the billionaires. However, many foreign countries are quickly catching up. Asian countries have seen a particular rise in the wealth of their billionaires. China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, and South Korea all made significant gains in its number of billionaires. China is now second in number behind only the United States. There is an immense market for investors in Mainland China, and many have cast their lines and hauled in big catches.


Mourning Family Members

Saturday night a group of armed men stormed a party on the Mexican border, in Ciudad Juarez. Thirteen high school and college students were killed, ten died on the scene and three died at local hospitals. These group of young adults gathered to watch a boxing match in a housing complex when suddenly two trucks pulled up loaded with armed men who opened fire. The young adults in the home whose ages ranged from 15-20 are said to have no connection to drug trafficking, this was the first thought because the city of Ciudad Juarez is home to several drug cartel bosses who are battling for turf. But after many interviews withfellow members of the housing complex it seems as though it was a “huge mistake.”  More then 2,250 people were killed in this battle for land control. Police and thousands of troops are attempting to seize the land control battles.

What happened to these thirteen kids was tragic, and seems as though it was completely undeserved. It’s unfortunate that kids who are not involved in drug trafficking still fall victim to it from time to time. Hopefully, with this deadly gun show police in Mexico can start to quickly identify suspects which will possibly result in the down fall of drug disputes.

The American authorities sent back to Mexico 90,000 minors who had crossed the border illegally in 2008. There should be nothing wrong with that, but the National Commission of Human Rights claims that the kids were often left by themselves in deserted areas in the middle of the night.
The report says that almost always the deportations are made accordingly to what Mexico and the US have agreed on, but they warn that “there are complaints that the US authorities violate the agreements by not delivering the kids to the consular authorities in the stablished places, or that they leave them in the middle of the night with nobody to receive them.”
Another problem is that many times, the hard thing is to find their families, since they cross the border with unknown people and the kids don’t know how to go back to their homes. As a result, there are more kids living in the streets in the bordering cities.


mexican kid


Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and it is also the most populated city in the entire world. Lately, Mexico has been having some major problems with their government due to the poverty rate in the city. There are many people who basically have no jobs and no way to earn money, and having to do so by participating in illegal activities.  People are desperate for money and drug money for example, is what puts food on the table. This is one of the major reasons why Mexico City is having so many problems with the corruption, because not even the police get paid enough money to be able to survive. The police are even participating in illegal activities in order to get more money . This is the reason why many people from Mexico City do not want to live there anymore and many tourists do not want to go visit Mexico anymore.  Mexico is a great country but has many problems just like any other country.

News officials have been stopping by local shops and restaurants around the Mexico City area all week talking with store owners about the business, or lack there of.  Fernando Bazen runs a small business packing parcels in Central Mexico.  Usually he gets a steady stream of customers all day long but since the Swine Flu outbreak, his numbers have nearly halved.  What was once one of the noisiest, busiest, and dirtiest places has become almost sterile.  Most people don’t go outside, but those who do wear masks covering their mouth and nose.  Marcelo Ebrard, Mexico City’s mayor, estimates that the city is losing about 88 million dollars a day.  However, most of Mexico’s gross domestic product is tourism and with the ever growing threat of disease, its usually high numbers of tourists is decreasing.  In the current environment, most people see little incentive to visit Mexico, and plenty of reasons to leave.  Today, the Mexican government is lobbying hard to keep Mexico’s borders open for air travel and to prevent any chance of formal quarantines being imposed.


exico is not only having problems with the drug wars but now is having problems with the Swine flu again. It has been noted that the first couple of cases started originating in Mexico. After one of my class mates said “OMG I am afraid of Mexicans now” just so that people know it has spread in these reported places including Ohio, Kansas, Texas , California and New York, where a schools have been shut down. This is getting pretty scary right now; I canceled my trip to Mexico this summer due to the Swine flu. Mexico is having a really bad time right now and the government needs to act soon before everything gets out of hand their. They are having major problems and they are bringing a lot of their problems into the United State. The United States government will have to make sure none of this will be coming into here anymore.

What is Swine Influenza? It is a respiratory disease of pigs that rarely spreads to humans. However, it has already killed many people in Mexico City (where the disease started). The symptoms of swine flu are similar to the regular flu and include fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, chills, etc. Human cases of swine influenza virus infection have made it to the United States. The states that have started to become infected are Arizona, California, Ne051123234941w York, Texas, Kansas and Ohio. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 40 to 50 cases have already been discovered in the United States. Many are worried that eventually Swine Influenza will reach the entire world. So, just as a precaution, studies have shown that washing your hands and not touching your face or mouth will help prevent the spread of germs. So keep clean and stay healthy. Hopefully soon this Swine Influenza will have a cure and people who have the disease will get better soon.