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Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2

It seems that the new game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has any chance of great success and the words Activision that this will be the biggest release in the history of the gaming industry, are beginning to be confirmed. The company Activision Blizzard said that the first sales of the new game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 beat its own forecasts from the publisher. During the first day since the start of sales it has reached total revenue from sales amounted to 310 million dollars, and this data is only for the U.S. and UK markets. Recall that the game began selling around the world on Tuesday.  The company said that during the first 24 hours it sold around 4.7 million copies of the game, making it the fastest selling in history. By this index, it bypasses the previous year’s leader, the game Grand Theft Auto IV. During the first day sales of GTA IV 3.6 million copies were sold, though due to the higher cost of distribution revenues from sales amounted to the same 310 million dollars.  After the publication of these data, shares in Activision Blizzard Marketplace Nasdaq rose in price by 2,5% to 11,70 dollars.


rubik's cube

Rubik's Cube

The Rubik’s Cube wasn’t intended to be one of history’s best-selling toys on the market.  Erno Rubik was just fascinated by the idea of creating a cube that allowed each piece to independently move and still stay in one piece.   In 1944 in Budapest, Hungary, Erno Rubik was born.  By 1974 he created the first working prototype of the cube and is considered to be the official birth date of the cube.  In 1975 the toy was patented and was first sold in stores as “The Magic Cube” in 1977.  The toy was a huge hit and in 1980 the name was changed from “The Magic Cube” to “The Rubik’s Cube”.  Two years later in 1982 the first annual International Rubik’s Championships was held in Budapest.  More than 100 million Cubes have been sold today and it was in 1982 that the word “Rubik” was officially added into the Oxford English Dictionary.  Erno Rubik went on to be an architect, designer, and a university professor.

Focused whilst playing a video game

Focused whilst playing a video game

Wherever you go in the world, especially western countries we see technology.  Most people have xbox’s, PS3’s, and computers that they use almost everyday.  A large problem that is occurring because of technology, is addiction to video games.  People can spend hour after hour on their xbox or PS3  playing the latest games like Call of Duty or the newest Madden NFL.  With many of the video games today, they can be played online with friends around the world.  Many people are becoming so addicted to games that they are missing school, or spending more time on the computer than the important things that they had planned for the day.  One of the biggest crazes right now is FarmVille.  It is a facebook application/game where people have their own farms.  With around 59million players, quite a few people are obsessed with the game.  Just recently, a girl in high school admitted that she asks to go to the bathroom, runs to her car where her laptop is and jumps on the local Wi-Fi so that she can play the game!  The obsession with video games, is a large problem all over the world which doesn’t seem to be getting any better.

sims3_01Recently, I bought Sims 3 for myself to kill time and also to complete my Sims collection. There have been many Sims games before, but the latest one is surely the best because not only are the graphics amazing, the game has improved greatly, I can sit and play this game for 2 days without falling asleep or getting bored! For any of you that do not know what Sims is- it is a game that lets you control your Sim (your created person) in activities and form relationships in a way similar to real life and it is an open-ended game, really just creating more lives and controlling them and fulfill their needs and make them as happy as they can be. This game is created and improved and the Sims are very human-like and even have their own distinct personality. What makes this game so interesting is that it is very much like having yourself as God and giving people lives and destinies that you want them to have. Maybe God is sitting at his computer all day playing his own Sims game and controlling us.


So J.R Murphy has turned me onto a new computer game that is the most addicting game in the world.  It is called Bubble Struggle 2.   The idea of the game is there are a bunch of bubbles that you have to shoot as they bounce without you getting hit by a bubble. There are a lot of power ups and things but it still really hard and it takes a lot of skill to play it.  It may sound really easy but it is anything but.  It is really challenging and you can not stop playing.  A ton of guys on the baseball team play and we’re all trying to beat the game. But if you are ever bored you should definitely go to and put bubble struggle 2 in the search box and click on the first icon that comes up.  Try beating the game, it’s going to take a lot of hard work and time. 


Anyone who plays real-time strategy games knows of the Total War franchise. The latest Empire: Total War takes players into 17th- and 18th-century warfare.  With battles on the ground and high seas just like war back then.  In addition to managing the military, players will be responsible for the economic and cultural expansion of their respective empire, everything from negotiating trades to forming rebellions.  The camera can be controlled in every way imaginable using either the keyboard or mouse, and the command interface is clean and easy to use without sacrificing depth or control.  Within two seconds, I can double click on a unit’s icon to quickly jump to their position on the battlefield, switch them into “fire at will” mode, then descend the camera to immerse myself in the explosive pops and pounding cannons of colonial combat. You’ll learn the basics of taxation, which can bring in great sums of wealth at higher rates, but are also prone to fires of rebellion among the population. You’ll learn how to construct and upgrade various buildings, which can function more efficiently and generate higher profits as they develop.  Of course, there’s also the fighting. Fending off native tribes and crushing French fleets are all in a day’s work for your typical gameplay session in Empire.  Both naval and ground battles function nicely in a tactical context.  If you like history and fighting this is the game for you.


world_of_warcraft_00511En la mejor academia de deportes del mundo, lo que nadie se podría imaginar es que haya niños de 16, 17 años encerrados en sus habitaciones todo el día jugando a World of  Warcraft. Para los que no conozcan este juego online (el más jugado del mundo), el objetivo es matar animales y monstruos y completar distintas pruebas para ir subiendo de nivel.  Los padres de estos “deportistas” están pagando mucho dinero y haciendo un gran esfuerzo para que sus hijos estén aquí, y algunos lo agradecen cambiando sus entrenamientos y el colegio por un mundo virtual en el que no aprenden nada. Esto crea un ambiente que no da buena imagen a la academia y que perjudica la carrera deportiva de los propios niños. Por ejemplo, hay un chico de unos 14 años que se pasa toda la tarde (unas 6 horas) sentado en la esquina de la cafetería jugando a WOW. Su mentor le tenía prohibido jugar en su cuarto, después de sus repetidas ausencias al colegio y entrenamientos.  En mi opinión, se debería restringir el acceso a este y otro tipo de juegos online en los dorms. No es dificil, ya se ha hecho en Pendleton y ayudaría a crear un ambiente más sano en la academia.  — Gonzalo Asis