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The new KFC Double Down, a sandwich that has chicken cutlets replaced for the bread, looks better then it tastes.  In commercials, it looks quite interesting.  The two chicken breasts in place for the bread, and then lettuce, tomatoes, and other condiments that go on any other sandwich.  The cost is reasonable, at a solid five dollars and fifty cents, but apparently is still not worth it.  People say the chicken is dry, and it falls apart way too easily.  If I’m going to go to KFC in the future, I will probably try the new double down just because I never had before.  Mine will most likely be asked for with bacon and provolone cheese on it, maybe it will taste better that way.  In conclusion, KFC says that they have lost money with this double down, and hope to get all of the hype back by bettering their recipe.


I was reading an article about some facts of the 1500’s and I thought it would be nice to share.  Most people in the 1500’s got married in June because most people took their yearly bath’s in May, and they still smelled pretty good by June. There was nothing to stop things from falling into the house, such as bugs and droppings, which was a real problem in the bedroom, and you never

Life in the 1500's

had a clean bed. Most people back then did not have meat to eat at night and mostly had vegetables.  However, when the man could bring home meat, which was a big deal back then, he would hang it up outside his house as a sign of prosperity, and then would only rip it off piece by piece so it lasted a while.  The amount of bread you received was chosen by the your economic status in society. Next time I’m feeling under privileged I will try and think about if I lived in the 1500’s.

After beating the Miami Heat in 5 games, only losing one game on the road, the Celtics are pretty confident. They are, however going against a tough opponent.  The Cleveland Cavaliers are a stacked team lead by NBA superstar Lebron James, and are provided some inside game by none other than Shaquille O’Neal. However, Lebron is suffering from an elbow injury which should slow down his outside game and allow the Celtics defenders to back off.  The Celtics are still considered the “underdog.” But, for this


Celtics team they are extremely excited about having that title, and thrive off of that to help them compete and win games.  This year’s team if full of league veterans who know how to take outside energy, and use it to help them be motivated, which in turn, helps them win games. The first game is this Saturday at Cleveland, game 1 is a very important game to set the tone and mood for this series. With, the Celtics being on the road, they are looking to take at least 1 of these two games so that if they take care of business at home, they should be able to take the series.

Jaroslav Halak

For the first time in NHL history, a number eight seed has defeated a number one seed.  But that’s not all.  For the first time in NHL history, a number eight seed has defeated a number one seed, while trailing three games to one in the series.  Jaroslav Halak denied every shot that the Caps tried to take, and did a brilliant job at it.  Halak was unstoppable.  What makes the situation even worse, is that the Caps have Alex Ovechkin.  Not only did Halak silence the Caps while they were in the lead, but he silenced many a time MVP, Alex Ovechkin.  Halak played extremely well in the Olympics, and showed his consistency while ousting the Caps.  This is the third season in a row where the Caps have lost on home ice in a game seven playoff round.  There is always next year Caps and Ovechkin, keep your head high because you make millions of dollars.  At least you’re not as bad as the Nationals.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone

In a recent episode, titled “201”, South Park really pushed the boundaries of respect by doing just the following.  In previous episodes, they flirted with showing a picture of Muhammad, the God/Prophet of the Muslims.  Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of the show, never ended up showing a depiction of Muhammad.  After these episodes, radical Muslim groups threatened Stone and Parker with violence and death if a picture of Muhammad was ever to be shown on South Park.  In “201” they show Muhammad in a bear costume and one hears his voice.  However, they still did not show a picture of him.  After “201” was aired, the radicals posted a threat on their blog saying that they would carry out with what they promised to do.  But could Comedy Central be the one to blame?  They were the ones who decided to air the episode in the first place.  Stone and Parker do decide what goes on the show, but they don’t have say in what gets aired and what doesn’t.

Rumors have spread about an iPhone coming to Verizon Wireless ever since Apple released the iPhone to AT&T.  People have always made such a big deal out of these rumors, but in the end, their dreams do not come true.  But a recent rumor has people on the edge of their seat about a new iPhone that could come out this June.  Apple is reporting that they will have the iPhone 4G ready this summer, with a CDMA chip also available making it possible for iPhones to be used on Verizon’s 4G network.  I know that if apple were to expand the contract from AT&T to Verizon too, I would instantly pick up an iPhone.  With AT&T’s customers using only iPhones at this point in time, if Verizon were to adopt it too, I think believe that soon enough the only phones that will ever be used again will be iPhones.  Sorry Blackberry lovers.

From left to right: Clegg, Cameron, and Brown

Tonight in England was the final PM debate.  The three main party leaders in the UK went head to head for the last time before the election on Thursday (a week from today).  David Cameron (Tory leader), Gordon Brown (Labour leader), and Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrat leader) all battled it out over the questions asked by people from all over England.  There were an assortment of questions that covered many topics including the economy, immigration, education, and taxes.  These televised debates can prove crucial to the parties as they may swing some voters so close to the election.  It was especially important for Gordon Brown and the Labour party due to the big mistake of Gordon Brown yesterday.  From recent polls, the Labour party are currently the least favorite with the Tories in first place.  Since the first debate on the T.V (there have been 3) Labour have dropped 4% and the Tories have gained 5%.  It will be interesting to see who comes out on top next Thursday.


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