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The World Cup 2010 is going thorough a very big build up right now.  All over the world there is a certain excitement in the air due to one of the biggest sporting events in the world.  As many people probably know right now, Group C is home to England, USA, Algeria, and Slovenia.  For their first match, England will be playing USA.  Many people are excited about the two teams coming head to head.  It has been years since they have played each other in a world cup and I am sure it will be exciting as predicted.  (Even though England will win.)  I am from England and I found it really interesting how the two countries I lived in play each other.  Lots of people have been telling me that the US will win, but I beg to differ.  I guess we will have to see who wins but I think that England will take it.


Portugal National Team Best 11

On November,9,2009 Cristiano Ronaldo said that he is really sad that he can’t help his country. Ronaldo said “I want to cry right now because I can’t help them. World Cup qualification is very important and we never know who is going to make it to the World Cup qualification.” Cristiano Ronaldo also said that  he thinks that the Portugal team is going to make it to the World Cup 2010 without him because it is a great team with a lot of experience and has an outstanding coach. Portugal is playing November 15 and 17. Cristiano Ronaldo can’t play the match because he got injured from French defender. If Portugal looses this match they are not going to qualify for 2010 World Cup in South Africa. However, Portugal national team thinks they can make it to the World Cup. Cristiano is going to watch the Portugal team in the stadium. He will cheer for them and give advice to them. Since Ronaldo is not playing, Luis Nani is probably going to take his spot, Siamo who plays for Athletico Madrid could possibly play for him too. We hope Cristiano Ronaldo will recover and  be back soon.

The Soccer World Cup is coming to South Africa in 2010. It is the biggest sporting event of all time, bigger than the Olympics, the NFL Superbowl or any other tournament. The Superbowl gets up to 100 million viewers, wheras FIFA (the International Football Federation) stated that the Soccer World Cup gets around 1 billion viewers worldwide. It is an epic event, and for the very first time, it is being held in Africa. Not only Africa, but South Africa, my hometown.

There have been rumours that the country won’ t be ready in time and that they will fail to match the standards set by some of the previous host nations, such as Germany in 2006, which attracted 8 million visitors during the month of the World Cup. People say the stadiums won’t be done in time, that the public transport will be a problem and that the crime will over shadow the event. If you ask me, yes it is a big task for a third world country, but an achievable one. In fact, I predict them to go one further, and not only get the job done but end up hosting one of the most memorable World Cups in recent history.

I was lucky enough to get the chance to tour one of the semi-final stadiums in Cape Town, which is where I live. They showed us a presentation of the preperation and building of the stadiums, it was amazing. The quality of the stadiums is absolutely world class. They are very sophisticated and modern. I trully think they are some of the nicest and fanciest sporting locations in the world. 

Cape Town Stadium

Cape Town Stadium

 South Africa is already a tourism capital because of it’s scenic beauty, value for money and diverse culture, languages and tradition. I think the World Cup in 2010 will be one of a kind, and a great success. With the world not expecting much, I am positive they will be blown away.

Johannesburg Stadium

Johannesburg Stadium

Durban Stadium

Durban Stadium


With less than one year left for the FIFA World Cup at South Africa, the National teams for around the world are now fighting for a spot in what is going to be the first soccer World Cup held in Africa, after 18 editions of the tournament. This weekend, 21 matches have been played, with some important results like the following: Brasil 3-1 Argentina, which leaves the blue and white team in a bad position in his group; Costa Rica 0-3 Mexico, fourth consecutive win for Aguirre’s team, after an awful start with 3 lost matches in a row; Denmark 1-1 Portugal, Cristiano Ronaldo’s team now has very little chances of qualifying; Spain 5-0 Belgium, a victory that consolidates them in the first place of their group. The 14th of October the last matches will be played and, up to to today, only 6 teams + the host nation are qualified: Brasil, Netherlands, Australia, Japan, North and South Korea, and South Africa. The next 3 dates are going to decide who will take part of the biggest soccer spectacle in the World.