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Goodbye High School

Today was the last day of high school for all the seniors of the Pendleton School. To be honest, I have longed for this day for almost 4 years now but much to my surprise, I feel sad that it is all coming to an end. All the friends I have made in the past 3 years are going to leave and we may never see each other again. Looking back at every footstep I have taken, every accomplishment I have achieved, I want to thank my friends, the faculties of Pendleton and the staffs of IMG, who all supported me on a daily basis. I was always one of those people who disliked IMG and Pendleton and expressed my longing to get out of this ‘prison’ but I guess I am becoming one of those people who will miss every little thing that annoyed them during the years they have been here. Not only will I miss my friends, I will miss ‘The Pendleton Dress Code’, the broken printer, the dark classrooms, the repetitive food in the cafeteria, the rude kitchen ladies etc. Who knew saying goodbye to Pendleton and IMG was so hard? Soon, everybody will go their separate ways and start a new chapter in their lives but I am sure that everyone will miss the environment of this academy.


IMG Baseball

A post-grad baseball player has the ideal life; a life that anyone would ask for. They wake up every morning around 11am, head down to the cafeteria to get lunch and make their way out to the field around 1.30pm for practice. Their day concludes with an evening lifting session or for many, University of Miami classes. This is an exciting time for many post-grads as they begin to make their college decisions and take the next step forward in their future. All the post-grads I have spoken to believe they have greatly developed their skills as a ballplayer at IMG but are anxiously waiting to move on to their next challenge in life. This year we had a very talented post-grad class compared to years past. Heading the list include players such as; Mac Gardon, Carlos Mateos, Joe Sullivan, Matt Turton, Angel Garcia and the well-known Connor McCarthy. Mac Gardon is originally from Wisconsin and will attend Xavier University. Mateos will be attending Lynn, which is only a few hours from Bradenton. Joe Sullivan will be staying at home in Philadelphia attending LaSalle College. Matt Turton, originally from Arizona, will stay out west and attend Seattle University. Angel Garcia on the other hand, will stay in Florida and attend Nova Southeastern. Connor McCarthy is the most talented out of all the post-grads as he has been here at IMG for nearly three years now. McCarthy is still undecided about were he will be playing next year but many people here at IMG feel it will only be a matter of time before he hears his name called on draft day. McCarthy is 6’3 200 pounds and has grown to become the ballplayer so many scouts and coaches love. It has been a long year for many of these post-grads but their hard work has finally paid off and the next step on the journey is about to begin.

It’s here, warm weather! With warm weather, comes diki season and tanning. For guys of course it’s the beach and hitting up the lobster red. On monday, no one could move. It hurt to much too, with the sun burn. But of course, the first beach weekend is always bad. It’s the biggest tease, “Yea lets go to the beach, O wait you have school on Monday. It’s not Spring Break yet!” But of course, all the lobster students are counting down the days to free fun in the sun days. Many of us trying to make plans so we aren’t suck at IMG. Trying to go home or hit up the Islands. Whatever it takes to not eat cafeteria food or play more sport. Warm weather has all brought us to a happy red lobster state. Getting us excited for Spring Break,and a long break from the daily routine.

Never in my life have I had my hair shaved shorter than a number 4, and even that was when I was only 8 years old. So to be walking around with a head shaved at a number 1, is very strange for me. It took me a long time to decide if I should even cut my hair, then it took even more from me to make the decision to shave it a number 7. I would never have made it shorter than a number 7, at least not by choice. What happened was that my friend, who was doing it for me, accidently shaved a bald chunk out of my head. So i was left with no choice but to shave the rest of it. And now I regretfully have a near bald head.

Xbox-360-Elite-2I have one friend who is really upset with Xbox, I’m not going to tell you his name. I have a roommate who loves Xbox he can play it all day. I’m going to tell you about his daily routine. He wakes up at around 8 am in the morning and goes to school. After he comes back at around 11:30, he plays Xbox till 1:00. He then goes to play tennis and he comebacks at around 4:30. He then plays Xbox till 10:00 non stop. I think it’s really a waste of time to come IMG if he just plays Xbox all day. So I think Xbox is really bad for people, unless it is in moderation. Sometimes it’s nice to play a little bit, but not 6 hours a day. My roommate is a great kid, but he needs to control his self. So I think Xbox is not good for people who come to play sports and study. Also Xbox is not good for your eyes and makes you have some pains. So In my opinion people who have Xbox in IMG needs to control their self. I hope that my article is not offensive.

Does anybody find IMG so much better this year?  I do. I think that everything is just so much better than last year.  For those of you that are new, I will tell you how bad it was last year.


Let’s put the food issue in the cafeteria aside for a moment because honestly, in my opinion, the food will never ever improve. The shuttles running from APV or Champions Walk to campus was disastrous, shuttles came every 20 minutes or so. We get yelled at for not having an ID around our necks, and no one is allowed to get into the cafeteria without an ID.  What’s worse is the zero system basically, if you get 6 or more zeros, you will not be able to go on any trips and also have to do detention every night for an hour. Staffs gave a zero to anyone who has their bed unmade, drawer not closed, lights not switched off, socks left out on the floor and up to 3 zeros if electronics are left out. See how easy it is to get 6 zeros a week now?

Now, we do not get yelled at for not having IDs on our necks, we sign up for trips online, girls get to live in APV without paying for a ridiculous amount of money and the shuttles are so much better now, with the IMG tram and the shuttles coming one after another. The best thing is that we have so much more freedom now. I used to have to deal with mentors coming into my room every 2 hours checking on me and giving zeros whenever they feel like. Enjoy and appreciate the changes because it might not be long until they change it back again.

when you leave your house to go to live on your on rather it be to an apartment,  dorm room or  town home. You will always have a story about your roommates. Here is the situation you are leaving for college or a boarding school and face it you are excited about who your roommates are. Yet at the same time in the back of your head you hope that you have a good roommate. There are many different type of roommates that you can get put with. You may have your quite and all to themselves roommate. Luck of the draw you can have a roommate that acts like you do and loves doing the same things. You may also get the short end of the stick and get a roommate that is not clean and just a pain in your butt! We all never want that type of roommate, but that roommate puts you in perfect position for what people call a reality check. Not everyone that you cross paths with in this world are going to be some one that you enjoy as a person. The roommate situation gives you the chance to matures and learn how to handle situations on your own and adapt to an enviroment as well as get past obstacules . Either way that your luck may take you will give you the reality check of a roommate so be prepared.