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Italian police have arrested seven suspected Iranian and Italian weapons smugglers.  The crackdown occurred overnight in several different cities at once.  Among the detained is a Iranian journalist who is believed be an intelligence gathering officer of Iran.  The weapons traffickers were thought be members of the Iranian secret service, smuggling guns and explosives from Italy to Iran through another third country.  Found in the contraband was a high number of tracer rounds, explosives from Eastern Europe, tools and ingredients for making incendiary bombs, and German made scopes and military jackets.  Those that made the bust are working in close conjunction with anti terrorist groups in Great Britain, Romania, and Switzerland.  Iran is subject to an international arms embargo, and any acquisition of foreign weapons is considered of violation of law by the United Nations.  The bust puts another nail in the coffin of Iran’s diplomatic efforts to assuage its nuclear sanctions.


The Spanish Police Department arrested this morning Paolo di Mauro, who is considered by the Italian Government the third most wanted fugitive of the country. According to the Police, Di Mauro is the regent of the clan Contini of the Camorra, the most cruel mafia, responsible for most of the drug-dealing in Italy. He had been condemned to 17 years and 10 months of prison. He was in search and seizure since 2003 for homicide and other mafia-related crimes, and in 2007 the arrest warrant became international.
Di Mauro, 58 years old, was arrested altogether with another leader of the clan, Luigi Mocerino. The arrest was made at around 2:30 PM in a small neighborhood in Barcelona, Spain, after the two came out from a meeting with a lawyer.
According to the policemen that perpetrated the arrest, the criminals lived in Barcelona and at first showed fake IDs, but surrendered when the officers recognized them.
According to the investigators, both managed to introduce in Spain large quantities of drugs from the coast of Morocco.

Paolo Di Mauro

brain-surgery59-year old Claudio Vitale was performing brain surgery when he felt heavy pressure on his chest. He still went on with removing a brain tumor from his patient. The Italian doctor didn’t listen to his colleagues when they told him to immediatelly stop the surgery. Vitale agreed on a small blood sample test which proved he needed immediate help. Half an hour after he completed the surgery he had to undergo a surgery himself. His coronary arteries didn’t pump enough blood to his heart to function right.“I couldn’t let my patient die at such a crucial moment” Vilate said to the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica”. “I’m not a hero, I just did my duty” so said the brain surgeant in Napels. Claudio Vitale works at the Cardarelli Hospital. Both the doctor and the patient are recovering from their injuries. They are almost back to work.

PoliziaPrato-lite scoppiata tra giovani italiani e albanesi per cause ancora sconosciute intorno alle due di notte. Alle due e venti circa, un equipaggio delle volanti, mentre stava transitando vicino al PalaConsiag e` stato contattato da un gruppo di persone che hanno segnalato un’aggressione appena avvenuta. La vittima era una ragazzo albanese di 23 anni, residente a Prato. Secondo la storia della vittima, mentre stava entrando nella struttura sportiva dove era in corso la festa, era stato assalito da alcune persone. Nella colluttazione, il ventitreenne ha riportato ferite al labbro e naso per cui e` stato richiesto dalla centrale operativa della questura, l’intervento dell’ambulanza del 118 che lo ha trasportato in ospedale per le cure. Ma una volta arrivato al pronto soccorso, il ferito ha rifiutato le medicazione e si allontanato dall’ospedale ‘Misericordia e Dolce’.  — Gaia Sanesi


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