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Yesterday in soccer we played capture the flag. It was awesome. It was a fun and efficient way to get out Monday fitness in. Most people would think that we were goofing around and not taking the game seriously, but we actually did.  For us it was serious. We are all very competitive with each other, and when making teams it came down to who was at the top of the food chain, well in the captains opinions.  Sometimes just plain running isn’t fun, so switching it up yesterday was awesome. We all really enjoyed it and hope we get to play again.  Capture the flag was so much fun. We played four games, and boy was I tired afterwards.  We played on half a field, and had unlimited space to run around thought. Never in a million years did I think I would get such a work out from playing capture the flag.


Yesterday my team and I got the opportunity to watch the USF women’s team play against the Red stars, which is a Pro Women’s team.  It was really great to see them play because it allowed my team and I to get glance of where hard work can get you. All of my teammates want to be able to play D1 in college, and be successful with our sport; we have some girls who even want to go pro. Watching the intense game last night really had us all realize that we may feel like we’re pretty far now, but we still have a lot of time and effort to put in.  It’s a great feeling to know that there is now a women’s pro soccer league back in action. We were really glad we got to go and support it because, you never know, one of us may be able to get that far with soccer. We still have some ways to go, but I’m sure there are a few people on my team, who could really make it.

Claude Makelele when he was still playing for Chelsea

Claude Makelele has already set a date of expiration to his soccer life: the end of this present season. That is the announcement he made this morning in the headquarters of the team he is playing in now, Paris Saint-Germain. “This will be my last season. My career is over”, announced the 37-year-old midfielder, captain of the French team.
Since his debut in 1992 with Jean-Claude Suaudeau as a coach in FC Nantes, Makelele has passed through teams like Olympique de Marseille, Celta de Vigo, Real Madrid and Chelsea. In the Spanish team he had his best performance, and won two Ligas, one Champions League and some other important titles. His game just seemed to perfectly fit in Florentino Perez’s “galactic team”. Although not too technical, he has always been known for his powerful game, a wall that attackers had a very hard time passing on their way to the goal. His intelligence on the field helped him to always be in the right place at the right time. He was an example to follow and will always be remembered by the soccer fans all over the world.

South Africa seems to be at risk of a possible swine flu outbreak during the Soccer World Cup this year. According to a Health specialist this June when the World Cup will be going on, there is a high possibility of another H1N1 break out. There are expected to be 450,000 people attending this event which would mean many of those people would have a good chance of getting the virus. Successfully, the Health Department has been able to get 1.3 million does of the vaccine and an additional 3.5 milltion doses. The H1N1 virus world-wide has killed over 15,000 people since its first appearance in ’09. Pregnant women and people with health problem, are most at risk, and will be the first to be vaccinated. Following them will be people at entry points, and people who are involved in sports administration. We can only hope the H1N1 virus does not take its toll during the 2010 World Cup this summer.

world cup 2010

The next World cup will be celebrated in South Africa this summer 2010. Teams like Spain, England, etc will be participating in this huge national event. The world cup is the most seen event on the world. And for me the world cup is definitely the most exciting one. The next one is supposed to be the most watched one due to the stars playing in it and the teams. Players like C. Ronaldo and Kaka will be in this world cup. The World Cup is the event everyone is waiting for, everyone from every sport likes to see this event just because it is one of the most exciting events in the story of sports. There are so many teams and so many stars that is almost impossible not to see this World Cup. So remember that the event is in South Africa this summer.

F.C Barcelona

F.C Barcelona’s coach Pep Guardiola renewed his contract with the team for one more season. F.C Barcelona’s president Joan Laporta was trying to convince Pep to renovate, but at the same time F.C Barcelona’s coach was not so sure about what his future would be. He had offers from Manchester United F.C but at the same time Pep was not sure what to do after having two very good seasons with the team. F.C barcelona won all 6 tournaments witch is incredibly difficult to do in just one season. The team was announced as the best team in the history of the sport. And Pep got the award for best coach of the year. Pep and the team are passing through a bad time and not so good streak but still are on top of the charts. They ended the first 20 games and are still # 1 in La liga.

South Africa are the hosts for the biggest event on this planet, the Soccer World Cup next year. When the groups get drawn, there are 4 pools that are made before the groups get decided. The categories are based on the ability of the teams, so the best teams will go in Pool A and the worst in Pool D. This is based on qualifying performances.  As South Africa were automatically qualified, they were placed in Pool A.  So for South African hopefuls this was great news, as it meant we could end up in a group without any powerhouses or strong contenders.  The problem is that Portugal and France, both took their qualifying to the very end, resulting in them being placed in Pool D.  And both teams are considered superpowers in the soccer world.  When the draw was done, South Africa didn’t get too lucky. They were drawn with France, Mexico and Uruguay.  Mexico is fairly decent, so now there is a battle amoing 3 teams to progress to the second round.  It won’t be easy to for South Africa to overcome both France AND Mexico.  We will have to wait and see.  The World Cup begins on the 11th of July 2010.