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I happen to live with a depressed roommate. She cries almost twice a week even though she seems like a perfectly normal girl who occasionally tells jokes 

and laughs with people. However, after a few nights of being woken up, I see the other side of her. Just last night, she hid in her bed and cried for about 2 hours, using up 1 and a half toilet roll. For the past few weeks, she cried over 10 times and filled up about 10 trashcans of crumpled tissues, maybe this is her way of letting out her misery. Normally if I see people crying, I would try and comfort them but I have never comforted this particular roommate. It is not because I am mean or hardhearted but because the time she chooses to cry tells me to back off and pretend to be asleep. I have noticed that every time she cries, everybody in the dorm is already in bed, so she assumes that no one knows that she is crying. As much as I want to help, I might make the situation worse because she may feel embarrassed or more depressed. Maybe it is just better for me to keep quiet and let her feel better by crying.


when you leave your house to go to live on your on rather it be to an apartment,  dorm room or  town home. You will always have a story about your roommates. Here is the situation you are leaving for college or a boarding school and face it you are excited about who your roommates are. Yet at the same time in the back of your head you hope that you have a good roommate. There are many different type of roommates that you can get put with. You may have your quite and all to themselves roommate. Luck of the draw you can have a roommate that acts like you do and loves doing the same things. You may also get the short end of the stick and get a roommate that is not clean and just a pain in your butt! We all never want that type of roommate, but that roommate puts you in perfect position for what people call a reality check. Not everyone that you cross paths with in this world are going to be some one that you enjoy as a person. The roommate situation gives you the chance to matures and learn how to handle situations on your own and adapt to an enviroment as well as get past obstacules . Either way that your luck may take you will give you the reality check of a roommate so be prepared.

eng_toyLast Monday an amazing new roommate moved in.  Her family is from England and we instantly became best friends.  She’s the prettiest, nicest, sweetest roommate I’ve ever had.  She loves to go for walks, chew my shoes, and watch my favorite TV show with me.  She can get a little high maintenance sometimes, like she doesn’t always make it to the bathroom and she leaves food all over the floor.  She also takes away lots of attention because she’s so cute.  Sometimes if she gets in the way of my homework I lock her in her cage, but I feel terrible doing that. She needs constant attention and love and gives it in return.  Even though my life has changed since she moved in and I have less time to myself,  I wouldn’t trade her for anything!

Recently, I have come to discover there are 3 different kinds of friends. Ones who care and want the best for me.  Ones who don’t really care.  And ones who pretend to care but really just want to seem to be nice. To be honest, I only have a few real friends in my life.   Even at my young age, I have already lost hope in friends due to betrayals, back stabbing and other kind of behavior like that.  I have experienced enough that I don’t want to make an effort to make any new friends anymore because they always come to be a disappointment after getting to know the real side of them. One day when I was in my dorm, I found out that my friend had gotten in trouble.  I was worried but could do nothing that would help.  After a few hours, I found myself in Gary’s office.  It so happens that my “friend” had put the blame on me because she did not want to get in trouble. I did get in trouble.  But on the bright side, I learned that our friendship meant that little to her.


n504152453_1052338_5698This thanksgiving break I had the opportunity to bring my Norwegian roommate to visit my hometown. She really likes to travel and we thought it would be a good idea to go to Mexico City because its kind of different from all the places she has been. I notified her before we arrived that everything was totally different from what she knows and that probably her expectations will not be as good as she thought. I told her too that Mexico is a very dangerous country and that she had to be aware everywhere, all the time. It was a nice experience for her and for me because I showed her all of our culture, she met my entire family and all my life. We ate a lot of good and traditional food.  She really loved it, even though she told me that everything was hot.  My roommate was amazed of how many people live in the city, “it is so crowed,” she said. We were unlucky in some points. We took her to visit our downtown on a bad day. The president opened an ice skating track in the downtown that day. It was crazy.  We had to walk so much between thousands, maybe millions of people, just for her to know some of the historic buildings in the city. We were so tired by the end of the day, but I think it was really worthy because not only she learned a lot of stuff but I learned a lot about being a host too. She told me that Mexico is very different from her country and she really enjoyed it as well as I did.  — Maria Belen Garcia

While I was enjoying the movie the Dark Knight, I heard a loud sound beneath my room. I went to check to see what it was and I saw a kid running away. So i ask my roommate, Joel Menda, what happened. He tells me that the kid  had just discovered his bike had been reported stolen. Through a cast of rage he threw the bike directly into the ground without understanding basic physics. He soon found out that the springs on the bike and the force applied by his body would jolt the bike through his own window. After the scene was over his roommates let him know how deep his hole had become. This realization brought him to succumb to the notion of fleeing the scene. He is currently hiding in a bush or somewhere on campus.



Months have passed since we first met our roommates.  Some of them are gone and went to a different room with their friends.  Some of them have been moved for disciplinary reasons.  Some people are just getting sick of their roommates as the true sides of their roommates are finally starting to come out.  This is going to happen through out the rest of the year.  However, I can’t complain with my roommates, I actually like mine.  We are all get along just fine.  My actual roommate is the man, I have to say.  He is becoming a really close friend of mine and it is really cool because he doesn’t live far from me.  We have already planned to see each other over the Christmas break to help him go on some college visits.  All of my other roommates live in different countries, but I am still going to be able to see them, because I am going to do some international travel to see them.