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Michael Nutter-Determined to Stop Crime

All the votes have been cast and Michael Nutter has won by a landslide and will take office on January 7 as Philadelphia’s next mayor. Dealing with the Eagles new addition, Michael Vick, or celebrating the Phillies‘ playoff run are the last two things on the mayor’s mind at the moment. When Nutter takes office he will deal with a crime wave that has left 355 people dead just in the last few months. It was just released that Philadelphia has the highest homicide rate of any major city. This includes cities such as New York and Los Angelus where the population is six times that of Philadelphia. When Nutter was elected he assured the public that “Crime here is an economic problem, it’s an education problem, it’s a public safety problem and it’s something that we’re going to have to aggressively tackle.” Nutter was raised in West Philadelphia by his mother and attended the University of Pennsylvania. Things in Philadelphia are getting bad. People are dying everyday and there are more riots than ever. However, Philadelphians have faith that Nutter is the best solution and hope he can bring an end to the violence.


Dieter Esch, head of Wilhelmina Models (L), and adult film actress Stormy Daniels arrive at the 24th annual Adult Video News Awards Show at the Mandalay Bay Events Center January 13, 2007 in Las Vegas, Nevada.The state of Louisiana is currently undergoing a push for porn star Stormy Daniels to become their next senator. This is, unbelievable, but sadly true, as porn star Stormy Daniels did not intend to run for senator. Stormy Daniels was just trying to help get the people of Louisiana to understand that they need a change at senate and a change in how the state of Louisiana is being run. She received so much support for this that she decided to start getting ready to campaign for senate against current republican senator David Vitter. Vitter was caught in a scandal of soliciting prostitutes. Ironically, the fact that a porn star is in the race for senator doesn’t seem all that bad. Vitter said that his wife was able to forgive him of his past, and he hopes that the people of Louisiana will be able to do so as well. I find it hard to believe that people would re-elect a senator that was caught for, and admitted, going to prostitutes.  But these days you never know.

Today history was made. Today change has occurred. The voices of the citizens and the people of the United States of America were heard. Today we got a new president. President Barack Obama has made history. Years ago on August 28, 1963 Martin Luther King Junior made a famous speech, “I have a dream…” This speech was an act towards giving blacks equal rights as whites. This inspirational and powerful speech caused many actions towards making America a truly free country. Now, only 46 years later we have a black president of the United States of America. Look how far we have come. In less than 50 years we have gone from blacks having few rights to blacks having all equal rights. These next 4 years will be full of change and hopefully change for the better. As long as we keep our trust in America and the decisions of our new president , Barack Obama, I believe America will stand out strong.






President Obama’s Inauguration was today in Washington D.C around 11:20. It was a very historic Inauguration for the forty fourth president of the United States of America. The ceremony stated by all the cabinet leaders coming out as well as all the senators coming out to the stage. Obama was the last person to come out and he received a very warm applaud by the millions of fans there. The performers included Aretha Franklin, and cellist Yo Yo Ma to name a couple. The speeches were great preceding Obama’s speech. Some of the people in attendance were Bill Clinton, and George Bush. I thought Obama had a great speech and I feel very confident with him being our next president. When Obama was being sworn there were a couple of mix ups that I noticed. Overall, however, I believe the ceremony was well done. 


feb26_tigoba_299x268Celebrities are a major part of presidential campaigns because many people look up to them and their lifestyle. With the celebrities supporting a presidential elect, that presidential elect will get more supporters and voters. This is because of the fans of the celebrities see that the celebrities support that specific presidential elect. On the other hand, it can be risky for celebrities to hold a stance in politics. Just like Tiger Woods in this case, he happened to finally show some kind of stance in politics. He was asked to be apart in the president elect ceremonies on Sunday for Barack Obama. He spoke to the crowd about how his father was in the army and he would travel around following his father. For the most part, I believe that none of the celebs have to worry about taking a risk because majority of the people in America support Obama.


Obama’s speech was defined as a “good speech, but not a soaring one.” He described the current state of America as “a nagging fear that America’s decline is inevitable.” Obama also said that Americans need to “dust ourselves off, and begin the work of remaking America.” During the inauguration, Obama certainly did all he could to instill patriotism in Americans. He appealed to America’s rich background a number of times. He also did a great job of using stories and personal experience to help people relate to what he was talking about. He did this at the end of the speech when he told the story of George Washington fighting for America’s independence. During his speech, Obama also instilled confidence in Americans by saying that “we will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defense”. Obama clearly spoke out against the very thought of further terrorism in our country. The fact that the inauguration took place the day after MLK day made the speech that much better. It was as though Obama was fulfilling MLK’s dream.


This article talks about how Barack Obama is associating himself with the Clintons. Thomas Frank sees his association as negative as he sees the Clinton Presidency as an unsuccessful era in America’s history. However, Frank respects most of Obama’s actual policy propositions. He just does not admire the man’s body language. Obama’s agenda is currently going unquestioned by even critics such as Frank. His proposed stimulus package is predicted to create more jobs by pumping money back into the economy.  He is being looked upon as the Franklin Roosevelt following up after Herbet Hoover (George Bush).  Though his critics are talking about his shallow interior behind his eloquent speeches, there is no evidence that he will not live up to his hype. As always, only time will tell.

I believe he deserves his chance to prove he can fulfill his promises. Let’s hope he can steer the country out of the recession and Iraq and make his voters proud.