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This weekend, on Saturday morning, my basketball team and I went to feed the homeless.  I think it was a good experience for me and my teammates.  It helped us interact with people who were complete strangers.  I had some good conversations with some of the people who were there. They loved to talk and they talked alot but I was all ears. A lot of homeless people are very intelligent and they know a lot about the world and know what is going on.  I kind of felt sorry too though because there were too many little kids there.  The kids didn’t really have any clothes on and their shoes were worn down.   But still, they were the happiest little kids and they always had a smile on their face.    Seeing them struggle but still being happy made me think to my self how I have no reason to complain about my life.   I really liked helping the homeless and I hope we do it again.   Thanks to Coach Vince and Coach Nate for taking us.


This weekend, student services organized  an “Olympic Volunteer”. So during the last week I went and sign in for volunteering. I love helping people in everything I can, it makes me feel good and full of joy.

The volunteering was on sunday during the evening. My friends and I went to volunteer and with a lot of other people we did not know. We meant at the tent and went with Kerry, the dormentor, to the high-school that it´s across the street.  When we got there no one was there, we were the only ones, so Kerry called to student services to check what was happening and they told her that the children were absent.

It was very funny going out there and don´t do anything. Kerry told us that it will count toward three hours of community services. I´m very happy and I know that will help me for my applications for College. I suggest you to do some community service, you will enjoy it and it will help you for the applications.

Habitat for Humanity – …

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Big Brothers / Big Sisters – …

Pendleton / IMG recycling – details coming soon

Student leadership is a great way to get involved.  It is a new school year and it would be great if you wanted to join. We had our first meeting today.  However, if you are still interested please stop by next week.  Tuesday, room A204 @ 12:30pm.  The meeting shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes.  Last year we had some great things happen however, things could have been better.  This is where you come in.  Throughout the year we worked with some great community service groups –  Habitat for Humanity, Big Brother/ Big Sisters and more.   We worked on recycling around campus.  We also were able to put together a surprisingly successful Winter Formal Dance.  We had school spirit events where we supported basketball, baseball, and soccer.  We even set up certain events like a campus dodge ball tournament and a basketball tournament.  Joining leadership is a great way to make things happen.  It’s a way to really feel a part of the school.   We will meet once a week at a a consistent time.  It is still yet to be set.  If you are interested please stop by next Tueday at 12:30pm in room A204.

girlsDue to my attendance at the infamous “Shorewalk” party, this week I spent a significant amount of time at the Boy’s and Girl’s club.  It has been a great pleasure working and playing with all of the young children and observing their habits and lifestyle so different from my own.  Yesterday we painted broken mini sculptures and it took each kid twenty minutes to decide which paintbrush to use, and another twenty to settle their arguments over who was sitting where.  Even though they are pretty rough on each other, they are always sweet and respectful to me, some just need a little extra attention.  For example, there’s a couple girls that follow me everywhere and put up a fight when I say no to letting them use my blackberry or tie my hair in knots.  My favorite part is helping them with their homework and trying to teach them simple math concepts I have no idea how I learned in the first place.  Yesterday when I explained to Tyshawna that one dime is the same amount as ten pennies, she was puzzled as to why? Well you know what, I really dont’ know why that’s just the way it is!


special20olympics2011Saturday, March 7th, 2009 marked the first outing for the members of the National Honor Society at the Pendleton School. This year is the first group of inductees into the Pendleton chapter of the National Honor Society. The first service project done by the group was volunteering at the Special Olympics this past Saturday. The Special Olympics were held at Bayshore High School right across the street from IMG. Therefore, the students simply had to walk there as a group after meeting in the classroom of Mr. Busch, faculty director for the National Honor Society at Pendleton. The Pendleton volunteers had to participate in the opening ceremony as one of the groups involved. Some of the Jobs given to the students were things such as referees, ball collectors, timers, etc. It was a very enjoyable event for the athletes who all tried very hard despite their disabilities. At the end of all the events, Lunch was served to the athletes, volunteers and other people in attendance followed by the prize giving and closing ceremony.

habitat-for-humanityLast Saturday, Dirk Ramdial, Stephanie Ritchey, Jordan Rizzo, and myself, followed Mr. Charlie Kennedy deep into the heart of Palmetto to volunteer for the well-known, nonprofit organization, Habitat for Humanity. The organization has built their reputation on providing affordable housing to low income families, who otherwise, probably would not be able to afford to buy a home. The reason that these houses are able to be sold for so much less than a normally manufactured house, is that they are built by volunteers. There are no contractors or workers to be paid. The other reason is that the majority of the supplies needed to build the houses are donated from both individuals, and local companies. The people from the community come together with the home owners themselves to help put these houses together. In order to be eligible for one of the Habitat Houses, the potential owner not only has to be able to pay the mortgage, but also has to put in the houses. They must spend any where from 300 to 500 hours helping to build other houses to be eligible for the program.


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