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In light of the recent attempts of terrorism on Christmas Day, the government has increased security operations for the Super Bowl and Winter Olympics. Sports and government officials saw many lapses in the previous security that was set up, because of this they are adjusting with increased screening efforts. More full body scanners are being provided for the airports and possibly for Olympic venues as well.

Olympic Security

This increase in safety with help ease the mind of both the audience and the athletes and make for a more enjoyable experience, especially for the Olympics. The Olympics works hard to represent peace and unity between the world, and a terrorist attack would be destructive of that goal. Thankfully, government officials are now working hard to update their technology in order to make for a safer and more relaxed environment. The Olympic committee is working hard to heighten awareness of possible terrorist attacks to both athletes and observers, and this new security protocol with aid the committee in getting this message across.


Not only is Kevin Youkilis a two time World Series champion, an American League gold glove first basemen and Red Sox MVP, he is also a “great person.” He recently started the foundation “Hits for Kids.” In this organization he gives back to kids who endure difficult challenges such as, medical or emotional distress. For example, kids who go through the day

Kevin Youkilis

without support from a nurturing or loving family, and also kids who live within a community that lacks the resources for them to grow and learn. His goal is to raise awareness and funds for people who are dealing with these types of challenges. Kevin’s latest charitable undertaking is to equip all the community baseball fields and to increase the safety in Boston so that the kids can enjoy the game they love.

It is great to see that the most talented individuals in baseball are also spending a great amount of time helping those who have not been as fortune as they have and also living up to the fact that kids look up to them as their heroes.

Felisha Trujillo

In Pueblo County a twenty two year old woman worked a plan with her incarcerated boyfriend to get narcotics into jail this Wednesday. Phil Martinez, the twenty six year old boyfriend, supposedly dropped a bag of narcotics in the jury box before his girlfriend; Felicia Trujillo arrived for her hearing later that day. This drug smuggle was busted when Elisha and Philbrilliantly discussed the plot over a monitored phone line. So, when Phil slyly placed the narcotics into the jury box before Felisha’s hearing, the detectives were watching. Thankfully our police officers aren’t as “brilliant” as Phil and Felisha.

On a more serious note, it is really good to know that jails in this day and age are equipped with the technology to stop things like this from happening.

Mourning Family Members

Saturday night a group of armed men stormed a party on the Mexican border, in Ciudad Juarez. Thirteen high school and college students were killed, ten died on the scene and three died at local hospitals. These group of young adults gathered to watch a boxing match in a housing complex when suddenly two trucks pulled up loaded with armed men who opened fire. The young adults in the home whose ages ranged from 15-20 are said to have no connection to drug trafficking, this was the first thought because the city of Ciudad Juarez is home to several drug cartel bosses who are battling for turf. But after many interviews withfellow members of the housing complex it seems as though it was a “huge mistake.”  More then 2,250 people were killed in this battle for land control. Police and thousands of troops are attempting to seize the land control battles.

What happened to these thirteen kids was tragic, and seems as though it was completely undeserved. It’s unfortunate that kids who are not involved in drug trafficking still fall victim to it from time to time. Hopefully, with this deadly gun show police in Mexico can start to quickly identify suspects which will possibly result in the down fall of drug disputes.


Act now. Save lives.

Everyone in South Philadelphia knew Mr. Tyree Parks as a role model. He was a star athlete on the football field, did well in the classroom, coached youth basketball and this past Saturday was accepted to Bloomsburg University on a full scholarship. After growing up and trying to escape the life of crime, Parks had made it and made everyone around him proud. This past Saturday morning, January 30th, his high school coach delivered him the great news and Park’s had a smile on his face that could be seen a mile away. Walking home that night, after coaching his youth basketball team to a victory, Park’s was shot and killed in a drive-by shooting. There were many cries that swept through South Philadelphia. Mr. Parks was known to peers as a superb athlete and to adults as a role model in the community. Information was later released that Parks had a physical encounter with a male a few days before the shooting, the same male that was reported as being the killer. Parks’ funeral was held the day after in which nearly 200 people showed up in honor of Parks. His whole high school football team was there, the cheerleaders in uniform and many members of the community he lived in. Making a special appearance was the principal of the high school he attended. He told the crowd, “I don’t want to be at anymore funerals, crying over another student… You have the potential to do anything you want. College is at your door, waiting for you to walk through.” Parks is now longer with us, but the path he was on is a path that many hope to propel forward on and this incident has hope of being a wake up call to many.



Many of us today have the social network “Facebook.” Actually to tell you the truth, every student, peer, and adult I have spoken to, has a Facebook account of his or her own. Even many of my friend’s parents have Facebook, fortunately mine do not. This past Saturday, January 30, a fistfight between two gangs of girls broke out outside of a Southwest Philadelphia high school and left three victims wounded. Facebook turned out to be where the “conflict” started. Girls from both gangs verbally assaulted one another via Facebook and agreed to meet later that night. Never the less, 15 shots were fired that night as a result of an “online” dispute. Facebook is a plus in many ways, as I have one myself. It allows people to communicate with their peers at the touch of a button and keep in contact with peers who are half way across the world. I have noticed that nearly every IMG student on campus has a Facebook or some sort of social networking in order to communicate with so many foreign friends. Many relationships develop on Facebook and it is no doubt a great way to express who you are. However, as seen through this incident here, you must be careful what you say on the Internet and who you end up getting involved with. Had these girls not had access to Facebook, harsh words could have prevented and in the end more importantly, so could have 15 gunshots.

Minnesota Vikings left tackle Bryant McKinnie has been dismissed from the NFC pro Bowl Team.

Minnesota Vikings left tackle Bryant McKinnie has been dismissed from the NFC Pro Bowl Team for unexcused absences. He missed practice on Friday and Saturday without notifying any team official. This was McKinnie’s first Pro Bowl selection. McKinnie’s solid play was one of the reasons that QB Brett Favre was able to have a good year. McKinnie protects Favre’s blind side. This is also the first year that the Pro Bowl will be played before the Super Bowl, which caused many players from the Saints and Colts to miss the meaningless game. The former University of Miami standout. who was picked 7th overall by the Vikings in the 2002 NFL Draft , was also in the news back in 2005 for the boat party scandal in which seventeen members of the Minnesota Vikings allegedly rented two boats and performed sexual acts in front of the crew. It became known as the Love Boat scandal.


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