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Ferrari World

Ferrari World is an upcoming theme park in Abu Dhabi designed around the Ferrari brand that will feature roller coasters and other amazing facilities. Although the theme park is still under construction, it already claims itself to be the world’s largest indoor theme park; it has 20 rides and attractions, including the world’s fastest rollercoaster. The theme park is designed for people who fantasize in being on a Ferrari to ultimately experience traveling at speeds over 200 km per hour. Each roller coaster is a replica of a Ferrari model. One of the rides that has already been built features each coaster car to be a replica of a Ferrari F430. The coaster runs on rails that put the experience of the ride on another level, giving people a ride that is similar to being on the actual Ferrari F430 itself. The fastest roller coaster at the park will be a replica of a F1, which will reach the speed of 200 mph. The theme park also features Italian inspired cafes and restaurants and shops that sell exclusive Ferrari souvenirs and items. The theme park, opening later this year, will be under a big roof inspired by the “classic double-curve side profile” of the Ferrari GT.


Chrysler recently recalled 24,000 cars due to a major break issue. This recall includes Cherokee SUVs, Chrysler Sebring, and Dodge Avenger’s and Nitro’s. There hasn’t been any major accidents yet, which is very lucky. For Chrysler this is a major downfall after going bankrupt. The recall claimed that there is a brake booster rod retaining clip that may be broken or in some cases there might not be any at all. This incident was found by Chrysler factory workers. Soon after Chrysler did some tests and it was proven that the brake booster rod was defective. Chrysler is now working on this recall and making sure that all brake booster rods are doing their jobs. This recall has made a big impact on Chrysler with bankruptcy, luckily no has gotten hurt, but Chrysler is working on it. This recall will soon be fixed.

challenger-blackDodge, one of America’s first car companies, has done it again! The Dodge Challenger has been remade into a new car. With the same basic ideas but in a modern version.  Auto Trader came out with a study of the Ford Mustang versus the Dodge Challenger.  The Dodge won in most of the comparisons – economy, better gas mileage, comfort and driving. It is an amazing looking car also. Unlike many cars it has a reduced production many each car, one of a kind. There are three basic choices, first SE, then the R/T which has a hemi engine, and then the top of the line SRT-8.  It has a 6.0 liter Hemi engine it.  With this new car, Dodge has really taken a old dog and taught it new tricks.


This could be avoided with the newest technology in safety.

With nearly 1,162,000 rear end crashes a year that leave many people injured, finally some car manufacturers start finding ways to help avoid them.  This new technology warns you if you are getting to close to an object in front of you by flashing lights, and at the same time prepares the breaks.  Many systems are able to stop the car on their own without you ever putting your foot on the breaks; it’s almost like the cars are driving themselves.  Other systems prepare the car for impact, doing such things as tightening seatbelt, raising the seat backs, and even closing windows to help avoid passenger from flying out of his or her vehicle. There are several  luxury car companies that now offer this system, such as Mercedes, Volvo,Lincoln and Ford. Although it has not been proven to be fool proof the companies are pretty certain that they will get good reviews.The estimated cost for this new technology is around $1500, and can easily pay for itself after only one rear end crash.

FSO Polonez

FSO Polonez

The FSO Polonez is a Polish motor vehicle produced from 1978 to 2002. The car name comes from the Polish dance, polonaise. Essentially the car was a rebodied ”Polski” Fiat 125p, which ” Fabryka samochodow Osobowych’’ (FSO) built under licence from Fiat, based on the Fiat 125p. The internal components (engine, chassis, and other mechanicals) were straight from the ‘’Polski’’ Fiat 125p, but clothed in an entirely new hatchback body designed by Giorgietto Giugiaro. The car was meant to be equipped with Fiat’s DOHC engines in the 1980s, but a crisis at the time made the purchase of a licence from Fiat impossible. This is also why the 125p was produced simultaneously with the Polonez for more than a decade. Moreover, mechanical modernization only took place when it could be applied to both cars. This situation finally changed after the production of the 125p ended in 1991.Now theres no cars like this on Polish roads, like also there any Polish car industries anymore. Polonez was in one of the episode of show Top Gear, which you can see here: .

Stop drinking and driving campaign

Stop drinking and driving campaign

People drink and drive, it is a big problem that is not easy to solve.  These people believe that they are special, that nothing bad will happen to them.  For some people, their drink driving causes them big problems.  Right now, nobody knows the consequences of drink driving better than Gabriella Edmondson.   On the 7th of April, Gabriella, her best friend Grace Hadman, and two other passengers were involved in a crash.  The crash proved fatal for Grace, who was 17 when she passed away.  That night, Gabriella and Grace had some wine between them.  Gabriella then decided that she would drive the four of them home even though she was over the alcohol limit (not to mention too young to drink).  Unfortunately, the prompts from her other friends to not drive after the alcohol, did not stop Gabriella from driving.  Whilst she was driving, she turned around to tell the backseat passengers to keep quiet and crashed the car.  When she was later tested for how much alcohol was in her system, she was one-and-a-half times over the limit.  She has now been sentenced to 2 years and 4 months in jail, and has been suspended from driving for 4 years.  It is unfortunate that a young life has been lost in this tragic accident.  Hopefully other people learn from this mistake and don’t repeat the drink driving!

The Italian automaker today handed Antonio Manganello, head of the Italian State Police, the keys to a Gallardo LP560 Polizia, a model that makes the Dodge charger and Carbon E7 police cars look like a crown vic. Dont even think about trying to escape form this cop in Lazio, Italy unless you can do 204 mph because the police man in blue are rollin in a 560 horsepower Lamborghini Gallardo. 30 officers personally trained by Lamborghini’s test drivers will have the opportunity to be behind the wheel of a lambo. This Gallardo Polizia can do 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, making this a faster chasing down criminals or the one that make a run. This is only the third car Sant’Agata has given Italian police. Also, in other part of the world you see highway patrol riding in Porsche 911s. In my opinion a lambo is going to be very hard to outrun, and a waste of a lamborghini.

Lamborghini Polizia

Lamborghini Polizia