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Accent last Sunday

In hopes to draw back more fans during the middle of an attendance and ratings slump, Nascar went back to their natural roots and went back to aggressive driving. “Boys, have at it and have a good time,” Nascar’s vice president for competition, Robin Pemberton, said in January. If drivers wanted to use their fenders to bump others on the track —”Rubbin’ is racin,’ “as they say — Nascar would not necessarily penalize offenders.  The message was given to the drivers before the season and it was short and simple.  An obvious accident occurred on Sunday at the Sprint Cup Race at the Atlanta Motor Speedway.  Carl Edwards, number 99, deliberately drove his car into the rear quarter panel of Brad Keselowski’s number 12 Dodge.  Luckily no one was hurt but the hit caused Keselowski’s car to go airborne in a wreck that could have been severe.  After the race Keselowski and the former driver Kyle Petty called Nascar and complained, hoping to punish Edwards.  Nascar agreed to idle Edwards for the rest of the race as punishment for the uncalled for accident.  Officials will decide on a further punishment by Thursday.


Orlando Cabrera GettyWhen Bo Jackson played for the Kansas City Royals, he was not only aggressive at the plate but he was very aggressive sometimes after striking out. Jackson did strike out a lot and sometimes after striking out he would show how strong he was by taking his bat and breaking it over is knee. Jackson who was 6 foot 1 and rock solid of all muscle could do this very easily. However on Wednesday Orlando Cabrera after striking out in the 7th inning against the Yankees in game one of there playoff series, Cabrera attempted this “art” of breaking his bat over his knee. When Jackson broke his bat it was easy and looked like he was breaking a tooth pick. This was not the case for Cabrera after his strike out he “tried” to break his bat and he FAILED! After he did not break his bat and Yankee Stadium got a good laugh out of it he had to explain to the head coach why he did that. After he got back to the dugout and the twins did not make a late game rally they ended up losing the game 7 to 2. For Cabrera he not only lost the game but he also has a bruised knee and he did not make his bat punish for not making contact.,194747

nascarThis past Sunday in Las Vegas, Nevada, Kyle Busch ran away with the victory. Kyle Busch along with fellow NASCAR driver and brother Kurt Busch, was born and raised in Las Vegas, with their high school just a few minutes away from the track. When arriving in victory lane, Kyle had his brother and mom all had tears of joy for their brother and son. This victory meant more to Kyle than any other race expect for the Holy Grail of the NASCAR world, the Daytona 500. “This is pretty cool. I didn’t know exactly what it would mean to me, but coming to the checkered flag, I had knots in my stomach. This is probably as big as the Daytona500 for me.” This win was not only memorable for Kyle, this win marked the first W for Joe Gibbs Racing this season. Clint Bowyer and Jeff Burton rounded out the top three still falling behind the M&M covered Toyota Camry of Kyle Busch.

daytona500start_000Matt Kenseth won the rain-shortened Daytona 500 on Sunday- 48 laps before the scheduled 200 laps were able to be completed. My favorite driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. had a tough day on the track and finished 27th. He was plagued with 1 lap pit penalties and on track pileups. When the rains came on lap 152 Matt Kenseth sat and awaited the final call from the race officials. When the race was finally called the teary eyed Kenseth said “I’ll take it.” His win was not how he expected it to be but to him it was still a dream come true. Though the final poll was finished with many new competitive drivers the race itself was a mixture of great drivers of today’s era fighting for the top spot. The best moment of the race for me was when Earnhardt Jr. made his way from the back of the pack and fought his way back to the front of the pack driving much like his father used to. A famous quote from the race came from the announcers early in the race. They were quoting Earnhardt Sr. – the great #3. The crew chief used to ask Dale if he wanted to lay back out of first for a bit to get a feel for where they’re at in the pack and Sr. would reply. “I ain’t going to because I don’t plan on racing there today Carl.” All he could see was first place. Although the Daytona 500 ended in a way not expected by many, it was still the great race it has always been.

Tony Stewart once again found home at the winners circle at Talladega Speedway during the AMP Energy 500. Now when someone talks about NASCAR people always seem to fall asleep unless they are from the South or between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. For me, however, that’s not the case. This had to be the most exciting race I have ever seen; 28 different leaders (a NASCAR record); four blown tires and a few exciting and scary crashes. Denny Hamlin and Jeff Gordon, two of NASCAR’s best, were sent to hospital where they were kept over night after being involved in two of the crashes. With this win Tony Stewart will jump four spots up to seventh place trailing Jimmie Johnson by just 203 points. With only a few races left it looks like it will come down to the wire, Jimmie Johnson only leads the back flip maniac Carl Edwards by 71 points.


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