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haunting-of-molly-hatchetThe Haunting of Molly Hatchet was a Halloween movie that I saw over the weekend.  Not going to lie, it was probably the most confusing movie that I have ever seen in my life.  You never knew what was going on.  From the beginning of the movie to the end.  It starts off as a fast pace movie then it gets slower and slower.  Then at the end it picks up again.  It is really confusing in the middle too.  Everyone is trying to kill one girl, but the twist is, is that the girl doesn’t know why everyone is trying to kill her.  I would recommend this movie to people who like movies that are challenging to understand.  But for kids like me who want to see something that is easy to understand and has some action in it, then don’t go see this movie.  It will bore you for an hour and forty-five minutes.


The first BCS rankings came out recently and with that the members of the media could not resist to also make Heisman Trophy rankings while we are still in the season. To no ones surprise Colt McCoy of Texas leads the way. He has had an absolutely amazing year. He has lead the Longhorns to big victories over the Oklahoma Sooners and Missouri. Two other Big 12 QB’s, Grahman Harrell and Sam Bradford, round out the top three. Last year’s Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow comes in fourth and Knowshon Moreno from Georgia comes in at fifth. Without a doubt Colt McCoy has the Heisman locked up if he can keep winning but with the year that Grahman Harrell is having the race seems a lot closer than it is. You can never count out a quarterback from Oklahoma and Tim Tebow can turn it on whenever he wants.

Today was one of the market’s best days in the last two weeks.  The Dow Jones jumped almost 900 points today for the second largest single point gain in a day in history.  This sent the market back up a little over 9,000.  However this does not make investors feel safe and reassured.  Investors have been down this road before where the market jumps and soars high for a day or two only to see it crash and get crushed a few days later.  Investors will wait until Wednesday morning to see if the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates and this is part of the reason why the market soared today.  They are expected to cut the interest rates by half a point or by a quarter of a point bringing the rate down to 1 or 1.25.  Investors are doing everything they can to prevent a long economic recession.  The White House and its officials are urging banks to lend out money and to stop holding onto it because it is doing them no good just sitting there.  Investors can only wait and see what the future holds for the economy.

The much anticipated beginning of the NBA season has finally arrived. Tonight on TNT the defending champs, the Boston Celtics took on the Cavaliers of Cleveland and the best player in the league, Lebron James, in the marquee match-up. The season consists of 82 exciting games along with a four round playoff set up. This week the early season power rankings came out, and without any surprise the Celtics were number one followed by last years runner-up, LA Lakers. Chris Paul’s Hornets came in at three while Lebron’s Cavs bring in the fourth spot. For the five and six spots we look in Texas. The San Antonio Spurs come in at fifth while T-Mac and Yao’s Rockets are sixth. The Pistons are seventh while the lack luster Sixers of the past seem to have vanished because they come in at eightieth. The Jazz and Mavericks come in at nine and ten. What ever the series this season I know that this season is up in the air for anyone to grab.

The FBI uncovered a plot where two neo-nazi skinheads were planning to kill 88 African Americans with Barrack Obama as their final target.  The men would have went on a killing spree singling out predominantly black neighborhoods and schools.  Along with killing 88 African Americans they planned on beheading 14 of them.  The numbers 88 and 14 have a big significance in the white power movement.  The 88 is shorthand for “ Heil Hitler” because H is the eight letter in the alphabet.  The 14 stands for a 14 word saying among White Supremacists,  “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”   When FBI officials entered the home of the men they found numerous rifles and a home gun store.  The men planned on driving their vehicles as fast as they could toward Senator Obama while shooting at him out the window.

Last year the Portland Trail Blazers thought they made a really good draft pick when they drafted Greg Oden. Then during one of the preseason games Greg Oden had to be taken out of a game and it was known that this became a season ending knee injury. Which killed most of the hope that the Trail Blazers were going to make the playoffs.  So when it came to this year everyone thought that the Trail Blazers were going to make the playoffs with Brandon Roy and Greg Oden. They had a good preseason with no injuries. Then in the first game of his NBA career he suffered a sprain in his right foot which could take him out for a little bit. Hopefully this injury does not last a long time if you are a Trail Blazer fan. Greg Oden will become a very good center and will lead the Trail Blazers to the promised land.

The Cleveland Cavaliers opening game is on October 30th against the Charlotte Bobcats. The game is hosted in Cleveland. The players are ready to start a fresh new season. Fans will be celebrating before the game from 4:30 to 7 at the Ohio Fan Fest in Gateway Plaza.  The FS Ohio pregame show will also be going on as they present Cavaliers live just before the game tips off. The Cavaliers will be giving away two prizes to every fan at the game, a magnetic calendar and a Cavs rally towel. Also, the fans will be able to participate in many activities within the arena, as their will be a Halloween theme going on inside the arena for people of all ages.  This will be a game you won’t want to miss if your in the Cleveland area. I’m sure the crowd will be going crazy, their are lots of activities going on, and best of all Lebron James will be putting on a show.