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No matter what FC Barcelona does, how well they play, how many goals they score, Real Madrid is not quitting in their race for the spanish championships. Yesterday, Sunday 2nd of May, Osasuna FC was a tough opponent for Manuel Pellegrini’s team. They scored first in minute 6 after a terrible mistake by the defender from Real Madrid, Raul Albiol and when Cristiano Ronaldo scored to tie the game they didn’t stop going for it and scored again to put the 2-1 on the scoreboard. But Real Madrid’s well-known fight and perseverance were a huge factor in the second half, and with goals of Marcelo and Ronaldo again (minute 88), they achieved their twenty-ninth victory of the season. Still one point behind Barcelona, but if they keep fighting like this they may put pressure on Guardiola’s team and make them make a mistake that will make Real Madrid champion.

Benzema fights for the control of the ball


From a pink tassel on a leotard to Shaun Wight ripping it up on the half pipe, the 2010 games has been eventful. The weather has been up and down for the skiers, the men ice skaters having the most ridiculous outfits, all has added up to the winter games in Canada. The U.S. having fourteen medals, five  being gold coming up in lead. Following behind the U.S. is Germany with ten medals. Some of those medals being in half pipe snowboarding. Shaun White already winning the gold in his first run and then going for his second run. Landing an one of a kind jump that no one has ever done, just seals his second gold medal. The saddest part of the games, is knowing how much those athletes have trained and devoted to the sport. Then seeing them fall or wipe out on the last stretch. On the other hand, to see someone’s devotion pay off with a gold is priceless.

Different Sports

Many different sports

Everyday we see people playing their sports.  Some people are playing amazing, and some people aren’t on the top of their game.  I know for a fact, that it is impossible to perform at your best every day at our sports.  The question is why?  Sports are so mentally challenging.  They require a lot of focus on each and every point, play, or shot.  To be good at a sport, it is really important to be mentally strong.  Not only do you have to be able to cope with a variety of situations, you have to be able to stay calm and composed throughout them.  Most sports require a lot of physical fitness.  Many athletes put themselves through hours and hours of training, to be able to compete with some of the top players.  It takes a very special kind of person to be a champion, that is why there are so few in the world.  They have to be dedicated, athletic, and mentally strong all in one!


Struggling to find a happy medium

I have spent the last year living in England and now I am in Florida. I have never experienced anything more opposite! England was icy cold, and the crisp air would make my fingertips, toes, ears and nose ache with pain. When I had to train in a shirt and shorts in the snow, I thought it was absolute madness. Never in my life had I experienced such drastic weather conditions, apart from the odd skiing holiday. But when you live in the climate and you play sport outdoors everyday, it is very different to a happy holiday. It takes a lot to motivate yourself in the freezing weather. At times, it made me miserable and affected my playing performance.

Now I’m living in Florida and I was so excited to finally be in a warm climate, but Florida is on the complete other side of the scale. The humidity and heat is also madness when you have to run non-stop in the middle of the afternoon under the scorching sun. I have found it just as hard to play here on the really boiling days as I found playing in the cold English weather. It is the total opposite, and both extremes make it difficult to train.

The ideal climate would be somewhere in between, without the Florida humidity, but also warm enough that the winter is managable.


Posted on: October 7, 2009



Everyday we are put down – by coaches, peers, or physically in your sport.  The natural thing is pick yourself up and get stronger. We all do it every day, day in day out.  Coaches yell, we do better. It’s a constant cycle down then put yourself up then something knocks you down.  If we can do this on the field, what stops us from doing this off the field?  I see it daily, friends burn someone or a breakup.  Puts you down, but in life we stop from picking ourselves up.  What stops us from bringing our sport mentality into our social life, too much sport in one day? Someone recently told me you are two people on the playing field and off, what stays on the fields stays there.  So what is better, the person on the field or off?  What can really be trusted, the person on the field or off?   Daily we are put down, we react differently on the field then off.




The Commonwealth Games, also known as ‘the Friendly Games’ will take place in Glasgow, Scotland, in the summer of 2014. 71 nations voted in Sri Lanka in November 2004 and Glasgow won the bid to host the prestigious games. There was much celebration throughout the city and plans were quickly put in place to build and upgrade suitable venues in clusters to ensure all parts of the city can share the experience. The world-class facilities will be left as a legacy for future use by the community. It will be the largest multi-sport event ever held in Scotland with 17 sports featured. The logo for the Games was first used during Glasgow’s bid showing two sprinters woven into a tartan motif, representing Scotland.

Glasgow is a modern and cosmopolitan city also known as ‘The Dear Green Place’. It is well known for its vibrant lifestyle, dry humor and undistinguishable accent of its people. Formerly it was the ship building capital of the world and the architecture around the city reflects the richness that was once there.

bobteague2On October 2nd – 4th the world’s fastest offshore powerboats will be in Clearwater, FL racing in the first annual Clearwater Super Boat National Championships. The boats will be hitting between 100mph – 200mph and are some of the fastest and most expensive in the world. The races will be broadcasted on the CBS Sports Spectacular Television Series beginning in the fall of 2009. Producer John Potts, of American Powerboat Television stated last week, “This is the kind of extreme action that elevates recognition of the sport of offshore racing and builds audience base. Covering the close battles between these two boats at 200+ mph will make for GREAT television.” There will be up to 60 boats racing in the event and 3 of them are 50 foot catamarans that are full race applications with twin 2000hp turbine engines that push the boats upwards of 200mph. The event organizers are expecting 30,000 spectators along Clearwater beach.


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