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Twenty years ago today, Germany knocked down the “Berlin Wall,” which divided the Eastern communist government from the Western democratic government. Finally, with the collapse of the Soviet Union and communist leaders, Germany was able to reunite into one democratic country. Monday night, thousands of people showed up to remember the night 20 years ago when a courageous group of people finally broke down the wall dividing the two parts of the country. Many have looked forward to this day for a long time since they knew what it was like to be separated on each sides of the giant wall. This is more than just a day for Germany as it is a celebration for all of Europe. Representatives from Britain, France and Russia were spotted gladly partaking in the celebration. The celebration took place on the Brandenburg Gate in the center of Berlin. There was a moment of silence during the celebration as the lives of nearly 136 people were remembered who had tried to escape through the barrier. Even though 20 years have passed since the destruction of the wall, German leaders know they still have a long way to go before their country is fully unified. Germany is moving in the right direction as this celebration further reinforces how far they have come as a country.



Jet makes emergency foam landing at German airportOn September 14th, 2009, a passenger jet made an emergency landing in Stuttgart, Germany.  The plane landed on a protective layer of emergency foam after having several problems with its landing gear.  The passenger jet was a Contact Air.  A stewardess was taken to a local hospital for observation, and only one other passenger was injured.  All of the passengers were able to leave out of the emergency slides successfully and safely.   The plane was built in November of 1995, and had a full inspection on August 5th.  The pilot was also very experienced, and had over 17,000 hours of flying under his belt.  Nothing could have been done differently to prevent this obstacle.  The plane circled around several times and finally went in and did an emergency landing.  The Contact Air aircraft was flying from Berlin’s Tegel Airport, and was carrying 5 crew members and 73 passengers.  The landing gear never came down correctly, and when they landed on the protective foam layer, the landing gear was only partly extended.

Electric CarsJust recently, Germany has decided that they are going to launch a campaign that is going to aim to have one million electric cars on the roads of Germany by 2020.  The German government wants to make Germany the leader for electric mobility.  They are planning to spend up to $705 million to make this campaign possible, but many people feel that more money will be needed.  Up to now Germany has just 1,452 electric cars compared to the 41 million normal cars.  The German government has said that even though it is a very ambitious goal, they believe they can make it come true.  They have decided that $240 million of the $705 million will be spent on researching the batteries that power the cars, and making sure that the German engineers are trained in making battery powered cars.  Even though the German government has high expectations for their one million car campaign, many people believe that it will not happen.  They think that the $705 million will not be enough money to launch the campaign.

ohn Demjanjuk is an 89 year old man from Cleveland, Ohio. He was just deported to Germany after getting removed from his house in Cleveland by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. He is wanted for his alleged involvement during World War II for killings at death camps. All of the Federal Courts and Justice John Paul Stevens, declined his appeal from trying not to be deported to Germany to be on trial for his criminal actions. He is known to be involved in 29,000 deaths at the death camp, Sobibor, in 1943. Earlier Demjanjuk’s, was accused by the United States and Israel for being a S.S. guard but the charges were both dropped by each country.

A Cleveland area man, John Demjanjuk, can be deported back to Germany to face charges for acts he committed during World War II. He is being accused of helping to kill almost 29,000 people at a Nazi death camp in Poland, and will be deported to Germany this weekend, officials said. At 89-years-old, he will have a difficult time surviving the plane ride and trial his family explains. The retired autoworker will be accompanied by a doctor and a nurse, said his attorney, john-demjanjukGuenther Maull. The elderly man faces charges that he walked Jews from rail cars to the gas chambers at the Sobibor camp in Nazi-occupied Poland, The Plain Dealer newspaper in Cleveland reported Friday. Demjanjuk is expected to meet with prosecutors about the charges when he arrives in Germany, then be hospitalized or jailed until the trial starts, possibly in six months, Maull told The Plain Dealer. The trial itself could last just as long, depending on Demjanjuk’s health, the lawyer said.

_45705779_swine_fever_4661The German Health Minister stated on Tuesday, that there might be three cases of possible Swine Flu. Ulla Schmidt, Health Minister, said that Germany is prepared if it comes. The people who are suspected of having the Swine Flu are a couple who just returned from vacation in Mexico, and there is one other man who was diagnosed with influenza. The Minister said, however, that there is unlikely any danger to the rest of Germany’s population. Schmidt also said that Germany is in contact with other nations, and that everyone will be prepared if it spreads around. Schmidt said, “Federal and state governments, doctors, hospitals and emergency workers know exactly what to do in a serious situation. There is a practiced pandemic plan that works, as adjustments in recent days have shown.” Since there is no vaccine that is against Swine Flu, people are panicking about it, because of the more than 100 deaths in Mexico and other cases in other countries, but doctors are trying to find a vaccine to prevent it. 

Police launched a manhunt for the 17-year-old gunman who was said to be heavily armed.A seventeen year old kid in Germany killed sixteen people this week going on a shooting rampage.  The teen shooter, Tim Kretschmer, was dressed in military gear.  He began his rampage at a school where he used to attend in Winnenden, Germany.  This is a small town near the larger town of Stuttgart.  “The suspect broke into the school. He went into the classroom and shot wildly around himself and left the building and fled on foot,” Hans Ulrich Stuiber, a police spokesman, said. Three teachers and ten students were killed in the rampage.  The shooting only took him about two minutes out of the day starting at around 9:30 in the morning.  After he walked out of the school he killed a woman who was working at the hospital and stole her car keeping a hostage with him.  After fleeing from the police he killed and ditched the hostage while killing two more people.  After this he had a shootout with police where he was wounded.  He eventually shot himself as the police closed in on him.  This is the second multiple victim school shooting in Germany in the last three years.



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