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Being from Rhode Island there is nothing better than having my “home” teams in basketball and hockey in the playoffs. However when the two previous series started I was more optimistic about the Bruins future than I was about the Celtics future. The Bruins had a lot of momentum and the Celtics were playing one of the best teams in the NBA in the Cavaliers. However, the Bruins just lost the series after being up 3-0, and they were up 3-0 in the 7th game and lost 4-3. The “Bruin Nation” was extremely shocked and disappointed. However, the boston fans have something to be extremely excited, as the Celtics just beat one of the best teams in Basketball in six games, and have a ton of momentum going into the Orlando Magic series. Even though this is not the way I would have imagined things would have gone, I couldn’t be happier as I love watching NBA playoffs, especially when my team is in the race. This should be a great series, which I believe the Celtics will win in 6 games once again.


I was reading an article about some facts of the 1500’s and I thought it would be nice to share.  Most people in the 1500’s got married in June because most people took their yearly bath’s in May, and they still smelled pretty good by June. There was nothing to stop things from falling into the house, such as bugs and droppings, which was a real problem in the bedroom, and you never

Life in the 1500's

had a clean bed. Most people back then did not have meat to eat at night and mostly had vegetables.  However, when the man could bring home meat, which was a big deal back then, he would hang it up outside his house as a sign of prosperity, and then would only rip it off piece by piece so it lasted a while.  The amount of bread you received was chosen by the your economic status in society. Next time I’m feeling under privileged I will try and think about if I lived in the 1500’s.

The Celtics had a year filled with ups and downs, and were not as successful from a record standpoint as they have been in past years, but were still abel to win the division.  They are taking on the Miami Heat in the first round of the playoffs and with players

The Big Three

with as much experience and passion for the game as Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett you always have a chance to go deep in the playoffs. They were able to take game one from Dwayne Wade and the Heat at home by 9. It was not pretty when a fight broke out towards the ladder half of the game, and Garnett was ejected, but when someone with as much pride and a sense of team as Garnett gets disrespected you can expect nothing less. Hopefully his loss in the next game with not hurt them in their quets for the championship.

April 1st, College Decision Day

It is a bright, sunny morning as a student picks up the coveted letter from the mail. His hands are shaking feebly by the weight of the thin envelope from the university. The process of opening it and taking in its radiance can last a long period of time. As the student pulls out the letter, anticipation has built to an insurmountable level and the student will either be crushed or sent into a state of euphoria by what the letter says.

It is mid March and by now, most seniors are on the edge about college decisions. April 1st is the official day when students will receive their letters containing the tickets to their future. All the hard work the past 4 years, studying late into the night, memorizing vocab, practicing a foreign language, running drills, grinding away on the range, making plays, etc. adds up to a formidable resume at IMG. We here strive to be the best that we can be whether in the field of academics, athletics, or both. Kids here have big dreams of becoming professional athletes or leaders in society and one major step in that journey is attending college. For the kids at IMG who have yet to finalize their college plans or sign, I encourage you to stay positive. It isn’t life or death over one school. There are many opportunities out there for you, so never give up hope.

WNBA is one of the biggest jokes in sports today. I would honestly rather go to a pre-season men’s NCAA basketball game, then go to a WNBA championship game. I support the fact that women go out and try to be successful in sports. In addition to this, I


completely respect the talent that these women have shown the world since their debuts. However, I just feel like when you put it all together and watch the WBNA, it’s some of the most ridiculous moments in sports. I truly do not think I could sit through more than a minute and a half of any WNBA games, no matter what team. Not that the NBA is any better sometimes, but there is something about women running around trying to play basketball that annoys me. I mean they are talented and all, but they are not even close to the Larry Birds and Paul Pierces of the NBA.

Pretty much everyone who is anyone has a facebook now a days. While we all talk about how pathetic it is, and how much of a time waster it is, we all continually maintain ours over and over again. I personally believe that it is no big deal to have a facebook, but I absolutely can’t stand when I am trying to get something done and facebook gets in my way. Sometimes nothing will even be

Facebook Logo

interesting or going on, on facebook and I will still resort to looking at it in order to ignore my homework or whatever else I have to do. I don’t know why I do this, and it is really annoying and sometimes it makes me want to delete my facebook, but I never actually end up doing it. Maybe I should just start trying to focus enough where I don’t even have to think about facebook while I am doing something of more importance, but I think I’ll remain just like everyone else and let facebook be one of my biggest distractions.


American soldiers as we know have been in Iraq for nearly seven years now, trying to make peace among the citizens and set up a strong central government that is safe for the people to live under. Part of the trouble that went into all this was getting rid of former leader, Saddam Hussein and all his associates. In recent news, current Iraq Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki announced his plan to rehire nearly 20,000 former Iraqi army officers. All of these officers at one point or another, served under Hussein. Many question what the prime minister is thinking by bringing back into the country thousands of men who carried out the treacherous acts of Hussein. We’re not talking about a few people either, but thousands of these men will now inhabit the country we have worked so hard to bring up again. Elections within Iraq are scheduled to take place March 7 and many suspect these men were hired to pursue voters in one way or another or for one candidate or another. In my opinion, the biggest risk here is bringing into Iraq these men who were associated with such a tyrant in the past, since the country has spent years and billions of dollars trying to bring freedom to a recently oppressed country.