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Steve Jobs (left) and Bill Gates (right)

Microsoft and Bill Gates used to sit in the throne of the tech industry and rake in millions of dollars a day.  Him and his company changed the way people go about their lives and he will never be forgotten.  But the prince of the tech industry, Apple, has just upgraded their throne to be bigger than the kings, making them the new king.  On Wednesday, Apple’s market capitalization edged past its longtime rival’s as investors made official what consumers of their product have long suggested: Microsoft is no longer the industry’s alpha dog(or king).  Just last month, Microsoft’s market cap was 25 billions dollars greater than Apple’s, but now Apple is in the lead by about 3 billion.  Microsoft struggles to keep up with the competition while Apple comes out with new and popular products, such as the new iPad.  In my opinion, the problem is that Apple is creative, and is not looking to copy and of Microsoft’s ideas.  Microsoft is on the other end of this, constantly trying to mimic what Apple puts out on the market.


Google's Android

According to NPD, the US consumer market research company, Google’s Android is now the second best selling smart-phones in America,leaving Apple’s iPhone third on the list. While the Canadian corporation RIM’s BlackBerry continues to be the number one in the smart-phone industry, it is fearing for Android to overtake its dominance in the market. The Android, developed by Google, is a software stack for cellphones that includes middleware and key applications, and uses a modified version of the Linux kernel. Last year when it was first released, Android only made up 5% of the smartphone industry but after Droid and HTC’s Drois Eris were released, its selling rates increased significantly and made up 28% of the market. BlackBerry still makes up 36% of the market, iPhone makes up 21% and Windows Mobile makes up 10%. Forbes predictsMarch that BlackBerry’s lead over iPhone will shrink but will be overtaken by Android by early next year.

Rumors have spread about an iPhone coming to Verizon Wireless ever since Apple released the iPhone to AT&T.  People have always made such a big deal out of these rumors, but in the end, their dreams do not come true.  But a recent rumor has people on the edge of their seat about a new iPhone that could come out this June.  Apple is reporting that they will have the iPhone 4G ready this summer, with a CDMA chip also available making it possible for iPhones to be used on Verizon’s 4G network.  I know that if apple were to expand the contract from AT&T to Verizon too, I would instantly pick up an iPhone.  With AT&T’s customers using only iPhones at this point in time, if Verizon were to adopt it too, I think believe that soon enough the only phones that will ever be used again will be iPhones.  Sorry Blackberry lovers.

Sideview of the new prototype iPhone.

A prototype of Apple’s long hyped 4G iPhone was found in a bar in Redwood City, California. It was found by a patron and supposedly sold to technology media Gizmodo. They posted many pictures and videos touting the new features of the new prototype. They claimed they disassembled it and have proof that it is in fact the real thing. It has been one of the biggest buzzes on the internet realm and really shattered Apple’s super secretive image of hiding details of all its products until the very day they are released. This find is almost unheard of and the engineer who dropped it may be the most frightened and panicked worker out there right now.

According to the New York Times, “Late Monday night, Gizmodo said that it received a letter from Bruce Sewell, Apple’s senior vice president and general counsel, requesting the phone back. “It has come to our attention that Gizmodo is currently in possession of a device that belongs to Apple,” Mr. Sewell wrote in a letter that Gizmodo published. “This letter constitutes a formal request that you return the device to Apple,” the letter said.”

After viewing the publishing myself, it actually looks a lot better with more functionality. The new design is something we all will look forward to in its unveiling in the next few months.

Phones, Phones, Phones. They are apart of our daily lives, use them all the time. But recently I had gotten in an argument over which was better IPhone or BlackBerry. This can be debated to no end, but honestly think about is there any other phones out there that can even match up to these products. You have the IPhone which is app and music crazy and then you have the BlackBerry with all of it’s menus and business theme. My personal opinion on it, is the IPhone all the way. I have owned both and the IPhone just has it. But in my case, I have a Macbook and also love music. With the Macbook it makes it so easy to use and to its maximum. But this is up to you, what do you need your phone for? Business or for the love of music and apps. In the end, there are no two phones that compare.

Hand held machine that is being tested to stop Migraines.

Many people all over the world suffer from Migraines.  I am one of those people that does.  Let me tell you that they are extremely painful and I would welcome anything at that moment in time to stop the pain.  When I get a Migraine, I usually have to take a strong pill specifically prescribed to me for Migraines then I usually have to go into a dark room and try to sleep which usually takes hours for the pain to stop.  But now apparently, there are tests going on in England on a device that sends a magnetic pulse to the neck.  So far, many people have tried the device (which is handheld and usable at home) and it has actually helped them.  Most people have said that their Migraines have gone in around two hours.  This would be a great device for many people that get Migraines because they would be able to use the machine at home which would be a lot better than taking a pill and needing to sleep.  I for one would welcome it if is proven to work.



Many of us today have the social network “Facebook.” Actually to tell you the truth, every student, peer, and adult I have spoken to, has a Facebook account of his or her own. Even many of my friend’s parents have Facebook, fortunately mine do not. This past Saturday, January 30, a fistfight between two gangs of girls broke out outside of a Southwest Philadelphia high school and left three victims wounded. Facebook turned out to be where the “conflict” started. Girls from both gangs verbally assaulted one another via Facebook and agreed to meet later that night. Never the less, 15 shots were fired that night as a result of an “online” dispute. Facebook is a plus in many ways, as I have one myself. It allows people to communicate with their peers at the touch of a button and keep in contact with peers who are half way across the world. I have noticed that nearly every IMG student on campus has a Facebook or some sort of social networking in order to communicate with so many foreign friends. Many relationships develop on Facebook and it is no doubt a great way to express who you are. However, as seen through this incident here, you must be careful what you say on the Internet and who you end up getting involved with. Had these girls not had access to Facebook, harsh words could have prevented and in the end more importantly, so could have 15 gunshots.