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Huang Guangyu

Huang Guangyu, who once was the richest man in China, has been officially sentenced to spend 14 years in federal prison. He has been charged with stock-market manipulation, bribery and insider trading. Huang is the CEO and head of Gome, which is China’s largest retail chain, similar to that of a Home Depot in the United States. The government fined him 600 million yuan, equivalent to 87.8 million USD, and confiscated private property totaling 200 million yuan (29.2 million USD). According to CNN, “Huang ranked first on Hurun’s China Rich List, a local publication, in 2008 with an estimated fortune worth $6.3 billion. Such a top ranking is usually not celebrated in China because of the scrutiny it brings. Huang typically kept a low profile despite his wealth and influence.” He also appeared on the cover of Forbes magazine, where it touted his amazing rags to riches life story. He was born to a very poor family in the Guangdong Province. As a teen, he set off on his own and set up a small electronic appliance business. A few years later, he set up Gome Electrical Appliances Holding and raked in a treasure trove of income. The recurring theme among many executives is the bribery and insider crimes they commit. It is just a matter of who gets caught doing it that gets out into the media.



In Beijing on Wednesday, a 48 year old man entered a kindergarten school with a meat cleaver and started to hack away at the teachers and students. He killed a kindergarten teacher as well as 7 children. After the attack, he returned home and then committed suicide. Later on, the mother of the slain teacher also died from injuries sustained during the attack. In addition to the 9 fatalities, 11 children also received severe injuries. The school only has a total of 20 children in attendance. This has sparked a lot of national outrage as this is the fourth such attack in the past month. They have all involved middle aged to older men who entered elementary or kindergarten schools and taken out their anger with weapons on the children and faculty. It all started with 1 attack on April 28th when a man stabbed 18 children and received national media coverage. He was later executed by firing squad but experts believe that this is the reason for all the imitators. According to China Daily newspaper, they quoted Nanjing University sociology professor Zhu Li as saying Zheng’s attack inspired copycats. “Some people may not have thought about stabbing school children, but due to the media’s coverage of such a case, they got an idea,” Zhu said. This is a very frightening situation and instills fear in all of us for the safety of our children.

Milk In a Chinese Supermarket

On Monday April 19th, 200 school children from the Shaanxi province checked into the hospital with similar symptoms, including stomach aches and vomiting. 27 are still hospitalized with still severe pains, 20 of them are being treated with intravenous drips. After serious investigations, Chinese health officials found an excessive amount of bacteria in milk distributed to schools in Northwest China. The milk contained a large amount of E.coli (a type of bacteria) and other harmful bacteria. Laboratory analysis show that the milk contained a bacterium density of 16400 per gram of milk, while the safe limit was 10. The company that was distributing the milk to the schools in the country is temporarily closed for further inspection. The children, who are the victims of this, will not be getting any milk for a few weeks. Authorities believe that there had been a lack of hygiene in the sterilization process, they warned to other food companies that they will be checking more closely with the production process of foods since similar cases have happened a few times already this year.


Last week China experienced a 6.9-magnitude earthquake and the death tolls have been recorded at 2,039 people. Another 195 people are still missing and nearly 12,135 people were injured. Rescuers have been working night and day non-stop trying to find survivors and save as many lives as they can. Nearly 15,000 homes toppled and roughly 100,000 people fled the area. The place that experienced the most damage, Qinghai, is home to about 5 million people and is home to nearly 40 ethnic groups. The death toll continues to rise everyday and the number is increasing rapidly. Chinese soldiers are doing all they can to clear the rubble from the area, but no one can help the damage that is done. Our hearts go out to those in China and wish them the best of luck in the recovery. The buildings can be replaced but all of those who have lost their lives cannot and it is truly a shame. I am sure the U.S. will offer help and financial aid soon if they have not already.

A news clip of the live scene during rescue.

A series of several strong quakes struck China in the early morning around 7:49 am local time. It hit China’s Qinghai province. The quakes have so far killed 589 people and injured over 10,000. There are many students and workers trapped within the debris of once standing edifices and school buildings. The initial quake was measured at 6.9 on the Richter Scale and the aftershocks that followed within the next hour had the largest at 5.8. The epicenter of the quake was in a remote region of mountainous land. It struck about 150 miles north of Qamdo, Tibet as the area lies near the borders of Tibet and Xingjiang. The area is on the lower end of the economic scale and the majority of the houses were made of wood with walls made of earth and soil. The Chinese government responded very quickly to this disaster having experience from the devastating Sichuan Earthquake and sent 5,000 soldiers to the area for rescue and aid. We can only pray for the citizens’ safety as help steadily arrives.

Chinese New Year of the Tiger

February 14th, as many of you know was Valentines Day. Valentines Day is often considered as the most romantic holiday of the year. It is a day of affection and love; it is a day for lovers. However, Sunday was also a very important day for the Chinese as it was Chinese New Year’s Day. (Chinese have their own calendar and it runs on a different format and this year for the Year of Tiger, New Year’s Day falls coincidentally on the Valentine’s Day.) Spring Festival is the most important celebration for the Chinese and it is a tradition to spend the day with families. This is the only day of the year busy workers can gather with their families and reunite with their children and it is really the only family day they have. Choosing between family and romance could be difficult. Some may think that love is invaluable and a waste of time and energy but there are still many hopeless romantics who opposes to this idea. Either way, the choice you might have had to make on Sunday proves a lot to both your family and your lover. Hope you all had a romantic day. Lastly, Happy Chinese New Year of the Tiger.

China Vice Foreign Minister He Yafei speaking about the arms deal.

The United States recently struck a $6.4 billion dollars arms deal with Taiwan on Sunday. The sale included the purchase of 60 Black Hawk Helicopters, 114 advanced Patriot air defense missiles; a pair of Osprey mine-hunting ships; and many sets of advanced communications systems. China has been severely opposed to the sale of F-16 fighter jets and should be relieved that they weren’t included in the sale.

The relationship between China and Taiwan has always been very fickle since the 40s. After this deal was made public, China was extremely angered and unhappy with the United States decision since China has repetitively tried to prevent such a deal. China threatened to put sanctions on various American companies that sold the weapons to Taiwan. This is their method of protest. Officials in Beijing suspended many visits that were originally scheduled between the US and Chinese militaries.

According to sources at CNN, “The State Department described the latest round of arms sales to Taiwan as a way to guarantee security and stability, despite China’s objections. “This is a clear demonstration of the commitment this administration has to provide Taiwan with defensive weapons it needs and as provided for in the Taiwan Relations Act,” State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said Friday. He said the action is consistent with Washington’s “one-China” policy and will help maintain security and stability across the Taiwan Strait. The arms sales come as the United States is hoping to persuade China to sign on to harsher sanctions against Iran and just after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticized China for its policies relating to the Internet.”

The fact that China is so opposed shows that they are a bit afraid of any power given to Taiwan. They still hold the belief that Taiwan is land owned by China and have threatened to invade the moment Taiwan declares its independence. I feel that this is a very touchy situation for the United States as well as China. We can only wait to see how this plays out.


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