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Daniela Andrade was born in April 4th, 1992 in Guatemala. Danny has one brother, Patricio and one sister, Paulina, both younger than her. She plays soccer since she’s 5, and in Guatemala she plays for the national team. She came to IMG for her senior year and here she made a lot of friends, she is very easy going, always smiling and has a great personality. Danny doesn’t know yet which college she’s attending to but she still have time to decide it and practice. I wish her luck in her future and I’m really glad that I met her here at IMG.   — Carolina di Paula


Spring Break started and the women’s soccer team went for a road trip to Palm Bay. State Cup was intense, with two games on Saturday and one on Sunday. But we come out on top with the first place win. From here we skip a round of the tournament and go to third round in the middle of May. It was extremely exciting to place so well. But during our last game, we lost one of our players. Ambulance,you know the whole nine yards, it was pretty intense. Later to find out, she had major pain in her back. With the win of the first round of State Cup it was a great way to start spring break. Although it was hard to loose a player. Now coming back from spring break, we are training harder then we ever have. Not knowing what to expect in the next round. Interesting to see what happens.

Tournament season over, and now just practice practice and more practice. It will be refreshing to have a tournament to break it up a little bit. The Soccer Academy has a short drive to tournament. In the past this tournament hasn’t been the main tournament but as the tournament grew. It has been a hit for the college coaches. For the women’s soccer side, it has been dog eat dog world. We have all been competing for a spot on the rooster to travel. Once on the rooster only eighteen dress and then ONLY eleven play. The rest get to watch from the bench. So it has caused a lot of competing between the girls. Trying to make each cut. As we get closer to the weekend, more and more emails are being shot out to the college coaches. We are all keeping our fingers crossed for that just one moment in front of a Florida College Coach! This weekend is going to be refreshing after a long process of competition, to be able to just play.

So we go on tournaments to get looked at but now they are coming to see us? Today (Wednesday) and Thursday of this week, SMU College Coaches are coming to Girls Soccer Practice. One girl on the team is already committed to SMU in Dallas. But the Head Coach wants to look at the whole program. It is exciting to be looked at on your home field but also talk about stress. When you go on a tournament you just see them at your games but now they see everything! See the fields, coaches, the whole team, its going to get completive. We all are excited to see what comes out of this, hoping that the SMU Coach has other contacts. Might spread the word to other Coaches. But here we are, having a coach coming to see us on our home field. A complete flip of a tournament.

We finally got off the plane, got our bags and headed to the hotel an hour away. We all saw that this weekend was going to be very long. The first day we traveled to the fields two hours away and as soon as we stepped out of the vans it started to snow ! For the Florida team this was exciting. But as soon as we started to play, it was not much fun. The second day we had a game at ten o’clock at night. We all had learned that you need to wear layers. As we stepped out on the field under the lights, and looked at each other. We looked like marsh mellows trying to kick a ball. Each one of us had at least five layers of jackets. But the most exciting part of the tournament is we got to watch the semi and the championship game for the women’s top college teams. The Final Four was amazing to watch. After fighting the weather all weekend, we were excited to land in Tampa and get in shorts.

The Lone Star State

This weekend the girls (and one of the boys soccer teams) are traveling to Texas for a tournament. It is very exciting. This is one of the main tournaments for the girls this season – next to North Carolina. We are flying out on Thursday afternoon. But before that, Tuesday at practice we get the traveling list of who goes and who gets cut. It will be very close due to more players coming back from injury. I am keeping my fingers crossed.  Then once we get on the list we have to perform in the tournament.  The better performance the more playing time and a greater chance of getting noticed!  After this weekend, we have one more tournament the day after Christmas. All in all, this tournament will be a great chance to get seen for college, a great chance to perform, and challenge your team mates to get on the list and for playing time.

After a long eight hour drive to Savannah, the soccer girls won the second place trophy. It all came down to the final game – the championship game.  We had the game tied until the last five minutes, where a free kick in front of our goal was called.  As the play continued, a girl scored a goal on us, but she was called offsides.  The side line referee called the off sides, the center referee called it a goal.  It was the turning point for the game.  As it came down to it, they called it a goal.   So we we walked away with second place medals.  It was a good tournament over all. This weekend though is the true test.  The women’s soccer program is traveling to North Carolina for a showcase.  We are leaving early Thursday morning at 5:30am.  We are all excited and hope to preform well.  This is one of the biggest tournaments we’ll play in during this school year.


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