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If cartoonist Lars Vilks is famous for anything more than his drawings, it is his ability to make enemies.  Not content to keep a low profile, Vilks recently showed a film at a Swedish University in which Muhammad was not only depicted on screen, but also shown entering a gay bar.  Even while the celluloid rolled, a Muslim protester rushed the stage and assaulted Lars Vilks, punching him in the face and breaking his glasses.  Police detained the assailant and were forced to pepper spray certain protesters as they became increasingly violent.  Vilks, who has booby trapped his own house and sleeps with an axe by his bed, stated that the whole stunt was to prove a point about free speech, and would continue to open his mouth as long as there was some one vying to shut it.  Censorship, however, may have won this round as University officials have expressed that another invitation addressed to Lars Vilks would be “not likely”.


The president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, recently attended a nuclear nonproliferation summit at the United Nations headquarters in New York.  Both President Obama and George W. Bush before him view Iran gaining nuclear capabilities as unacceptable, but the U.S. may have to be willing to meet Ahmadinejad halfway.  Ahmadenijad has asserted time and time again his opposition to nuclear weapons and any creation thereof, calling them “disgusting and shameful,” and claims that Iran seeks only to create for themselves nuclear power plants.  However, he has not yet earned the trust that others at the summit have.  Nevertheless, a nuclear capable Iran may be a very real possibility as new methods of processing the fuels required means that any nation with access to eve recyclable plutonium could split an atom, hypothetically.  Iran has already centrifuges for creating enriched uranium, so there is little hope for Iran to fall off of the atomic list.  Realizing that total removal of all materials that could possibly be used in a nuclear weapon would be impractical, the Obama administration is hard at work drafting a new set of sanctions that will require Iran’s full cooperation in all things nuclear.

Italian police have arrested seven suspected Iranian and Italian weapons smugglers.  The crackdown occurred overnight in several different cities at once.  Among the detained is a Iranian journalist who is believed be an intelligence gathering officer of Iran.  The weapons traffickers were thought be members of the Iranian secret service, smuggling guns and explosives from Italy to Iran through another third country.  Found in the contraband was a high number of tracer rounds, explosives from Eastern Europe, tools and ingredients for making incendiary bombs, and German made scopes and military jackets.  Those that made the bust are working in close conjunction with anti terrorist groups in Great Britain, Romania, and Switzerland.  Iran is subject to an international arms embargo, and any acquisition of foreign weapons is considered of violation of law by the United Nations.  The bust puts another nail in the coffin of Iran’s diplomatic efforts to assuage its nuclear sanctions.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is reconsidering a compromise that the UN delivered last October and that was initially declined.  The offer is to move the stockpile of enriched uranium out of Iran to be processed further elsewhere.  Although this agreement would suggest a massive victory for nuclear nonproliferation and relations with the west, some parties are still worried.  German, French, and United States representatives have shown concern as they believe that this latest acquiescence may just be an attempt to avoid further sanctions.  Russia and China, however, are quite accepting of Iran’s cooperation and have planned further negotiations in Tehran.  Iran’s willingness has split the UN Security Council somewhat, and if nothing else will prevent the five members from coming to a consensus regarding sanctions.  The plan itself, however, has everyone smiling as the weaponizable uranium is set to be processed into fuel rods for use in a research reactor back in Iran.

The political leaders of the United States, Great Britain and France threatened Teheran with making sanctions worse after they discovered the construction of a secret nuclear plant. Iran has never been seen so vulnerable or the rest of the world so unanimously and firmly decided to take measures against them. After a second secret nuclear plant was discovered a few days ago, USA, France and the UK agreed to impose hard sanctions to Iran if they don’t accept an immediate inspection of their nuclear facilities. “It is the most urgent matter the world has to deal with right now”, said Brown. “Iran is driving the International Community through a dangerous path”, Sarkozy assured. Obama’s deadline: October 1st, when there is going to take place a meeting among representatives of Iran and of the five permanent members of the Board of National Security (US, UK, France, China and Russia), as well as Germany.

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Obama warns Iran

On this day , our President, Barack Obama, wants Tehran to ” come clean”  on all nuclear efforts, and to reveal a secret site for close international inspection.  This issue took place in Pittsburgh, where the leaders of Britian and France accused the Islamic Republic of building an underground plant to make nuclear fuel. It would be used for constructing an atomic bomb.  Iran is supposed to come and meet with the US and other major nations to discuss this nuclear issue.  When a little disturbance in the Iranian facility was reported, Obama said, ” Iran is breaking rules that all nations must follow. The size and configuration of this facility is inconsistent with a peaceful program. ”  Later there were two other countries that agreed on the issue, Russia’s president Demitri Medvedev also urged Iran to cooperate and ” demonstrate its good intentions. ”  ” Given Iran’s consistent pattern of deceit, concealment and bad faith, the only way to force Iran to abandon its nuclear ambitions is to make absolutely clear to the regime in Tehran that its current course will carry catastrophic consequences.”