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Penguins Crosby Hockey

Sydney Crosby just broke Jaromir Jagr’s record for most fan votes into the NHL all-star game. With two weeks still left until the all-star game Crosby already received over 1,020, 327 mark which was set as most votes ever by Jagr in 2000 when he was a Pittsburgh Penguin. This is a notable feat that Crosby has accomplished, especially at such a young age, and with days still left before total votes come in, you can bet that the number will be a fair amount higher then Jagr’s. Also Crosby’s team mate Malkin was only 19,000 votes behind Jagr’s record with two weeks still left before the all star game. So there is a possibility that not one, but two players will surpass Jagr’s mark, and coincidentally are on the same hockey team. There seems to be a trend going on with the Pittsburgh Penguin players, they must really have a nack for picking fan favorites.



With a win over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday the Titans clinched the No.1 seed and have the best record in the NFL. The Titans were in control of this game for most of the time, and were only the second team to have over 300 yards on offense against the Steelers. The Titans coach Jeff Fisher said that this was the biggest win of the season. After a disappointing loss to the Houston Texans in last weeks game ,the Titans felt that it was very important that they win against the Steelers to gain momentum into the playoffs. It helps that with this win the Titans receive home field advantage in both playoff games leading up to the Super Bowl, if they reach that far. All in all this was a big win for the Titans and a disappointing loss for the Steelers. The Steelers didn’t seem to take care of the ball well in this game, which resulted in the loss, but I’m sure that Steelers coach Mike Tomlin will get his team prepared for their first game in the playoffs.


This week in Current Events class we watched the movie Syriana. It is a movie that was directed by Stephen Gaghan. It was released to the theaters on December 9th in 2005. The movie won an Oscar and also had 16 nominations. Some of which were, Best Performance by an actor (twice), Best Writing, Feature Film,  Outstanding Performance by an actor, Best Supporting Actor, Best Ensemble Cast, Best Acting Ensemble, Best Feature Film Casting Best Motion Picture, Best Drama, Best Screen Play, Best American Film, Outstanding Performance and Best Adapted Screenplay among others. Of all of these nominations the movie actually received 5 awards. The movie is one that goes in several different directions throughout the course of the plot. At first it begins with a Man named Bob. You really don’t find out much about him, other than that he lost a missile and desperately needs to get it back. Later in the story China gets an oil contract and the United States loses it. The U.S. government suspects foul play and investigates. After this the CIA plans to kill one of the Saudi Sheiks. The movie got an unprecedented amount of awards and it did extraordinarily well with the critics, only receiving good reviews. In total it wound up making over 93 million dollars. Not only did it do well in the United States, but it also did overseas. In spite of the movies success I personally did not like it. I found the plot hard to follow, and thought that it went in too many different directions. If you do not pay attention to every detail then it is quite possible you will not understand what happens later in the film.

President Bush was in Iraq, signing an agreement during a press conference, when an Iraqi reporter threw both of his shoes at the president.  Secret service rushed to take the man down. His family was interviewed and said the man had hatred towards Bush because of all the lost lives of Iraqis.  Muntadhar al-Zeidi, a 28-year-old Shiite,  is the man who attempted to hit the president.  Bush claims it to be just another man trying to get on television.  In the Muslim world, it is the worst possible dishonor to a person to throw shoes or expose the bottom of your feet to a person.  This man will serve plenty of time in jail depending on what the Iraqi government will do to make these matters handled. His family stated “He hates the American physical occupation as much as he hates the Iranian moral occupation,” Dhirgham said, alluding to the influence of pro-Iranian Shiite clerics in political and social life. “As for Iran, he considers the regime to be the other side of the American coin.”


This past winter meetings have been a big deal in New York. Especially for the Yankees who have spents loads of money and made alot of smart decisions to make them look like the Yankees of old. They traded for big bat by getting Nick Swisher from the White Sox. That was only the start. Remember CC Sabathia?  Well he was the top name in the free agent pool and the Yanks pulled off the deal signing the ace for seven years to a huge deal. If you thought they were done well… they weren’t. Two days later, they reached an agreement with right handed ace from Toronto, A.J. Burnett. This is history in the making and only the Yankees can make it this enjoyable to be a part of now they have two top starting pitchers plus an outfielder in Swisher. It seems still, however, that they are not satisfied. They have entered the race for Mark Texiera and are willing to trade Melky Cabrera  for veteran Gold Glover Mike Cameron.  Could this be the turning point to getting the yankees back on track?

sneak-outI am so incredibly fed up with the sign out policy at IMG.  I understand that they just want to keep us safe and, usually, I try to be patient.  However, I just cannot comprehend why we have to sign out to take 5 steps over to the villas.  Right now I am staying with some family friends who own a villa.   But to my dorm mentor, getting the proper permission from my mother + the family + Gary + following the proper steps to sign out = a life or death situation.  It would be one thing if she had just said “oh all right sweetie your mom just has to give us a call,” but that was not the case.  I got a fifteen minute lecture about how I would get zeros and how serious of a situation this was.  After that,  I walked over there with my overnight bag and everything (without signing out) then came back went to class and signed out later.  And guess what…I’m still alive.  I wasn’t kidnapped on the way to the villas.  I didn’t run away and get on a plane to the Bronx and join a gang and do hard core drugs.

On the delightfully retro super site that is, there is a section called “Best of”. This is a section devoted to the posts that the CL community deems worthy of the title  “best of”. Things that get put in to the “best of” are all different types of messages. Since most people know CL as a place to meet people or to sell/buy things, they would be surprised at the things that make it in to the “best of” most of the time. Some of the most popular “best of” posts have been rants about dating, missed connections, bizarre (but real) personal ads, witty personal ads, and bizarre/hilarious classified ads. This section of also has its own RSS Feed so you can subscribe to the hilarity. The next time you’re bored, you should check it out here and read about a weird personal exchange between two strangers. That probably involves something hilaiously weird.


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