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Assisted Suicide: Should it be Legal?

Posted on: November 18, 2009

Protesters who want assisted suicide to be legalized.

Assisted suicide is a big debate in the medical world.  It is an issue close to many peoples hearts.  Every year sadly to say, thousands of people are diagnosed with terminal illnesses.  At some stage, these illnesses become virtually intolerable and painful for the patient.  At this stage, not only is the patient suffering but the family is also suffering.  Many patients have asked doctors for assisted suicide; around 57% of doctors have admitted to being asked to assist patients in suicide.  Because it is illegal, not only does this put the doctor in a difficult position it makes the patient feel uneasy.  Many patients with terminal illnesses want to stop the pain and suffering that they are going through.  I think that people should have the right to decide wether they want to live or not when they are in extreme pain.  It is a tough call in which both sides of the argument cannot win.


1 Response to "Assisted Suicide: Should it be Legal?"

Many people have a poor grasp of what this is about. At its core this is about advanced stage terminal illness and relieving those in that condition of the fear of having to endure unbearable pain and suffering.

Many who go through the process and obtain prescriptions for lethal medications either never fill the scrip or get the meds and die naturally without taking them. These people die naturally but they’re able to die without the constant fear of being left to face grotesque suffering.

It takes a diabolical mind for someone not facing the ravages of end of life disease to deny someone the right to die free of that mounstrous fear.

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