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Photo of Bain then at age 19 and now at age 54 after being released.

James Bain, 54, spent approximately thirty five years in a prison in Bartow, Florida for a crime he did not commit. He was recently freed and announced as not guilty when the results of DNA testing came back and had no links to him whatsoever. Bain stated to reporters ” I’m not angry, I got God in my head. I knew one day he will reveal me.” (CNN) Bain was only 19 years old at the time when a jury found him guilty and he was convicted on “charges of kidnapping, burglary and strong-arm rape.” He was given life in prison. According to the Innocence Project, a national organization dedicated to exonerating wrongfully convicted people through DNA testing, Bai was the person to have stayed the longest behind bars. The U.S. has exonerated 245 people in its history by use of DNA testing.

The 9 year old Lake Wales, Fla. victim had picked Bain out from a lineup of 5 photos of potential suspects whom he stated had “bushy sideburns and a moustache.”

It is always great to see these people receive freedom but it is also very disheartening as these men were innocent from the start and many times were the victims of racial profiling or wrongful accusation/scapegoating.


The U.S. Embassy is located in IslamabadAbout 135 government and military personnel involved in various aid packages for Pakistan well find themselves coming home early.  By refusing to extend the visas of those involved, the Pakistan government has in effect rejected the aid that the U.S. has offered.  This refusal is just one example of the anti U.S. sentiment. that has been growing in Pakistan.  Pakistan’s relationship with the U.S. is shaky at best, as the former believe that the latter only intervenes with them when it serves American interests.  The annual $1.5 billion boost to Pakistan fro the U.S. has been construed at a plan to rob them of the sovereignty.  Whatever the reasons, the current distrust has resulted in the U.S. Embassy working with departments that are 40% understaffed.  However, these denials are not final, as the Pakistan government is beginning to realize that certain U.S. programs are quite relevant to their interests.  The mechanics that maintain the aircraft used to fight rebels on Pakistan’s western border, for example, are being issued extended visas once the Pakistan government realized that their air forces would not operate without them.

Today, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the $154 billion Jobs Bill.  The bill, which has been called a “second stimulus”, has been rather controversial, however, as the vote resulted in a narrow 217 to 212 victory.  The Senate is most likely waiting until next Spring to address the issue, but the bill is halfway to providing funds for training in rapidly growing and new industries.  To combat the rising unemployment rate as of late, the bill is hoped to result in the creation of many skilled–and in demand–workers.  The bill could also help fund firefighter and police forces.  Many parties have opposed to the bill, however, and wonder what good the spending will actually do.  David Wyss, the chief economist at Standard & Poor’s fears that the Jobs Bill may be a repeat of the original $780 billion stimulus bill passed earlier this year, claiming that “We didn’t get a lot of bang for the buck out of that package.”  For now, though, we must wait for the Senate to take up the bill in Spring.

So we go on tournaments to get looked at but now they are coming to see us? Today (Wednesday) and Thursday of this week, SMU College Coaches are coming to Girls Soccer Practice. One girl on the team is already committed to SMU in Dallas. But the Head Coach wants to look at the whole program. It is exciting to be looked at on your home field but also talk about stress. When you go on a tournament you just see them at your games but now they see everything! See the fields, coaches, the whole team, its going to get completive. We all are excited to see what comes out of this, hoping that the SMU Coach has other contacts. Might spread the word to other Coaches. But here we are, having a coach coming to see us on our home field. A complete flip of a tournament.

As the final week before break comes to an end, we all are facing tests and trying to get through those last days of practice. But after that, most people are going home or seeing family. Get to go home, eat regular food and open presents.  Once you get home, what is going to be the first thing you do? With Christmas approaching, many of us are trying to find something for mom, dad or even that special someone. It is so hard to buy for your parents! With not a lot of money but want to get something worth something. Before leaving for break, there a group of people that are not going to be back when you come back. The US National is leaving for good this Thursday. The younger boys are coming in but wish them all luck . Finally enjoy the break, do not do much, eat GOOD food and remember to not study for the finals that are the week when we come back.

Just when Chad Ocho Cinco was beginning to fall off of everyone’s radar he announces his plans to change his name yet again.  Chad made the announcement that he will be changing his name Sunday morning, before the game against the Lions.  The name Chad Ocho Cinco has chosen is Chad Hachi Go.  Hachi Go literally means eight five in Japanese, which is the same name of his current last name Ocho Cinco just in a different language.  When asked about the sudden name change Ocho Cinco responded “Some fans of mine that are Japanese said I should change my last name to ‘Hachi Go’.”  My take on the situation is that this is yet another publicity stunt by the Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver in order to get attention.  Whether it be from crazy touchdown dances to legally changing his last name to Ocho Cinco, Chad has always tried to be the center of attention.

Cincinnati head coach Brian Kelly, or I should say former head coach, left Cincinnati last week to become the next head coach at Norte Dame. This all happened after Cincinnati defeated Pittsburgh 45-44 to win the Big East title and they got a bid to play in the Sugar Bowl against Florida. Kelly will not coach the team in there bowl game. This has made national news for ditching his team after leading them to a undefeated season. After the win against Pitt, Cincinnati safety Aaron Webster told reporters that Coach Kelly told them in the locker room that “He loves Cincinnati and I love it here. I’m staying.” Whether Kelly did say that or did not say that, he still left Cincinnati to become Notre Dame’s next head coach. Kelly signed a five year contract which is the same amount of time that the last three head coaches got to try to turn Notre Dame around. The amount of the contract has not yet be released however the amount will most likely make him one of the most high paid coaches in the country. Notre Dame said that they are sure that Kelly will turn the team around and get them back on top of the college football world.  However the five year mark has been set in stone so Kelly will most likely get five years to return Notre Dame to greatness.