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School is almost up, and it’s an important time to keep focused on school work. Theres less then 2 months left in the school year and although most of us feel like we just don’t wanna do anything, its a crucial time to keep your head in the game. Many people by 4th quarter start slacking, and getting lazy and forget that school is ALMOST over, its not quite over yet. We’re all eager to be done with school and greet summer with open arms.  It hard finding motivation to keeping focused with your school work, but it really comes down to whether or not you want to end on a sweet or sour note. In my mind it’s better to end on a good note, and be able to go into summer stress free, academically atleast. Less then 2 months, the ends is so close yet so far, but its key to make sure your grades stay up.


College Coaches are truly a breed of their own. I have been recently emailing some college coaches and they are extreme. There is are coaches who put smilie faces in emails. A couple actually tried to text in their emails. It has been intersecting to see what they will say. Not only are there emails entertaining but on the field also. I go to a tournament, they sit there and watch us play. Trying to be all secretive with there pads and paper. But then you look at the guy and he is covered head to toe in school gear ! So much for being unnoticed. The best is when  you start really taking business it is like an auction. Do I have a bider for the left defense, okay do I have a bider who is willing to pay for books? SOLD ! The back and forth conversations. The College Process is rewarding, the Coaches are great.

Deep down you know you a little feelings for the little flipping mammal. It all relates back to when you are young at  the local Dolphin show. Dolphins are one of the smartest animals. In Austria there has been a discovery in Dolphin feeding. They feed on fast small fish. Dolphins have been having trouble catching their peer. There is a small group of dolphins that have find a way to bet the  survival of the fittest. The head dolphin runs in a tight circle pushing its tail down hard  on the sand causing a thick dark cloud. The small fish response  by going crazy. The Dolphins just wait and their food is literally handed to them. Scientist were amazed by the creativity this mammals have shown. If its from the local Dolphin show too Austria where they are finding new discoveries every day on survival.

Alex Jaeger

Alex Jaegar, a 10-year-old Kansas boy who recently scored a 23 on the ACT entrance exam is attending Pittsburg State University this semester ( 2nd semester of 2009-2010). Alex Jaegar is another child prodigy who was always inquisitive and ready to learn. In kindergarten, he scored in the 99.9 percentile of the Stanford-Binet, a standardized test that assesses intelligence and cognitive abilities. This means that out of a group of 100 children, he would be the most intelligent one.  He taught himself multiplication, division, and fractions before finishing kindergarten. His parents took him out of school and decided to home-school him since they knew that he would fit into his own age group. By the age of 10, he completed his high school education and was then accepted to the Pittsburg State University. This semester, Alex will take biology, chemistry, calculus, choir, and piano with students who are at least 8 years older than he is. Although it may be dangerous for a child to not have a childhood, it seems that this is what he is hoping to pursue.

Standford Logo

Leland Stanford Junior University is known as Stanford University, which is a private university that is in Stanford, California. Stanford has around 6,700 undergraduate and around 8,000 graduate students.  This is an amazing University that kids dream of going to but it is very strict on grades and are highly achieved in sports.  The university is divided into different schools: Stanford Business School, Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford Law School and Stanford school of Engineering.  People magazine ranked  Stanford’s undergraduate program fourth in the nation. Stanford is also consistently ranked high in sports. It offers 34 varsity sports that have 18 female sports and 15 for males.  It also offers 19 club sports and 37 intramural sports.  The University offers about 300 athletic scholarships, but apart from just being good at your sport, you need to have a high GPA and impressive SAT scores to get in.

Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is caused by the uncontrollable growth of abnormal skin cells. It is usually detected from an irregular looking mole on your skin. If left untreated, it can develop into a serious fatal illness spreading quickly from the skin into tissues and organs. It is very dangerous. The main cause of skin cancer is the UV rays from the sun. Not all cases of skin cancer are from the sun. In some cases it is inherited through your genes, and unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done.

Many of us enjoy soaking up the son and getting tan, I admit it myself. If people come to the beach on holidays they sit at the beach for most of the day and frazzle their skin.

When you are running around outside for many hours playing your sport in Florida, you don’t realise the effect the sun is having on your skin. That is why you need to wear sunscreen and a hat!

Monday, November 16, Linda Mayberry (Social Studies department) and I drove over to Kennedy Space Center for the launching of the space shuttle Atlantis.  The entire Visitor’s Center was open, so we explored the exhibits and looked for a good place where Linda could watch the launch.  I had received a special invitation, so I would be going to a different location to view the launch.  I had no idea how good that location would be.

I boarded a bus and found myself at the viewing site for family members and friends of the shuttle astronauts.  This is the closest location from which spectators can view a launch, 4 miles.  People there were talking about their friends / roommates / flight buddies who were going on the mission, and I could feel the excitement and anticipation as the countdown wore on.  Every time an announcement said that another system checked out the crowd would break out in applause.

Finally the countdown got close to zero.  At T minus 3 minutes NASA played the National Anthem.  Just before the launch I photographed a Bald Eagle flying by.  The crowd counted down the final ten seconds with the announcer.  When the first plumes came from the launch pad a cheer went up.  Then the shuttle rose on a pillar of fire, cleared the tower, and the crowd roared.

As the shuttle neared the clouds, the sound from the launch finally reached us.  While it was not as loud as I expected, I could feel the concussions  from the roar and crackle of the engines.  The shuttle continued to climb, and we watched it until the solid rocket boosters separated.  Then we made our way back to the buses and returned to the visitor’s center.

It was cool to overhear people talking.  Many were moved to tears knowing that their best friends or family were fulfilling lifelong dreams of traveling into space.  I realized as I listened that I was a spectator; these people were participants.  Even though I found the launch exhilarating, the launch meant more to them than I will ever understand.

STS-129 was my first attended shuttle launch.  Everything worked perfectly, and there were no delays or postponements.  I was a recipient of a marvelous opportunity, and I experienced something I will never forget.  — Eric Van Zytveld


This photo was taken by Mr. VanZytveld in Cape Canaveral, FL. The purpose of the space flight was to bring new astronauts and equipment to the ISS (International Space Station).