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A depiction of the epicenter of the quake.

At around 720 pm eastern time a 6.4 magnitude Earthquake struck Southern Taiwan. The quake hit in the early hours of the morning and caused severe damage to many buildings and major bridges. Power was cut from many places and the damages are still being calculated by officials. The main part of the quake hit a mountainous region about 40 miles east of major cities Tainan and Kao Hsiung. This is the same region that was devastated by Typhoon Morakot back in August that killed thousands. Residents are still haunted by the mudslide caused by the two feet of rain that buried an entire village of a few hundred people.

Electricity was cut off in many parts that were close to the epicenter of the quake. Many train services such as the high speed bullet train were disrupted or discontinued service for the day to check for any damage and to keep passengers’ safety in mind.

People living in the capital city of Taipei, which is 155 miles North could also feel the quake when it hit.There was an immediate aftershock that hit at 4.8 on the Richter Scale.

According to CNN “World Vision “has already been on high alert responding to the quakes in Haiti and Chile, so we’re closely monitoring reports in the earthquake in southern Taiwan.”

Hopefully, the injuries and damage were minimal as our world has been plagued by so many tragedies and natural disasters in recent time.


China Vice Foreign Minister He Yafei speaking about the arms deal.

The United States recently struck a $6.4 billion dollars arms deal with Taiwan on Sunday. The sale included the purchase of 60 Black Hawk Helicopters, 114 advanced Patriot air defense missiles; a pair of Osprey mine-hunting ships; and many sets of advanced communications systems. China has been severely opposed to the sale of F-16 fighter jets and should be relieved that they weren’t included in the sale.

The relationship between China and Taiwan has always been very fickle since the 40s. After this deal was made public, China was extremely angered and unhappy with the United States decision since China has repetitively tried to prevent such a deal. China threatened to put sanctions on various American companies that sold the weapons to Taiwan. This is their method of protest. Officials in Beijing suspended many visits that were originally scheduled between the US and Chinese militaries.

According to sources at CNN, “The State Department described the latest round of arms sales to Taiwan as a way to guarantee security and stability, despite China’s objections. “This is a clear demonstration of the commitment this administration has to provide Taiwan with defensive weapons it needs and as provided for in the Taiwan Relations Act,” State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley said Friday. He said the action is consistent with Washington’s “one-China” policy and will help maintain security and stability across the Taiwan Strait. The arms sales come as the United States is hoping to persuade China to sign on to harsher sanctions against Iran and just after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton criticized China for its policies relating to the Internet.”

The fact that China is so opposed shows that they are a bit afraid of any power given to Taiwan. They still hold the belief that Taiwan is land owned by China and have threatened to invade the moment Taiwan declares its independence. I feel that this is a very touchy situation for the United States as well as China. We can only wait to see how this plays out.



The new Chinese cartoon star is called TUZKI.  The tuzki is a popular illustrated rabbit, created by Wang Momo.  Wang momo is a female comic drawer. She graduated from the animation school and communication university of china. The first motivation for her to draw Tuzki was because she wanted to record down her daily life experience.  But as she put up on the blog, more and more people liked the figure she created. Then soon the TUZKI become well know and popular throughout the Internet.  And now the Tuziki is not just a cute drawing, it also teaches the life experience or important quotes. 



TUZKI is a cute rabbit figure. He is a male and he is 1.2 m tall. He is 50% optimistic and 50% melancholic.  He likes everything that is sweet. He does not like alcohol and carrot. When I first saw the TUZKI I was really surprised, because most of time the artist just draws cute things, but does not have any meaning. But TUZKI is difference. It teach us a lot of life experience.

Mid-Autumn Festival

Mid-Autumn Festival

Chinese moon festival is called mid-autumn festival too. The date of the moon festival is August 15th on the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The moon festival is one of the most important holidays for Asian people. It is the second most important celebration in China after the Chinese New Year. On the moon festival, the Chinese reunite with families. We gather all the family member and eat the moon cake, pomelo and have a Barbecue. There is a story behind this festival.  Long time ago there were nine suns on the sky. And everyone suffered from the heat, the people urged the best archer in the country, Houyi to do something, so he shot down eight of the nine suns. Therefore, he becomes the hero of the people.  But he became arrogant after he got famous and aspired to be the King of the world. To conquer the world, Houyi did not want to die, so he got a pill that will make him live forever and never age from the goddess. His kind wife, Chang however did not want Houyi to let people suffer so she stole the pill and ate it. In the end she flied to the moon and Houyi got kill by one of his follower.  People want to celebrate Chang’s heroic actions, so we celebrate by eating moon cakes. There are many version of the origin of the moon festival. This one is the one that I like the most. This festival is my favourite festival because we can have a day off and have a fun night with our families.

partsGiant, the Taiwan brand of bicycle, and also the first product made in Taiwan that can popular around to the world. The Giant manufacturing is the world largest manufacturing. It established In1972 and they start the OEM for other company first. Oem is meaning a company builds the product for other company but after the product done it name on second company brand’s name. In 1986 the company have new president and he decide to produce their own brand for their bicycle. They also make their prize cheaper than other. In this day Giant is well known around the world. It has over 10,000 retail stores. In 2007, its global sales surpassed 5 million bicycles and $820 million in global revenues. The giant divide their bicycle in seven different groups. They want to make sure all range of people can use their bicycle. I think for the giant success. It is a really good sign for Taiwan. it means that now Taiwan is improve a lot on technology.

2720123510_7f716d2890In Taiwan, the”ghost month” restricts people in doing many things. I am going to list the things you cannot do in the ghost month.  1. You cannot dry your cloths at night, because the ghost may get in your clothes.  2.  When you sleep, you have to make sure your hair is neat or else the ghost may think you are the ghost too.  3. Don’t celebrate birthdays at night because ghosts may come out and haunt you for celebrating their deaths.  4. Don’t catch dragonflies or grasshoppers, because these insects and flies came originally from ghosts.  5. Do not talk about ghosts, because they may come out.  6. Don’t do any surgeries, because ghosts may disturb the doctor and hence affect the outcome of the surgery.  7. When you are indoors, don’t open the umbrella, because the ghosts could come out.  8. Don’t swim at night, because ghosts can grab you.  9. When you go out at night, don’t pick up money or red pockets, because the money is for ghosts and if you pick them up, the ghosts would follow you and haunt you for “stealing”.  10. Don not go out at night during the ghost month, because all ghosts come out at night.  11. If you hear your name being announced, ignore them or you may get in trouble.

3842681978_9dc5d6ab15The meaning of the ghosts in my country is that the people are already dead but don’t know, they still have something they need to do or they are people that did a lot of bad things. In my country Taiwan, we were using Chinese calendar. It is separated to two different calendars, solar and lunar calendar. In lunar calendar the whole month of July is ghost’s month. The old people say on July first hell will let all the ghosts come out. And people will prepare a lot of good food to give to ghosts.  The reason to let the ghosts out is because god wants them to see their family and have some food from their family. This whole month is not good to stay out late at night. Because you may see the ghost or get attacked by some ghost.  Especially on July fifteen, because that date has the most ghosts come out from the hell.  And people better stay out of the water. Because the people that commit suicide in the water, they can only stay in the place forever.  Unless they can find other people, like those who get too close to water on that day.   On July 31, all the ghosts will go back to hell.


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