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Women always pursue perfection. To stay thin or to lose weight, not only are they willing to waste their time in the gym, they also go on diets that men have absolutely no idea about. There are extreme, expensive ways to obtain a perfect figure such as acupuncture and cosmetic surgeries. However, a study shows that when women don’t get enough sleep, all their hard work would be wasted. An experiment was held in Uppsala University in Sweden where 400 women were tested for 2 years. 200 of them were only allowed to sleep 5 hours a night and the other 200 of them were to sleep for 8 hours. The results show that those who slept less than 5 hours a night, on average, had waists 8 centimeters wider than those who slept 8 hours a night. The study shows that there is a close link between obesity and lack of sleep. Women who don’t sleep enough and do not dream at night are more likely to store more body fat and generate more hormones than those who sleep 8 hours or more a night.


According to recent studies Breast cancer survivors who took aspirin post breast cancer treatment were half as likely to die or have their tumors spread around the body compared with those who did not take aspirin post treatment.  Aspirin helps control cancer by fighting inflammation. Because Breast cancers produces more inflammatory chemicals than normal breast cells, that would explain what an inflammatory  like aspirin would help. Although this study is not proven, scientist are working on developing proof. This proof would be developed by conducting a “gold standard” trial where doctors assign one group of patients to take aspirin, and then compare them to patients who have not. Although until this study is proven people who have breast cancer should converse with their doctors before taking it, due to the fact that it can act as a blood thinner. Also it is highly suggested that if you have breast cancer that you should continue treatment, and not  rely on aspirin because the study was derived from nurses who have completed their cancer treatment. There may be no proof yet, but this is surely an interesting and hopeful start. Stopping the reoccurance of Breast cancer would be epedemic.

Jessica Gaude was the fattest kid on earth. At the age of 7, she consumed 10000 calories a day and her horrific diet was made up of Coca-Calas, 15 hamburgers with fries and several kilograms of chocolate. Her consumption of food in a single day equaled what some children ate in half a year. She did not know how and when to stop. Running was an activity that she had never done before and instead of walking, she dragged herself on the floor. Her bones had become distorted because they could no longer hold the weight. This was all to be blamed to her mother, who had fed her excessively ever since she was born, whenever Jessica cried, she would assume that she was hungry and give her bottles of milk. She was so used to consuming, that she did not know what the meaning of enough was. After doctors warned her and her mother that she was at a dangerous risk of dying, she became determined to lose weight so that she can live on and do what others can do without even thinking. She is on the road to recovery; she has lost almost 300 pounds and is adapting to a healthier lifestyle but is still suffering from many things that the extra fats have left her through the years. It is impressive how she has lost 300 pounds,this is a good motivation for me to start losing weight.  For people who cannot stop eating, please stop because I do not want to see you on Guinness World Records, we should slap ourselves when we catch ourselves eating when we are not actually hungry. 


Fattest kid on earth eating

Fattest kid on earth eating

The swine flu epidemic has created a major concern for government officials. As part of the concern, the government has been working on a vaccine to be made available to the public in the upcoming weeks to combat the swine flu. With more than 3000 people per day having heart attacks for other health reasons, the Fed’s want to make sure the vaccine for the swine flu does not get the blame. A new system of tracking side affects has been developed to track side effects as millions will be receiving this vaccine in the upcoming weeks, and within months, half of the country will be vaccinated. People want to know how safe it is and part of the database for tracking will know who get the vaccine and how often and why they revisit the healthcare system. So the question remains is the risk greater than the outcome?

laser-eye-surgeryEveryone who is short-sighted are pleased to see the surgery that can resolve the tiresome daily problems they have with their eyesight. Laser eye surgery is only for short-sighted people, it can fix your problems, so you can say goodbye to your glasses or contact lenses. I am all for fixing peoples eyes, but the way they go about it really creeps me out. I know that there is no other way to do the surgery. First your eyes are numbed with drops, then again with injections so that you can not see what is going on even though your eyes are opened or feel them touching you, but i still think that you can feel them tugging. They use a clamp to hold your eyes open. The surgery reshapes your cornea (the clear front part of your eye). This changes its focusing power. A flap is cut out in the top layer of your eye and then folded back so the laser can reshape the surface of your eye and then the flap is put back and the eye would eventually heal. I agree, it does sound gross. I spoke to one person about it and he said that he couldn’t see for 2 hours after the surgery took place, and the pain was unbearable. There is not a fixed price for laser eye surgery. The cost of the treatment will vary since there are many factors to consider which affect the treatment, including the surgeon you pick, the quality of the equipment and of the laser system used, vision prescription, and the type of procedures being performed. The price can vary from country to country.

Everyone loves to go on vacation and just get away from work, drama and home. Yet once you leave from home things become really different and new. The experiences are usually always great and remember able, but have you have found yourself having a great time yet still sad? Do you find yourself just in a depressed mood even though you are away from home and the things that you wanted to relax from? This feeling is called being homesick. It is the desire and longing or wanting to be home. You can find yourself calling home every chance you can find. Or maybe having dreams of things that you miss at home like friends, parents, bedroom or brothers and sisters. Sometimes you can just begin to cry randomly because your missing home. Homesickness happens most when you are a little younger in age, but anyone can be homesick. The start of being homesick can come from the smallest thing reminding you of home.  Whether it be an inside joke that you share with your friends or just an object that brings up a memory from home.  Being homesick is not the greatest feeling in the world and there is no cure but to just go home and visit.  So if your feeling homesick it might be time to plan a trip back home soon!