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Brett Favre in his first game as the starter of the Vikings, leads them victory. After a rollercoaster offseason, in which Favre delt with having to decide wheather or not to retire or not, played very well and impressed all in his first game.  Brett Favre played nearly three quarters as promised by head coach Brad Childress and distributed the ball very nicely. He completed an impressive 13 of his 17 passes.  Throwing 1 touchdown 0 interceptions.  Minnesota went on to win the game 17 to 10 beating the Houston Texans.  Brett Favres’ injured ribs also did not appear to be an issue,  as he took several big hits and bounced right back up.  Favre seems to think he will be able to deal with the pain in his rib as he expressed in the press confernce after the game when Favre stated “There is nothing you can do about it first of all, secondly, I don’t believe it is [cracked],” he said. “It doesn’t feel great but I think I will be fine. We have not done an X-ray yet. If it is cracked, there is nothing you can do about it.” Although Favre is getting up there in age and will be turning 40 in a couple of months, he is one of the best quarterbacks of all time and if he stays healthy many believe he can really help out this Viking team who is in need of someone to step up at the quarterback position.


Dos bomberos californianos han fallecido este lunes a causa de las fuertes llamas del incendio que amenaza al condado de Los Angeles desde el pasado miercoles. El fuego, que ha obligado a evacuar a 4000 personas y ha devastado ya 14,000 hectáreas de bosque, está “fuera de control”, según ha declarado el gobernador del estado de California, Arnold Schwarzenegger. La causa de la muerte de los dos componentes de la brigada de Bomberos de Los Angeles fue el desplome por un barranco del vehículo en el que se dirigían a sus casas, tras un intenso día de trabajo en el Bosque Nacional Angeles. El frente principal del incendio ocupa unos 30 km, y las previsiones no son optimistas de cara a los proximos días. Es tal el humo en el aire, que el Ministerio de Sanidad ha recomendado no realizar actividades al aire libre, pues la calidad del aire está deteriorada.


Monday morning, one would expect to get up and get his or her coffee and walk out the front door, preparing mentally and physically for another day at school or at work. However, the residents of Southern California (Los Angeles) are recently experiencing everything but a normal daily schedule. A fast moving wildfire has already threatened nearly 10,00 homes and continues to move at a rapid pace. “The fire can essentially can get up and run any time and has a mind of its own,” said U.S. Forest Service Commander Mike Dietrich. The fire is now en route toward Mount Wilson Observatory, which is home to 20 television and radio transmission towers as well as fire and police stations. Two firefighters have already been reported dead. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger expressed his sorrow and condolences for the loss of the firefighters, saying “Our hearts are heavy as we are tragically reminded of the sacrifices our firefighters and their families make daily to keep us safe.” Gov. Schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency as nearly 6,500 acres have been burned and destroyed. It has been reported that there has not been a major fire such as this one in the area in nearly 60 years.


David Wright of the New York Mets suffered a recent blow to the head during an at bat nearly a week ago. He was taken to the hospital for x-rays and to ensure no further damage was done. MLB has begun to take action, as there have been many beanings in the last week. Rawlings Sporting Goods has been charged with creating a reinforced, heavier helmet intended to withstand 100mph fastballs. The “S100” helmet will be mandatory in the Minor Leagues next season. Rawlings has already taken a step in the right direction by sending their new product to all Major League teams. They are already in use by some professionals. Rawlings Senior Vice President, Mike Thompson, released this statement on the new product, “Many of today’s pitchers consistently hit the radar at 90-plus, so safety in the batter’s box is at an all-time premium. The S100 helmet will answer that need at all levels of baseball.”

Ben,left, and I at the AJGA Polo Golf Invitational Thanksgiving '08

Ben,left, and I at the AJGA Polo Golf Invitational Thanksgiving '08

Former IMG/Pendleton/David Leadbetter Golf Academy  Student Byeong-Hun “Ben” An capped off an exciting week by becoming the youngest person ever to win the United States Amateur Championship at the age of 17. He broke Tiger Woods’ and Danny Lees’ records in age at the time of victory. He defeated Ben Martin of Greenville, SC  7 up with 5 holes to play in the 36 hole final staged at Southern Hills Country Club (Tulsa, Okla.), the site of the 2001 US Open and 2007 PGA Championship. The US Amateur Championship is the single largest and most prestigious amateur golf tournament in the world. The perks added along with his victory include invitations to play in next years US Open, The Masters, The British Open,(The 3 biggest majors in professional golf) and a ten year exemption into the US Amateur provided he remains an amateur. The US Amateur is one of the most grueling tests of golf in that there are two double round cuts to qualify for the matchplay portion and then 7 rounds of golf in the ensuing 5 days. Ben won the Lake Powell, Florida qualifier shooting a 2 day total of 138. In the stroke-play portion of the Amateur, Ben fired rounds of 71-74 to take the 23rd seed at 5 over par. He went on to beat many big name collegiate and amateur players en route to the finals victory over Clemson standout Ben Martin. 

Before his quarterfinal match he told me his strategy and goal was to make par on every single hole he played. “If I make par on every hole, I can win every match. That’s my goal.” said Ben. His style for the week was to stay a bit conservative and capitalize on his opponents’ mistakes since matchplay pits you against your sole opponent rather than the entire field. Southern Hills CC was a brutal test of golf and pars seemed like birdies.

Prior to this event, Ben had many top national finishes and was named an AJGA Rolex First Team All-American but had only won once. His victory was at the 2006 AJGA Nike Jr. @ Marshallia Ranch. That was the first time I ever competed with him and I remember just being in awe at how good he was. He currently attends Bradenton Prep Academy and recently verbally committed to play golf for UC-Berkeley (Cal) on a golf scholarship. A fun fact is that he is known for his outrageously long drives that are upwards of 340 yards. As a close friend, I want to say that I am proud of your accomplishments and I wish you luck with the upcoming year!

In California a dad was taking his 11 year old daughter to the bus stop for school in the morning.  While waiting with his daughter a car arrived and they kidnapped the 11 year old girl right in front of the father’s eyes.  While chasing the car down the father calls 911 and tries to get help.  The investigation went on for awhile before thinking that 11 year old girl had been killed.  18 years later they found the girl that had once been kidnapped.  The man who kidnapped the girl had rapped the young girl and she no has a little girl.  The man kept the kidnapped girls in a shed in his back yard for 18 years.  The sex offender/ kidnapper was put in jail.  It is crazy to think that things like this could happen to any of us at any time.  There are some crazy people and we will never understand what makes them do such sick in the head things.  This girl and family are very lucky that she is still alive and that the man was arrested.  People like him deserve to be locked up.

For those of you who don’t know about them, ETA is a terrrosrist Spanish group that resorts to force in their effort to obtain the independence of the “Pais Vasco”. They have been putting bombs all around Spain since 1961, but they have not succeeded, and never will. After negotiations and several attempts from the Spanish government to make them stop, ETA has always come back, but with less strength lately. Even most of it’s activity happens in the “Pais Vasco” and Navarra, they frequently also attack in other parts of Spain. Their last operation center was established in Mallorca, where four explosions in the last month have terrorized the tourists and residents of the area, leading to a small decrease in tourism. The Police is working to find this squad and destroy it. Little by little (hopefully), they will arrest and take to prison all the terrorists and dissolve the group, so that everyone in Spain can live safer.



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