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In the previous week, I wrote about the upcoming election in Iraq and the possible violence that could impact it. Sure enough, as the election went on this past week there were many risks and caution for any people who came out to vote. Bombings could be heard from short distances away from Baghdad, but the violent attacks did not stop the Iraqis from casting their votes on March 7, 2010. Many of the voters described the day as, “an opportunity we couldn’t miss.” The adult voters want to ensure that their kids have the best leader available to them. This is about the impact of the vote on their children’s lives, not necessary their life. After the day ended it had been reported that nearly 38 people had been killed from the attack. On a positive note, the election got nearly 55% voter turnout, which is a much larger number than anyone expected. The people here have been miserable for many years, and this election gave them a way to express their feelings and looking for a change in a government in order to provide them with services such as water, jobs and security. Obama was said to congratulate the Iraqis on their election and the courage each and every one of them demonstrated by coming out to vote.



American soldiers as we know have been in Iraq for nearly seven years now, trying to make peace among the citizens and set up a strong central government that is safe for the people to live under. Part of the trouble that went into all this was getting rid of former leader, Saddam Hussein and all his associates. In recent news, current Iraq Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki announced his plan to rehire nearly 20,000 former Iraqi army officers. All of these officers at one point or another, served under Hussein. Many question what the prime minister is thinking by bringing back into the country thousands of men who carried out the treacherous acts of Hussein. We’re not talking about a few people either, but thousands of these men will now inhabit the country we have worked so hard to bring up again. Elections within Iraq are scheduled to take place March 7 and many suspect these men were hired to pursue voters in one way or another or for one candidate or another. In my opinion, the biggest risk here is bringing into Iraq these men who were associated with such a tyrant in the past, since the country has spent years and billions of dollars trying to bring freedom to a recently oppressed country.


Results of the bombings

On Sunday Baghdad had one of its worst suicide bombings since 2007. The two suicide bombers got through a few checkpoints before they detonated the bombs within one minute of each other. Over 155 people were killed and over 500 people were injured. The blasts severely damaged the Justice Ministry and provincial council complexes. A few weeks prior to the deadly bombings blast walls had been removed. These walls were security for this exact reason; to resist any bombs that terrorists might try to set off. An election is planned to happen in Iraq in January and these recent attacks have made many people in Iraq question the security of the country. The current leader is known for keeping the country reasonably safe but this will not help his chances in being reelected. US troops are scheduled to be completely out of Iraq by 2011 and it makes you wonder how this country will do without our help.

Last Friday, October 2nd, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie traveled to Damascus, Syria on a United Nations goodwill mission to meet with Iraqi civilians relocated by the Iraq war. Thousands of Iraqi refugees were placed temporarily in Syria, Jordan, Turkey and Iran. Angelina and Brad met with two refugee families and discussed the poor conditions they are currently living in. Later, they went and talked with the president of Syria to discuss the refugee state of affairs in his country. They found out that the Iraqi refugee crisis was one of the worst and it did not get enough coverage, they live in dangerous and horrible living conditions and going back to their own country would be another disaster because it will take a long time to recover and rebuild. 4.2 million of Iraqis have left their homes since the beginning of the war in 2003 but the Syria’s president have took care of them as best as he could and shown generous hospitality to people in need. However, it is still important that the UNHCR provide financial and food support for these refugees because the Syrians have to deal with their own problems too.

Angelina Jolie talking to refugee

Angelina Jolie talking to refugee

iraq-war-426The war with the Middle East should not be still going on, because it is the longest war that the United States has been in. We need to get the soldiers out of Iraq or Afghanistan. We should get as much children and women that are in Iraq and Afghanistan and we should threaten them with an atom bomb or some other kind or nuclear bomb, and if the Muslims do not stop trying to take over country’s and hurting other people ,we should send an atom bomb down on them. If we were to go over there and try to bomb the country with every person still in it, it would be a disaster and it would be a lot of blood on our hands. The children and women should be taken to a different country that will feed them and give them shelter and take care of them. The Muslims are teaching the children there that the Americans are bad and that the Jihad is the best and that they need to praise there God Allah. the upcoming summer, the US military will start cutting back on use of the unpopular practice of holding troops beyond their enlistment dates and hope to completely eliminate it in two years. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said, though, “it may never be possible to completely get rid of the policy”.  The policy, called “stop-loss,” under which some 13,000 soldiers whose time is already up are still being forced to continue serving.  The soldiers should only stay for the time they enlisted for, I know for a fact that their families don’t want them to be there longer then they should, we are talking about people’s lives here not just some video game. I can just imagine how hard it is to lose a family member in war and when their time is up you want then home as soon as possible. This is why they are the brave men and women of our country that protect and serve us, and for that we thank them.

iraqTwelve thousand troops will be removed out of Iraq over the next six months. Not only will the US be withdrawing troops but also so will Britain. Right now there are 142,000 American troops in Iraq and Obama has promised to withdraw them all within 16 months. Realistically this is not going to happen, there is no way that the US can withdraw 142,000 troops out of Iraq and even if they did they could not expect things to be okay. Iraq would crumble, everything that America has been working for would be crushed and another Saddam Hussein would happen all over again. I believe that we are there now and it is unrealistic to set a date to be out by, we must stay until they are stable which may take years, not months. Under the Bush Administration a document was signed with the Iraqi government stating that the US would be out by December 31st, 2011. This is the date that all US troops must be withdrawn, 2011 is not far away at all and there is still a lot of work to do.