The Pendleton Panther

Who’s that person you want to know?

Posted on: November 2, 2009


One day, I was with my friends at the beach. We were talking about life and a lot of things we have passed by.  I love to talk about life and to learn things about other peoples experiences.

One of my friends made a question that I still think about today.  The question is if you have the opportunity to know a person your admire or curios about, who would it be?  It´s hard to choose just one person, because each one of us want to know a lot of things and take out our doubts.

For me it´s kind of interesting to know Hitler and to ask him a lot of questions. I don´t understand why he did what he did. What did hat man have in mind? So for me I would love know Hitler´s point of view.

Now ask yourself the same question and think who is that person you want to know.  Hopefully you will have a great time thinking about it.


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