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Snow near the Big Ben

Over the last few weeks, England has had quite a bit of snow.  It is a few years since I could last remember it snowing at my house, which shows just how rare it is.  About 1 week ago, there was some snow but people could still travel around the country.  Many people enjoyed the usual fun in the snow.  It made a big difference to the weather England normally gets.  When I woke up this morning (ready to go to the airport to fly back to Florida) and looked outside, I was shocked at how much snow their was.  The snow was nearly a foot and a half deep.  The snow put a white blanket over everything in sight.  We set off for the airport, 1 hour later and 1 mile away from my house we decided that we should probably turn back.  The roads were almost impossible to drive on and the amount of people trying to get to work and school added to the large problem.  The snow was so bad that the airport was closed.  I now have to hope that I will be able to fly later on in the week.


Atlanta is a big city with nice sites and so many things to do!! Atlanta is a party city and the dance capital, it is where alot of rap rnb and hip pop is produced. In Atlanta we love football, baseball and basketball. Atlanta can be described as urban city. I am form Marietta where it is very mix 50% white and 50% black and thats pretty cool how it is equal like that! ATl is very big and we have alot of things for people to do from young to old. Those who live in Atlanta have a different “swag” we dress a little different, we love sports, party and dance. But at the same time we are hard workers and we take care or business when we need to! I miss Atlanta and cant wait to got back!

GlobeAs many of you know, a lot of the students at Pendleton are international students.  I bet if you counted how many American students there are, and how many international students there are; I bet the number would be very close, maybe ever more international students than American students.  Well my family is also very international.  It all started when one of my mothers aunties moved from England to Ireland.  She and some of  her family set up a little farm in Ireland because they liked the countryside.  A few years later, my grandmother’s sister moved from England to Michigan.  They decided to move to America because they thought that it would be a great opportunity for them.  About 4-5 years ago, I moved over to Florida from England because my family thought that it would be great for my tennis, and would give me the opportunity to travel and go to school at the same time.  Shortly after we moved, my father’s brother moved to Portugal.  They had a villa there and decided to move out because it would be a better quality of life.  My grandparents also spend a lot of time in Tenerife, which is one of the Canary Islands.  With so many people in so many different countries, it is a remarkable achievement that we still see a lot of each other!

3106Warsaw is the capitol and largest city in Poland. It is located on Vistula river. Warsaw is known as the “phoenix city”, as it was completely destroyed during World War II, and rebuilt with the effort of Polish citizens. The biggest attractions in the city are night clubs, parks like ”Park Lazienkowski”, Gestapo Headquarters Museum etc. Gestapo Headquarters Museum is a small museum in the building’s lower reaches shows the cells and interrogation rooms nearly untouched from how they were at the end of the war. The displays paint a vivid picture of the torture and killing that went on here — and the lengths to which the Nazis went to break the back of the Polish opposition. Warsaw has also lots of theaters, museum, music clubs, shopping malls and restaurants. I think Warsaw is one of the best cities in Europe.

bradento beach

Bradenton, FL is by the beach and the weather is pretty good. Sometimes it is really hot, but other times it is not. The sun shines almost every day in Bradenton. It is near Sarasota and Tampa. My family came here over 130 years ago and was one of the founding families of the area. They moved here from Georgia. We even have our own cemetery where over 200 of my family members are buried. Bradenton is a fun town because the fishing here is great. The sports here are good and having IMG Academies in our town makes it even better.  The beaches are pretty. The only bad thing about living in Bradenton is the potential for storms and hurricanes. Most of the people who live in Bradenton are nice. Even though my family has been here a long time, I hope to live somewhere else when I grow up.

taiwanTaiwan is the place where I born and grow up. Taiwan also knows as Formosa, its mean beautiful island in Portugal. This is because when in 16centry the Portugal boat went by Taiwan and think Taiwan is a beautiful island. Taiwan range is 394 kilometers long and 144 kilometers. It is a really small island country.  That is a lot of nature disaster in Taiwan like typhoon and earthquake. Especially during summer that’s minimum about 5 typhoons at least in Taiwan.  Taiwan has a lot of Ethnic groups that were not the same culture people. The only people that were original from Taiwan are Taiwanese aborigines, and are about 13 different groups of Taiwanese aborigines. Taiwan has the highest tower in the world Taipei 101 in 2008. Taiwan is dived by east and west by central mountain range. The highest point in Taiwan is Yushan. Taiwan has one main island and also other four small islands. And taiwan has a really good food. The boba milk tea is made and found by taiwan. Because the economy of Taiwan most of the food prize is way cheaper than United-state.  If next time you want to travel around Taiwan will be a good place to visit.

beartooth-mountains-lgMontana is a great state for many reasons. Although it may not have large suburban areas as many other states have, it makes up for it in numerous ways. Montana is ideal for anyone who wants to live in an environment with overall friendly and laid back people who are accustomed to a slower pace of life. Many cities in Montana provide a small town lifestyle with all the usual necessities a big city would have such as grocery stores, restaurants, sporting good stores etc. The population of Billings, my city, is around 115,000. This provides an idea of the size of the city which in my opinion is neither too large nor too small. Living in Billings allows for many outdoor activities with close proximity to home. Skiing is under an hour away as well as great hiking trails. Other activities such as four-wheeling are nearby as well. There are also many scenic areas in Montana. There are 3 mountain ranges within an hour to an hour and a half from Billings. Yellowstone National Park also has certain parts located in Montana. Glacier Park is located entirely in Montana. Montana is a great state which should not be judged prematurely. Below is a picture of the Beartooth Mountains which are only 45 minutes from my house.


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