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Alex Jaeger

Alex Jaegar, a 10-year-old Kansas boy who recently scored a 23 on the ACT entrance exam is attending Pittsburg State University this semester ( 2nd semester of 2009-2010). Alex Jaegar is another child prodigy who was always inquisitive and ready to learn. In kindergarten, he scored in the 99.9 percentile of the Stanford-Binet, a standardized test that assesses intelligence and cognitive abilities. This means that out of a group of 100 children, he would be the most intelligent one.  He taught himself multiplication, division, and fractions before finishing kindergarten. His parents took him out of school and decided to home-school him since they knew that he would fit into his own age group. By the age of 10, he completed his high school education and was then accepted to the Pittsburg State University. This semester, Alex will take biology, chemistry, calculus, choir, and piano with students who are at least 8 years older than he is. Although it may be dangerous for a child to not have a childhood, it seems that this is what he is hoping to pursue.


LMU_2This Friday I leave to go to Los Angeles for the weekend. I fly in the afternoon on Friday and get back on Monday. I am going to attend a recruiting camp at Loyola Marymount University.

I am hoping to go to college in California next year, and LMU is an option. In addition, there will also be coaches from other colleges in California. It is a good opportunity to showoff myself and gain some interest. I have been to LA only once before, but I never really left the hotel room, except to play the soccer games we went there for. So I never got a chance to see Los Angeles, Hollywood, the beach etc. I am highly anticipating this weekend. It will be great to play some soccer and get a tour of the campus at LMU on saturday, and then have a good time in the evening and on sunday maybe get a chance to do some sight seeing.  I am very excited.

If all goes well I can impress some coaches and open some opportunities for next year.

The next step for the class of 2010.

Preparing for college and deciding what career to study has become something important now that I am entering high school. I´ve been very focused over the last two years in preparing to be a very good soccer player, not only because I love the game, but because I also see it as a means to getting an athletic scholarship. I dream of playing at NCCA, Division One Level. The National Collegiate Athletic Association is an organization through which the U.S. colleges and universities govern their athletics programs.

Now that I´ve come to get my high school degree at Pendleton, and that I´m training and being part of the U18 girls IMG soccer team, I think and really expect to be closer to getting that wanted scholarship. At first, a couple of years ago, I just didn’t know what I wanted to study, but now as I have gotten more involved in reading and discussing with my parents about the future, I am inclining myself to seek Entrepreneurship and Finance. My Dad says that in the current labor market, an MBA is a most, especially if I want to seek Entrepreneurship and Finance.

I guess preparing for college needs a degree of maturity on my part. I will be seeking counseling in order to be better guided, and I will focused on my game in order to fight for that needed and wanted scholarship.

USF campus

USF Campus

The University of South Florida texted all the teachers and students that are on campus, alerting them of a possible gunman. This took place Monday, October 5, 2009 at 2p.m, In Tampa, Fl where the University of South Florida is located. The text message that was sent said, “EMERGENCY: Armed intruder on Campus. Stay inside. Lock doors. Emergency personnel responding.” (CBS News). Policemen said that they received a phone call saying that there was a gunman standing outside the library on campus. Nobody actually saw a man holding a gun or threatening anyone, but the police still investigated and are trying to get to the bottom of what had happened. There will be updates with any information or news on the investigation. But for now, students should be very careful and always very alert to situations like this which we hope wont happen very often in different schools or public places.


In California, the economy has gotten so bad that President Obama has stopped supporting California with funds. This puts the public universities in a crisis situation because without the funding they cannot function properly. So the schools have started to compromise by increasing costs for students and cutting salaries for teachers. Today there are many rallies, walkouts and teach-ins scheduled all over the state of California for both teachers and students who are not happy with the situation. Also, 100 faculty and students from the state’s public universities protested outside a meeting. They used a hearse, a cardboard, coffin, bagpipe, and had a “funeral” for the state’s master plan for higher education and its promises to students of access and low cost. This is not a good start to the school year for the public universities in California and yet another example of how bad our economy has gotten in the last year.

whereamigoingIt’s March 18th and decision deadlines are  just around the corner.  Right now, some of us know where we are going to college and are still in the process of getting a scholarship.  Some have been accepted into colleges but still haven’t had the time to visit and thus still remain undecided.  Finally, there are still some out there waiting for that first letter that determines they are not meant to work at McDonald’s for the rest of their lives.  My heart goes out to those people, and I advise them to hang in there and know that what’s meant to be is meant to be.  Still, how can we be so sure if we’ve made the right choice – there are so many factors.  There’s the location, the athletics (whether or not we wish to play our sport in college, or for that matter the rest of our lives), the student body, and most importantly the general feel of the school and whether or not it is right for you.  I think that’s how one should base their decision because it will probably bring you the most happiness and fulfillment  in the next four years to come.

graduateColleges are a big concern for all the seniors right now, and with all the applications being submitted, the only thing that is left to do is waiting. Well, I didn’t just simply waited, I went ahead and visited 8 colleges in 2 weeks, which left me with an unforgettable experience. First of all, I went to New York City for a week and I had seen 5 amazing and well known colleges there: Princeton, Yale, Columbia, NYU and Vassar. Although each of the schools attracted me in a way I got very high impression about the Ivy League colleges. Entering the doors of the library felt like a sacred chapel with millions of books that are bursting with knowledge. The weather however was normal for New York in the winter: cold and really windy. The second week of my trip I went to California, which is known for an amazing weather and people. It was my first time ever in California and I can tell that I fell in love with Los Angeles. Universities that I had visited there were USC, Stanford and Occidental, and although all of them were different, I think they were definitely worth exploring. I am very glad that this unforgettable experience had taken place in my life.