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I’m sure you have heard about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  Well if you haven’t heres a brief summery of what happened, a fire occurred and the oil rig exploded which cause the pipe underneath the rig to leak 5,000 feat below.  The oil has gained ground since then, no one could imagine that it might actually reach us. On the contrary, the oil has gained more ground than expected, turtles have died an showed up on shore with no positive signs towards the businesses on Anna Maria Island.  The reason the oil has gained so much ground was because of the Atlantic ocean current, the oil drifted enough in reach of the current bringing it towards Bradenton.  Many people will be affected by this if it does happen, if it does there will be no fishing, terrible stench along the shore, and devastating business owners on the beach.  We all should pray that this oil does not reach land.


At 11 every teenager at home!

A new rule about to come into law is going to change drastically the nights of the city of Miami. This rule, which has existed since 1994 but hasn’t been used, will not allow people under the age of 17 to walk on the streets alone after 11 PM (12 PM on Fridays and Saturdays). The only exceptions to this rule will be that the minor is accompanied by a person age 21 or older, or if he or she can justify not being at home, for reasons like sport or work. Some people have found this law racist, because they think it affects mostly black people, who are the ones that stay in the streets until later at night, they claim.
In my opinion this law is a little exaggerated, but it will probably reduce crime and make the children safer.

Owners of beachfront property near the city of Destin, FL are taking the State of Florida to court.  The trouble started back in 2003 when the state government decided that the region’s beaches were reaching critical levels of erosion due to the numerous tropical storms that had passed through.  The plan was to dump tons of new sand onto the beaches to prevent the waterfront property from being endangered.  This new stretch of land that now borders the ocean and the waterfront homes was also to be considered public property as the lots upon which the buildings are built could not also expand.  Local owners are upset because they believe that this violated their property rights and vastly depreciated the value of their homes with no compensation.  Now, the exact meaning of currently ambiguous “waterfront property” must be ascertained by the Supreme Court.  Whatever the outcome, the case is sure to be no day at the beach.

texting while driving

Don't drive and text

 A new study found that the Bradenton and Sarasota area is among the state’s most dangerous places for people to walk. Florida is currently ranked the most dangerous place for pedestrians in the nation. Studies suggest there are three main reasons for this. One, there are high amount of tourists in the state who are unfamiliar with the roads. Two, the poor street lighting, as a majority of these accidents happen at night. Three, a great percentage of the population are elderly. In my opinion they have completely avoided the most important cause of danger, which is the use of mobile phones while driving. In practically every other country and even in most US states the use of mobile phones while driving is illegal. In Utah, if you were to crash while texting, the punishment could be extremely severe—up to 15 years in prison. It’s a harsh law but we can’t deny that texting while driving is incredibly dangerous.

Tampa Whales

The Whale was Killed When Hit By a Ship

There was a whale floating in Tampa Bay.  None of us know why the whale was even in Tampa Bay.  Until later investigators found this whale dead in the water.  This is unusual for Tampa having a huge mammal being exposd to the open public.  This whale was found near a shipping channel off Davis Islands and Port Sutton.  Also it measured to fifty feet in length.  This whale was a Bryd’s whale.  Now some of the officials tell us that a ship may have struck the whale, and causing the whale to die in the water off  Tampa.  They later had to tow the dead carcas off to Fort Desoto so that they can have an necropsy.   These whales have been known to cause damage to large ships, and possibly follow along the ships wake.  Biologists determine the whale was a full grown lactating female.  This species isn’t listed as endangered, because scientists don’t know much about them.
















Although the Python is not native to Florida, there have been many sightings of them throughout Florida, and they are causing quite a problem.  These pythons are said to be endangering peoples lives and causing destruction wherever they may be. Just a few weeks ago, toddler Shaiunna Hare was strangled and killed by a 8 foot python.  Shaiunna Hare was only 2 years old when this tragedy happened, and it has caused quite a ruckus throughout the Everglades. Pythons are Native to Africa and South-East Asia and have no potential predators in the Everglades region. Florida is starting to license people to be able to kill pythons. The state has allowed for up to 100,000 pythons to be hunted and killed.  Pythons which can grow up to nearly 35 feet and length and can eat animals as big as a deer – scaring many people in Florida.  Sentator Bill Nelson said “It’s just a matter of time before one of these snakes gets to a visitor in the Florida Everglades.”  A few years back it was even recorded that a python had eaten an alligator whole before dying several days later.  Many people believe that this python problem might have stemmed from when Hurricane Andrew hit destroying many pet shops and allowing the pythons to get loose.  It is not known for sure how all these pythons got here but one thing is sure is Floridians are not welcoming them with open arms.

mucci_narrowweb__300x464,2Rifqa Bary, 17 years old from Columbus, Ohio.  She runs away from her family for the changing of the religious. Rifqa is a Muslim teen she hear the church on face book. And she decides to change the religious. Few day later her family find her disappear. And they contact with the Columbus policeman. Finally two week later they find her through the cell phone record in Florida. She is staying in a church in Florida. The young girl tells the people that his father threatens her about the change of the religious. Her father tells her “If you have this Jesus in your heart, you are dead to me!” The girl also say her father added, “I will kill you!” so the girl afraid to return to her home. But the father says he didn’t say that at all. But the court will be on case in schedule in Thursday in Florida. This is still a problem through out the world. The freedom of the religious.