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Posted on: October 12, 2009

Marketing is a very strong concept. We market products, services, and market ourselves when interviewing for a job or when we just want to make a good impression on someone else. In the end, all of us have needs and wants. Within the needs, we can name food, clothing, traveling, knowledge, electronics and many other tangible and no tangible needs. These needs have a counterpart, which are the individual and collective wants, making marketing a very important concept for business, especially those that are in the mass market products like food and beverages.

Peoples needs and wants change over time, and companies need to constantly listen to customers and observe their consumption habits. Businesses do research to better understand what people really think. Good information or data bases are imperative for better communication with the customer. For example, in the fast food business, which now they call quick service restaurants, competition is strong. Having a good or great product or great tasting food alone will not necessarily make it a success. The service is sometimes even more important. Good service means not only a friendly attitude towards the customer; it means the entire whole experience. Good selection of employees and proper and continued training makes the difference. Disney is a great example for this.

 The concept of marketing is very strong in that it is said to be used to create the customers, to keep the customers and to satisfy the customers.


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