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Year Book

Posted on: May 26, 2010

The 1020 school year has been great, many people did great things throughout the year.  This year we had a very interesting year book, it had a graffiti type cover that read The Pendleton School.  I personally am not a fan of this years, year book.  Do not get me wrong they’re were some parts that really grabbed my attention.  I think the year book should really bring back memories that had happened this year thus far. For example, on the baseball page it showed the same three people, for the entire page, and two of those kids do not even attend our school anymore.  The other person was never even involved in our school, which really doesn’t make sense.  On the bright side the year book showed great work ethic as well as creativity.  I just wish that next year they would really revise and revise until you know it is correct.  The year book showed great pictures as well as interesting facts that the students had voted on.  I am very confident that next year the year book will be the best the school has every seen.


One morning I woke up went to school and there was a note on the board reading that we are not allowed to have our cell phones during a test.  Apparently some students (to the attention of Mr. Schwager) have been texting during tests which have different forms in conclusion it would be easier for students to cheat on exams or quiz’s.  I have heard mixed opinions about the rule, I do not think it is a bad idea however it really seems odd to give your teacher your cell phone.  I am not sure wether its a sense of privacy issue or I just don’t like not having it.  This rule will most likely cut-down cheating within the school.   I honestly hope that this rule stops it right away.  Although I wish we were able to just put our phones on our desk (powered off) and the teacher can see them.  Hopefully this rule can help stop cheating at the Pendleton School.

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laptop2All the time students have distraction while they are at home or in their dorms when they should be doing homework or being productive and getting work done.  Television, computers, video games and cell phones are big reasons why teenagers in school do not get their work done.  Because of this, students’  grades are lower than they should be.  Students have such a great academic opportunity in the United States and especially here at IMG/Pendleton they need to take full advantage of this opportunity and make the best of the time they have in school.  Here, the biggest distraction is laptops. Students always seem to be on instant messenger or Facebook or playing games on the internet instead of paying attention in class.  Students should stop taking advantage of their privilege to use laptops in the classroom and stay on task and focused.  If teachers get too annoyed they could eventually ban laptops and make students write everything by hand and read out of text books and go back to the old boring ways of learning material in school.  Technology keeps getting better and better and students have the advantage of using it at younger ages they just need to remember to use it to help them not hurt them.

fast foodWe’re all athletes.  We know eating at fast food places is not good for our bodies.  Even if you are not an athlete, eating food that is bad for you, is just as bad for your body.  It’s even even worse if you do not exercise.  Sometimes, however, you are faced in certain circumstances where you have to eat on the go. The Quality Health Website put together a page that talks about the 5 worst Fast Food Places.  So, next time you have to eat fast food, you will know to avoid these places.  Here’s the list (in no particular order):  Sonic, KFC, Arby’s, Taco Bell, and Jack in the Box.  It’s not just the food that put these places on the list.  Other reasons are cleanliness of the restaurant, and hygiene issues as well.  The bottom line is these places have been known for having health concerns with the food.  This is a health concern for people who eat at these restaurants.  So, just know that next time you go out to a fast food restaurant to be particularly picky when choosing at which one to eat.

839(In no particular order)

1-The food, ever since they decided to fire their old head of catering the food has, in general, gone rocketing down hill. I do not want to take all credit away from the new guy, because I am sure he is very nice, and there have been some good changes, but who would take the beloved lemonade away? And who eats many of the odd combinations they serve up? (The food just doesn’t make sense!)

2-The Ridiculous Rules! I mean come on, we are in high school-or the majority of us are- and we are not meant to hug each other, or the staff. We are living miles and miles away from home and some times, you just need a hug, and although we all do it anyway-it is technically against the rules! Are you serious?

3- Town hall meetings! I know we all love the mandatory town hall meetings, sitting on the very uncomfortable wooden basketball courts, being yelled at down some microphone about what not to do, we know the rules-having a meeting to tell them to us for the hundredth time is not going to change a thing. The people who break the rules are always going to break the rules, being told it down a microphone isn’t going make an impact on them.

4-The people who care! I love it when they tell you that someone “cares”-we know who does and who doesn’t. I mean I love most of the dorm staff-they are some of the friendliest people I know, but there are some, who I really think hate kids, or, get some internal satisfaction from making there lives miserable.

5-Not enough hot water! I can not wait to go home and take a long hot shower-or even better- a bath!

Mexico Swine FluFirst U.S. citizen has died due to swine flu. In the United States the first citizen has died after having caught the Swine flu. It was a 30-year old woman from Texas the press said on Tuesday. Last month, a Mexican boy already past away due to the newly discovered disease. Bystanders that knew the woman said he might have passed it on to the woman because they were living in the same town. Mexico, even though there has been a lot infected, is the only other country that has citizens that died due to the flu. Earlier Tuesday, the American government said that the number of people that had caught the swine flu, better known as the “H1N1-virus” has gone up to 403, after it being 286 a day earlier on Monday. The government expects to see a lot more cases of death in the next couple of week or months.