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South Korean Helicopters patrol the Southern edge of the DMZ.

Unease between South Korea and the DPRK was exacerbated today when a North Korean ship fired 30 rounds into the Demilitarized Zone in the Yellow Sea as part of a “training exercise”.  South Korean guns countered with nearly 100 warning shots, but the tension momentarily ceased as South Korean officials filed a complaint to the DPRK via fax.  The protest was met only with obstinance and the offending party shot another few dozen shells off.  No warning shots were returned, however, and the conflict simmered down.  Regardless of the outcome of this incident, a frightening precedent has now been set as the DPRK got away with firing artillery into what it formerly considered to be a no-sail zone.  Provocation such as this has been all too common since the DMZ’s establishment in 1956.  The latest incident took place just last November when a North Korean vessel was fired upon after straying too far south.  South Korea’s main fear, at the moment, however, is that North Korea will begin testing short range missiles in the Yellow Sea as they have before.


North Korea may have just become a greater nuclear threat. On Tuesday, North Korea announced, through their official news agency, that the nation has finished reprocessing 2,000 spent nuclear fuel rods. While North Korea’s media may not always be the most trusted of sources, but the leftover plutonium in the rods could contain what would be sufficient for at least one nuclear explosive. North Korea has made clear no aggressive intentions regarding the plutonium, but the rest of the world is beginning to worry. A country which chooses not to heat many of its buildings in the winters to save what little money they have may not seem threatening, but North Korean nuclear scientists show formidable bravado. Whatever their intention is, it is unlikely that any more fuel rods could be obtained by North Korea as the reactor that the rods were gleaned from was disabled in 2008.

North_Korean_missile_tests-400x300Life in North Korea is very complicated. It is very different than other countries.  I think North korea is little bit crazier than others.  I’m going to write about nuclear weapons in Korea. On October 10, 2006, North Korean officials announced they have now nuclear weapons. It really shocked all the world.  And people had a lot of opinions.   Also, when North Korea made nuclear weapons, it was really bad for south korea. America’s president was really shocked as well.  So North Korea has to stop this nuclear thing.  So the whole universe can be peaceful. And South Korea is hoping that North Korea will never do this again.  6

Imagenes de satelites revelan que Corea del Norte se esta preparando para lanzar un misil que tiene un alcance de 3,000 kilometros a la redonda. Se ha notado actividad en los campos de guerra y prueba de motores y plataformas de tiro en instalaciones de torre de lanzamiento. Un informe de Corea del Sur dice que los Norcoreanos han adquirido unos 40 kilos de plutonio para fabricar unas 7 bombas nucleares. Corea del Norte ha incrementado sus fuerzas notablemente en el caso de un conflicto con Corea del Sur y se encuentran muy preparados para el ataque.

Corea del Norte advirtio que estan al borde de una guerra despues de una politica de “confrontacion” con Corea del Sur y dice que esta totalmente preparado para la guerra. Tecnicamente, estos 2 paises han estado en guerra desde 1953, ya que desde este año no han firmado ningun tratado de paz para calmar la situacion entre los 2 paises.

lgTuesday, LG chem said they will support GM with the lithium-ion batteries for electric car, the Chevrolet ‘Volt’. LG Chem is Korea’s biggest Chemical company by sales. The spokesman said that this company will supply lithium batteries for five years from 2010. LG expecting to earn about $1.5 billion and to sell more than 300.00 Volts during that five years of supplying.

Rick Wagoner, GM CEO, said that they will open the biggest battery factory in US in southeast Michigan for the production of Volts. However, some experts don’t think this deal is good for GM because Lithium batteries, compared of gasoline, can hold only half of energy.

koreaNorth Korea is pressing forward with plans to expel from hundreds of South Korean from the industrial. The North Korean Government said on Monday that they will suspend tours to the city of Kyeseung, stop the cross border rail service and other restrict on other businessman crossings. They would also cut the numbers of South Korean jobs at the Kyeseung industrial estate near the city. They included 750 managers at 88 firms, 201 people at nine construction companies and 553 employees of Hyundai Asan. However, the ristrictions could stop operations at Kyeseung, where around 32,000 North Koreans are working for South Korean companies. The North Korean Government says that they would not stop restrictiing until Seoul activists’ cross border propaganda leaflets dropping in to North Korea.

U.S. President George W. Bush, who called North Korean leader Kim Jong Il a “tyrant” is paying attention to Kim’s health, U.S. worry over what will happen if the dictator dies or loses power which is a possibility according to foreign media.

The report said U.S. is worried over the potential for a terrorist group to obtain North Korea’s nuclear weapons and cause chaos that would leave everyone wondering who is in control if and when Kim loses power.

The American bomb-watching community also says that North Korea’s nuclear weapons are kept safer under Kim’s control. The United States also showed concern over the control of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons last month when Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf stepped down.

The U.S. is always concerned over the nuclear activities in other nation and is always trying to keep a tab on the nuclear activities of developing nations. The U.S. is currently the only leading superpower in the world.


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