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BRITAIN CHOCOLATE CAROn Tuesday scientists in London unveiled a chocolate covered race car that they hope will one day become the fastest bio fueled car. It is one of the methods scientists are beginning to use that are more environmentally friendly and safe much like the solar powered cars that are in use right now.  The car as well as running on chocolate waste is also fueled by vegetable oil. The steering wheel is made up of vegetable based fibers such as carrots and the seat is made from flax fiber and soybean oil foam. Scientists hope the car can reach speeds of up to 145mph.  Right now it can only go 60mph but they are adjusting the engines so they can make it go faster.  Scientists say that it is the fastest car to run on biodegradable materials and it was made with formula 3 specifications in regards to size, weight and performance.


Gore is greatly urging the Congress not to be sidetracked by the current financial problem and to take decisive action in spurring the economy into the realms of global warming. Gore presented himself in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Wednesday, to tell lawmakers that a bill capping greenhouse gas emissions is needed if the United States is to play a leading role in negotiations for a new international climate treaty. Gore is in favor of Barack Obama’s economic stimulus plan, knowing that the investments made may provide the spark that will allow clean energy and green jobs to dig the country out of its economic rut. Gore also stated that, ”the economic recession and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan should not cause another delay.” Gore’s appearance is another sign that the Democratic controlled Congress plans to act quickly on climate change. Hopefully the stimulus plan presented by Obama will free America from both the economic crisis as well as global warming.

Finally!  The new path connecting Champions Walk to main campus is finished.  It is the best idea yet it only takes a minute or two to get across.  It is a lot shorter than anybody thought. This is so much more convenient than waiting around for a bus and wasting all that time.  Now it is 1,2,3…. and we are here on campus.  This means more sleep and less time to get to school.  It is not only quick but for that time being while your on the path it is peaceful.  You no longer have to be in a rush running to the bus stop or chasing buses around.  You can finally take your time and enjoy a nice stroll to school, to your sport, or to what ever you have to do at Champions Walk or main campus.  This is going to be a great difference in attendance at school.  This helps the bus drivers too.  They don’t have to rush driving back and forth trying to get kids to their events on time.  Overall it was great addition to IMG.


Like many aspects of our world today, popular sports such as golf and tennis are becoming eco-friendly. Sports events, clubs, manufacturing companies and users are now taking steps toward becoming more ecologically responsible. In golf, it is said the greener the course, the better. However, a little bit of brown is actually better for the environment. “It’s playability and not aesthetics that matters.  A course doesn’t have to be wall-to-wall green to play well,” says Jeff Bollig, communications director for the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America. Many courses are now making environmentally friendly changes to their courses by installing more efficient irrigation systems, improving wildlife habitats, and landscaping with native plants. Tennis is also working to become more eco-friendly.  The 2008 U.S Open used 100% biodegradable dishes and reusable utensils in restaurants and stands throughout the event. Also, Wilson and Penn manufactures use recycled materials in their tennis balls and Rebound Ace court surfaces use materials made from recycled tires and athletic shoes.

Going green is one of the most popular things people can do now and days. Believe it or not, living in dorms is one of the least eco-friendly things you can do. Good news though, has come up with many simple steps we can take to make this world greener one dorm at a time. These steps may seem insignificant but when you think about how many colleges there are and all the dorms students are living in, a little bit goes a long way.

So here they are a few simple steps to make your room as green as possible.


1. Use the used: Fight the urge to decorate your room with brand new things from Wal-Mart and Target. That’s a lot of waste if you consider the fact that most freshman buy brand new things every year. Instead, go to sources like Ebay Local and Craigslist where you can get cool used things. I know it sounds a bit more difficult than just going to Wal-Mart and buying those brand new things but you’ve got to give a little to get a little.

2. Cut down on AC use: Cutting down on AC use is one of the most eco-friendly things anyone can do. Instead of AC, why not just opening a window or turning on a fan. Any of those options would save tons of energy compared to using AC. 

3. Unplug unused appliances: TVs, Ipod chargers or any electronic chargers, unplug them when you’re done using them. This is a really underrated way to save energy.


These are just the little things students can do. Let’s make our campus as green as possible!


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— The US Open star ted on August 25, 2008, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the start of open tennis. There are many players from IMG who are participating in the Open this year. These players include Donald Young, Nicole Vaidisova, Tommy Haas, Michelle Brito, Jesse Levine, Kei Nishikori, and Austin Krajicek. There are also IMG players who are playing in the Junior US Open including Nicole Bartnik, Danielle Mills, and Jordan Cox.

— A new feature to this year’s event is the idea of “going green” by being more environmentally aware. Tour organizers will do this by improving waste and energy management on the grounds like recycling and using hybrid cars.

— The men’s rankings this year include Nadal as number one, then Federer, Djokovic, Ferrer, and Davydenko following to finish the top five. The women’s rankings include Ivanovic at the number one spot then Jankovic, S. Williams, Kuznetsova, and Sharapova as the top five. The second round of the men’s draw is being completed while the third round of the women’s draw is coming to a close. The Junior Open isn’t set to start until later in the competition.