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Andrew Davis is a senior this year and he is going to Bradley University in the fall. He was first going to military school but late during this year he realized he was going to be a very important part of the Bradley University team. Andrew is form Oklahoma and he is 19 years old. He has two younger siblings at home and they are a huge part of his life.  This is Andrew’s first year at IMG and he made many good friends during his time here.   He says he will miss IMG but he is really looking forward to going to college and having a new and different life experience.   — Joanna Zarur


Dwight Powell is a senior at the Pendleton school. He is a basketball player and a part of student council. His birthday is on July the 20th and he is 18 years old.  Dwight Powell is attending to Stanford University in California. He is playing college basketball and hopefully later on he can make it to the NBA.  He is from Toronto, Canada and is an only child. Hhis mother is his greatest influence and role model.  He does not know yet what he wants to study in university but his interests outside of sports include the arts, music, and philosophy.


Jennifer McDade is a basketball star, a Canadian, and one of the nicest girls IMG has seen in a while. Jen has been here at IMG for three years now and has had her fair share of battles along the way. Surgery on her knee cut her season short last season forcing her to return to Canada for a majority of the time. It seems she has been battling many injuries over the past few years, but that doesn’t faze her as she now determined more than ever to continue her basketball career at the Division 1 level. In her free time, Jen enjoys hanging out with her fellow Canadians here at IMG, listening to music and making trips to numerous malls to shop. Jen is a part of the National Honor Society here at Pendleton and is constantly volunteering herself for projects such as Big Brothers Big Sisters and Habitat for Humanity. Jen is a true model citizen and one that IMG will have a hard time replacing in the next year. In regards to college, Jen is still un-decided were she wants to attend but regardless of her decision, I am confident she will be successful on and off the court.

This weekend, on Saturday morning, my basketball team and I went to feed the homeless.  I think it was a good experience for me and my teammates.  It helped us interact with people who were complete strangers.  I had some good conversations with some of the people who were there. They loved to talk and they talked alot but I was all ears. A lot of homeless people are very intelligent and they know a lot about the world and know what is going on.  I kind of felt sorry too though because there were too many little kids there.  The kids didn’t really have any clothes on and their shoes were worn down.   But still, they were the happiest little kids and they always had a smile on their face.    Seeing them struggle but still being happy made me think to my self how I have no reason to complain about my life.   I really liked helping the homeless and I hope we do it again.   Thanks to Coach Vince and Coach Nate for taking us.

Coach Nate is very funny and loves fractions and solving things. He is a observer and looks at every little thing.Off the court he is cool energetic and loves to tell jokes kind of like coach Vince. On the court he is the talkative loud temperamental guy. He is kind of the yeller and the guy who tells us and helps us when we mess up. Sometimes coach Nate plays the bad cops and coach Vince plays the good cop sometimes not all the time. Coach Nate is a fun-loving guy and will keep you guessing.  Like you dont know what to expect form coach Nate.  But all in all he is a really good guy.

Coach Vince is a nice calm relaxing brother.  He can be some what soft-spoken and easy-going.  He loves to help others and he loves to read as he always has a book in his hand. He is a listener as well as a talker he loves to talk and he can and will talk for hours.  He likes to explain every detail.  He is also about hard work, taking care of business and getting better on and of the court.  But when its time to practice he is a different man. That calm cool relaxing guy goes out the door.  He becomes very intense, powerful and he has a sense of urgency when he is on the court.  He loves the game and you can see it and feel it when he is coaching.  He kind of reminds me of my other coach, coach Brooks, who is a very good coach as well.  Coach Vince can coach all day and night. He is a gym rat and he knows a lot about basketball that it is crazy to me. He is a very great coach and a good guy but if you mess up he will be all over you like a bear.  But yea thats Coach Vince.

The IMG basketball program, is a really good program even though I only been here about one week. I do believe that we have something special here at this school. We work very hard every day we are in the gym putting in alot hours, nearly five to six hrs everyday, of basketball. We get alot better and thats why I love the basketball program. The coaching staff is unbelievable. They are hard workers and they take care of business. They try to instill their personality  into us and so we can be more of a man and learn how to get things done. The coaching staff really takes care of us and helps us with relationships, girls and things like that. They are not just all about basketball and that is what makes them so great!!! I am very excited and ready for the season to start. We are going to be a very good team! I believe that I’v got alot better and I only been here for a week but I think the basketball program is good and better than any other program at this school.


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