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I have been researching about the percentage of which team is going to win and well it is for sure not definitely one team.  I would have to say the favorite to win is Kentucky, Kentucky is one of the most famous for producing great players out of their program in years past.  This year, a phenomenon name John Wall helped the Wildcats to a number one seed in this years East bracket.  Their first game is against East Tennessee which should be a breeze considering their talent, although their next game may be very difficult to overcome.  They most likely will play Texas, Texas is a number 6 seed in the East bracket but do not underestimate Texas they were the number one seed in the nation at one point during the 2010 season.  Although they struggled after losing 3 straight games the Longhorns look forward to playing the Wildcats, they believe if they win against them, no team will stop their momentum for a national title.  This should be very interesting, but GO LOBOS!


New Mexico was very underrated for baseball in the year 2010.  To open off the season, they played the number one ranked team in the nation Texas.  Texas has potentially the most talent in America, with their power full line up and stellar defense. In their first game the Lobos rallied late to win 6-5. Although in the second game, they faced an All-American pitcher named Taylor  Jungmann.  Jungmann carved the offense of the Lobos for seven straight innings, then finally got a on the board.  The Lobos lost 6-2.  Game three and final game was a close one, the Lobos jumped on the Longhorns pitcher in the first scoring two.  After that the Longhorns responded with one run in the top of the inning. The offense fell asleep for both sides for basically the whole game except the University of New Mexico scored one in the sixth to make it a 3-1 ball game, and thats how the game ended up.

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Coming up in the middle of December there are going to be 20 or more bowl games being played. In theses bowl games there are going to be over 40 teams playing for pride or even the national championship game. The five major bowl games are the: cotton, rose, orange, sugar and national championship. Theses games are the most popular games out of all of the bowl games. The teams that get to play in the small bowl games aren’t really playing for a trophy or a national championship or some sort of prize. They are just playing for pride or for fun you could say. In college football theses are the most exciting times in the college football season and theses bowl games bring in a lot of viewers to the tv and the games bring in a lot of money.

Early Tuesday morning Gainesville Police found a car stopped at green light. When the Police got to the window they found Florida defensive end Carlos Dunlap asleep at the wheel. When the police woke Dunlap they soon found out that Dunlap was driving under the influence and was soon arrested. Yesterday Florida football coach Urban Myer released a statement saying that Dunlap would not play in Saturday’s SEC championship game against Alabama. Dunlap a 6 foot 6 290 pound junior was named 2009 defensive MVP of the BCS National Championship game and led the SEC with sack last season. This year Dunlap has 35 tackles and eight and a half sacks which is tied for first in the SEC. this hurts the defense that has to play one of the top rushing attacks in the country so losing Dunlap is a huge loss for the Gators. The Gainesville Police have not yet decided if they will punish Dunlap more but they soon will release a statement about his future.

Carlos Dunlap was arrested early Tuesday morning for Drunk Driving

Charlie Weis was known for out scheming his opponents in the NFL as offensive coordinator of the New England Patriots.   Just five years ago Weis was hired to become the Notre Dame Head football coach. He was brought in to return the Irish back to the way they were back in the glory days. However, after losing his last four games of this season and finishing the season six and six Weis was fired from Notre Dame. Weis still has six years left on is contract. Weis had the same amount of wins and the same winning percentage as the two men before him and both were fired after five seasons at Notre Dame. The Athletic Department has not released names for the next potential Notre Dame Football coach but whoever it is they better be ready for the pressure and all of the criticism that coach’s take at Notre Dame. As for Weis he has not said anything about returning to the NFL or coaching any where period, but if you ask some they will tell you that this is not Charlie Weis’s last stop in coaching.

For the past several years The University of Miami football team has been everything but the power house they were in the early 2000’s. Since there last national championship appearance in 2001 which they won, Miami got rid of Larry Coker who led Miami to multiple ACC titles and won a National Championship. Since the 2001 championship, Miami has lost the 2002 national championship game as well as the 2003 Fiesta Bowl. They hired a new coach, Randy Shannon, as well as switched stadiums. Perhaps, the new field and new coach changed there luck. After a tough two years under Shannon, this year “da U” is back. With hands down the toughest overall toughest schedule that include ranked opponents such as: Florida State, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech and Oklahoma. With many questions about their young offense and inexperienced defense, Miami could have been in real trouble if sophomore quarterback Jacory Harris and the young receiving core hadn’t put up 300 yards or more of total offense in the first two games. Another true test comes next for the Canes as they rely on their youthful team to lead them to victory.


This holiday weekend was the first weekend of the college football season and it was a very exciting one. There were many upsets with highly ranked teams and the usual first game blow outs. On the other hand, there were some very good, bowl type atmosphere games. One game stood out in particular. This game was between two long time rivals from the Atlantic Coast Conference. Miami at Florida State has been a storied football game for many years. This game was no let down for the fans who were watching. It was a nail biter all the way down to the last play. The lead changed many times in the game and it was only a matter of the clock until the winner would come out on top. Miami was ahead 38-34 with just a few seconds left on the clock when Florida State ran a roll out play and threw the ball into the end-zone only to come up just short of pulling out the victory. Miami won a close one in Tallahassee.


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