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Friends and family of the two girls killed.

Fifteen and sixteen year olds should be enjoying life. They should be going out at night, meeting new people, enjoying their friends, playing sports and studying hard in school. At this age, teenagers begin to think about their future and the options seem endless. There are so many routes and ways to take life and if one fails, he or she still has time to get back up and find a new route. These are also some of the toughest years of our lives by many stretches, but for Gina Gentile and Vanessa Dorwart, they won’t be able to “get up” and choose a new route. This past Thursday, February 25, Miss Gentile and Miss Dorwart were killed instantly after being struck by an Acela Express (train) around 10.30am, in Philadelphia, PA. Friends, family, and classmates were all in tears and shock after news about the accident was released. An examination showed that the two girls had communicated with one another via email and text message expressing their ‘fatalistic” moods and “dark thoughts” about ending their lives. Both deaths were classified as suicides. Both girls, as well as another close friend, left school at 9:30am on Thursday and began making their way to the train station. The third friend pleaded for Gentile and Dorwart to move off of the tracks as the train approached; however, her pleads were ignored. Both families had no idea that their daughters felt the way they did and how serious their feelings were. It came as a total shock to everyone. One father said, “Memories, that’s all I have is memories…I’ll never see her smile again. I’ll never see her beautiful blue eyes. My heart just got ripped out, and I don’t know why.” God bless Miss Gentile and Miss Dorwart as they are in heaven above us, and God bless their families and friends as they move forward during this tragic time.



American soldiers as we know have been in Iraq for nearly seven years now, trying to make peace among the citizens and set up a strong central government that is safe for the people to live under. Part of the trouble that went into all this was getting rid of former leader, Saddam Hussein and all his associates. In recent news, current Iraq Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki announced his plan to rehire nearly 20,000 former Iraqi army officers. All of these officers at one point or another, served under Hussein. Many question what the prime minister is thinking by bringing back into the country thousands of men who carried out the treacherous acts of Hussein. We’re not talking about a few people either, but thousands of these men will now inhabit the country we have worked so hard to bring up again. Elections within Iraq are scheduled to take place March 7 and many suspect these men were hired to pursue voters in one way or another or for one candidate or another. In my opinion, the biggest risk here is bringing into Iraq these men who were associated with such a tyrant in the past, since the country has spent years and billions of dollars trying to bring freedom to a recently oppressed country.

A altas horas de la madrugada (las 3:34 para ser exactos), el sueno de los chilenos fue interrumpido por uno de los temblores mas fuertes que se recuerdan (el tercero mas fuerte de la historia de Chile). El seismo, de 8.8 grados en la escala de Richter, afecto principalmente a la ciudad de Concepcion, la segunda mas grande del pais, y dejo sin suministro electrico a la capital, Santiago. El numero de muertes ronda ya los 300, segun cifras oficiales, y hay decenas de heridos y 15 desaparecidos. El terremoto tambien ha afectado la red vial del pais, y ha dejado escenas de derrumbes de carreteras y edificios. Fuentes oficiales hablan de mas de 500.000 viviendas destruidas por el temblor. El terremoto puso en estado de alerta a toda la costa Oeste de los Estados Unidos, asi como Hawaii, la Isla de Pascua e incluso Japon y Filipinas por un posible tsunami causado por el seismo, pero por suerte solo se reportaron unas pocas subidas de marea en un archipielago cercano a Chile y que no llegaron a mayores.

La Policia aun sigue buscando victimas entre los escombros

Manzella with his father

Houston Astros’ shortstop Tommy Manzella is finally being given his chance. The 26-year old is slated to begin the season as the Astros’ starting shortstop. Manzella played college ball at Tulane before being drafted by the Astros in 2005. However, he has faced a ton of adversity in his life. While in the minor leagues, his home was completely destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. He and his dad had to go back to their house just to salvage some of his uniforms from high school and college. The hurricane caused an oil spill near their house, which forced them to move out. Manzella’s mom also died of cancer a year and a half ago. While these tragic events have created setbacks for Manzella, they haven’t stopped him. The Astros are counting on him to be their everyday shortstop, and so far, Manzella has been successful. Astros manager Brad Mills has said that Manzella “has done everything right so far.”

Tiger drinking Gatorade during a tournament

After the consultancy Accenture and the telecommunications company AT&T, professional golfer Tiger Woods, who was involved last November in an infidelity scandal, has now lost the support of another sponsor, the sports drinks Gatorade. Gatorade used to have a product named after Tiger, and in the weeks following the scandal, they stopped producing it. Yesterday, they confirmed the end of their contract. “We no longer see a role for Tiger in our marketing efforts and have ended our relationship,” a Gatorade spokeswoman said. “We wish him all the best.”
The comes just one day after Nike expressed their desire to continue supporting Tiger through this time of difficulty, even though he hasn’t specified the date for his reappearance on the tour. “We’ve been supportive of Tiger since the story broke and we continue to be supportive,” Nike brand president Charlie Denson said two days ago.
Gatorade also announced that they will keep collaborating with the Tiger Woods foundation, even though their product will no longer be promoted by Tiger.

An ice mass the size of the country of Luxembourg (25,000 squared kilometers) has come off the tongue of the Mertz glacier on the East of Antarctica when a giant iceberg known as B-9B collided against it three weeks ago. The total weight of the two pieces of ice that are now aimlessly sailing the Indian Ocean rounds the 700 million tons and it could supply water for one-third of the World’s population in one year. Scientists are afraid that this massive displacement of ice may affect the currents of the World’s oceans and the marine life of the region. This would happen because, when the sweet water from the icebergs melts, it will alter the composition of the salty water, something that can really hurt some of the animal and plant species that live in the bottom of the ocean.
One of the scientists responsible for the Australian Oceanic Division has explained that this incident has no relation at all with climate change, but with the natural movement of ice fragments. 

Moment of the collision


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