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The Wire

Posted on: May 16, 2010

The Wire

As the Varsity season came to a close about a month ago, it was difficult finding reasons and motivation to continue attending classes in the morning, especially that first period one. My favorite class this year has been Mr. Kennedy’s 3A Current Event’s class and once again Mr. K has stepped up in the clutch like I knew he would and he has presented us with “The Wire.” Many don’t know, but “The Wire,” is a series on HBO that concluded a few years ago with its 5th season. It takes place in Baltimore Maryland and deals with the everyday life that young teenagers must go through in such a run down, poor and even scary lifestyle. “The Wire,” takes us on a true tour of the “ghetto,” and even leaves you with chills after watching some of the episodes. I can honestly say watching this series with my closest friends in class has been the most fun I have had all year here at IMG. The series is a fantastic piece of work that teaches lessons, which we need to start applying in our real life. “The Wire” is filled with lessons, laughs and gives me more than enough reason to get to class on time. Once again Mr. K, you have saved the day, and the rest of my year.


Trey Parker and Matt Stone

In a recent episode, titled “201”, South Park really pushed the boundaries of respect by doing just the following.  In previous episodes, they flirted with showing a picture of Muhammad, the God/Prophet of the Muslims.  Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of the show, never ended up showing a depiction of Muhammad.  After these episodes, radical Muslim groups threatened Stone and Parker with violence and death if a picture of Muhammad was ever to be shown on South Park.  In “201” they show Muhammad in a bear costume and one hears his voice.  However, they still did not show a picture of him.  After “201” was aired, the radicals posted a threat on their blog saying that they would carry out with what they promised to do.  But could Comedy Central be the one to blame?  They were the ones who decided to air the episode in the first place.  Stone and Parker do decide what goes on the show, but they don’t have say in what gets aired and what doesn’t.

Dixie Carter

Dixie Carter was an actress who gave strong, opinionated Southern women a good name in the television series “Designing Women” in the 1980s and 1990s and later had success as a cabaret singer.  She passed away on Saturday in Houston, TX.  She was 70 years of age and lived in Beverly Hills, California.  Her husband, the actor Hal Holbrook, announced his wife’s death and said that the cause was from complications of endometrial cancer.  In “Designing Women”, Dixie played the character of Julia Sugarbaker.  The show ran for seven seasons on CBS and was about an all woman interior design business in Atlanta.  Before then Dixie Carter played a familiar face on television.  She was in the 1977-78 series “On Our Own”, and played the sophisticated office colleague of two naive young women.  Also she played as the snooty wife of a plantation owner in the 1982-83 show “Filthy Rich”.  In 1984-85 she played the stepmother of Gary Coleman in the season of “Diff’rent Strokes”.  Dixie Carter was born on May 25th, 1939 and became famous through her epic acting throughout her life.

Tiger Woods and Cartman

Although Tiger Woods’ scandals have cost him several sponsorship deals with giant companies including Gatorade, AT&T, Tag Heuer; he gained himself a place in the new series of South Park. Since the first episode in 1997, the producers of South Park have surrounded their storyline on real life topics and important issues and for as long as South Park has existed; mocking famous and powerful people through the cartoon was a common theme. After the infamous sex scandals that transformed the golf superhero’s life upside down, it is to nobody’s surprise that Parker and Stone, the producers of South Park, would pick Tiger as their next victim. Never once afraid of using the right of freedom of speech and expression, the co-creator of South Park said, “…there’s a delicacy in talking about Tiger Woods that we don’t have to worry about.” In the episode of All The Temptations, Woods will be seen asserting that with his privileged status, it is his rightful entitlement to enjoy temptations around him.

David Letterman

In the famous David Letterman blackmail case that started back in October 2009, Robert “Joe” Halderman pleaded guilty to attempted 2nd-degree grand larceny. He is to serve six months in prison, be on probation for five years, and also has to serve more than one thousand hours of community service. After the sentence was given, one could see the sighs of relief and graciousness from Letterman. According to CNN, Letterman spoke briefly about this matter. “Now, I’d never been involved in anything like this in my life, and I was concerned and full of anxiety and nervous and worried,” he said. “And the people in the district attorney’s office said, ‘This will be handled professionally, this will be handled skillfully, and appropriately.’ Well, the matter was resolved today, and they were exactly right — it was handled professionally, skillfully and appropriately.” The attempted plot by Halderman was to blackmail Letterman and extort two million dollars from him. He had evidence of Letterman’s sexual affairs within his female staff. On the morning of Sep. 9, 2009, Halderman had handed a sealed envelope marked “Privileged and Confidential” with the threat to Letterman’s driver while he was waiting outside Letterman’s home. Later on, Halderman met three times with Letterman’s lawyers to work out a deal. He was given a check in October and was arrested the day after he deposited it. Halderman obviously did not think things through as he went through this entire ordeal. He was just causing stress to Letterman and setting himself up for trouble.

Oscars 2010

The 2010 Oscars, which was the 82nd annual Academy Awards, was full of surprises, tears, and touching moments. For those who missed out, The Hurt Locker was the night’s biggest winner, winning 5 awards including the Best Picture Award, Directing Award, Film Editing Award, Sound Mixing Award and, Original Screenplay Award. The Lead Acting Awards went to Jeff Bridges for his role in Crazy Heart and Sandra Bullock for her role in The Blind Side. Supporting Roles Awards went to Mo’Nique in Precious and Christoph Waltz in Inglorious Basterds. As expected, Avatar, the movie that sold the most tickets this year, won several awards too. Nominees who did not take home an Oscar statuette shared some exquisitely intense moments and we as viewers felt the intensity. It was exciting on the red carpet as stars looked glamorous. Couples like Jennifer Anniston and John Mayer, Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt showed off us their adorable affections.   The Academy Award memorial at no surprise included Michael Jackson, as he was the biggest death of 2009. Even though he was not seen as an actor, he has acted in several films.


Yesterday in Norwood PA, fifteen purple and white bouquets were lined up at the altar of St. Gabriel’s Church. Fifteen is how old Vanessa Dorwart was when she died early last week. This article is a follow up from last week as Miss Dortwart stepped in front of a moving train on an early Thursday morning, February 25, ending her life. Authorities have revealed that her death is being labeled as suicide as she had been unhappy for a long time now. This story has made local news all around the country and the world. Thousands of emails and letters have been sent to Vanessa’s parents expressing their sorrow. Tears filled the hallways of the church this past Saturday morning and many people were just still in shock and speechless. Vanessa’s parents were in the midst of planning her 16th birthday party before the accident occurred. Before the ceremony ended, Vanessa’s little sister came forth and read a poem she had written about her sister before her death, “Thank you, dear sister, I’ll love you till the end…Thank you, dear sister, for always being my friend.”