The Pendleton Panther


Posted on: March 14, 2010

This video is an excerpt from a show called “Cheaters” by Maury. I think it is hilarious. In this video, a man cheats on his girlfriend and then proceeds to kick out her window, and punch her in the face. This is completely ironic, because he cheated on her, yet she is getting decked in the face. If you continue to watch the video, you will notice that the cops show up and the boyfriend flees the scene. I think that while this video is hilarious, the boyfriend is completely messed up. The girlfriend didn’t even do anything to deserve getting yelled at, never mind beat up. The boyfriend is completely in the wrong, and when the cops find him he will probably be in some serious trouble. I thought stuff like this only happened in movies and soap operas, but I guess it turns out that people are actually that messed up.


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